April 12, 2019

Texas State U's student government votes to ban right wing student group

Rob ShimshockRebel Contributor

Turning Point USA's Texas State University chapter is under fire after the school's student government voted to ban the club from campus.

All in the name is countering hate speech.” But, the school's administration has a different take on the matter.

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commented 2019-04-13 06:15:37 -0400
These must be the totalitarian leaders of the future being molded in academia. I would’ve shoved that bitches bullhorn right down her throat.
commented 2019-04-12 23:15:36 -0400
“All in the name is countering “hate speech.””

The leftards keep proving over and over that they are absolutely no different than that of Hitler’s Brownshirts or Mussolini’s Blackshirts.
commented 2019-04-12 22:12:34 -0400
This is why free speech must be defended. People can judge for themselves whether somebody is logical and calm or raving like a spoiled brat having a tantrum. It’s always the left who are shutting down free speech now that it’s no longer useful to them. They have control and they refuse to relinquish it even for a moment. What totalitarian pigs, ref. Animal Farm, they are.
commented 2019-04-12 21:37:38 -0400
Pull ALL federal funding immediately
commented 2019-04-12 18:46:05 -0400
Illiterate punks controlled by Marxist brainwashing are increasing in numbers every year, The source of this sickness can be found in the Marxist education systems that are to be found in all western countries. We are closer to civil war every year and should be prepared to defend ourselves. Or is self defense illegal in these enlightened days.
commented 2019-04-12 18:19:44 -0400
This is what happens when you don’t discipline your children.
commented 2019-04-12 17:25:03 -0400
Google Evergreen University in Washington State and you’ll see how a minority of the students have basically taken over the campus. Its disgusting and they’re all Marxists!