January 06, 2017

Thank you! The Rebel hits 500K YouTube subscribers

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Last night, we hit 500,000 YouTube subscribers! Half a million people who have signed up to get our YouTube videos — and we’re not even two years old yet!

It’s very encouraging — it’s a sign that people really want what we’re doing, which I’d call simply, “telling the other side of the story”.

It’s a vote of confidence in our investigative reporting, in Canada and around the world.

It’s our edgy humour, saying things that make everyone laugh, even as they’re saying, “Hey, you can’t say that!”

Well, whatever it is, half a million of you like it enough to subscribe.

Thanks for the moral support. I promise that we will continue to give you the other side of the story that no-one else will.

In the weeks ahead, we’re going to be adding a bunch of great new voices to the Rebel, including the courageous Tommy Robinson from Luton.

2016 was amazing.

2017 is going to be even better, thanks to you, our dear viewers.


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commented 2017-01-07 17:28:41 -0500
Jimmy if the Rebel got tax money to pay for ad pushing then their numbers would go way up , the CBC would go way down without it. Of course you believe your little lie all you want.
commented 2017-01-07 17:27:42 -0500
Jimmy Reece CBC asks for over a billion a year , how is that success? LOL! And the Rebel is growing while other media is dying. LOL!
commented 2017-01-07 14:51:41 -0500
No other media source cares about YouTube subscribers – regardless if they have some or none. Why? Because they have millions of people that go to their website like CBC for example and advertisers lined up around the corner willing to spend money on their website – unlike the The Rebel.

This is why Ezra asks you to pay for his shit. He wouldn’t have to if he had advertising dollars rolling in. But wow – look at all the YouTube subscribers – that’s REAL success. LOL.
commented 2017-01-07 03:48:25 -0500
That is about 499,999 more people than CBC comedy will have.
commented 2017-01-07 03:47:33 -0500
Jimmy people like you said that a long time ago as well, and the Rebel has grown, how about you actually admit that tax money buys CBC more web traffic , and you damn well know it.
commented 2017-01-07 02:59:14 -0500
Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy… You poor little frenetic dweeb… You are so “full of it”, that I don’t even have to guess the colour of your eyes… And, I’m guessing you are popping some pretty strong blood pressure pills, yes?…
commented 2017-01-07 02:25:40 -0500
Impressive feat. The rebel has more subs than fox news.
commented 2017-01-06 23:01:16 -0500
When I was growing up I used to listen to 630 ched. Paul Harvey had " The rest of the story". That was my favourite part of the day
commented 2017-01-06 20:12:39 -0500
Congrats Rebel. You broke me of my TV addiction. Now, I’m addicted to TheRebel. Less fattening though because I don’t eat at the computer!
Cheers again.
commented 2017-01-06 16:33:51 -0500
Well you’re here, Jimmy. If you weren’t watching, you wouldn’t be able to post your stupid comments. Who care why you’re watching, you’re still watching.
commented 2017-01-06 15:59:41 -0500
It’s actually hilarious that a supposed news organization is having an orgasm over random video subscribers on YouTube – meanwhile no one comes to the website, the traffic here is laughable and no one wants to advertise on The Rebel which is where the money comes from – but woo hoo – someone clicked us on YouTube.

The traffic/rank on Alexa is far worse now than it was when the The Rebel first started. The Rebel isn’t “beating” anyone.
commented 2017-01-06 15:56:34 -0500
Congratulations The Rebel, keep up the good fight and let the Elites know that the Little People can fight back.
commented 2017-01-06 15:32:20 -0500
It is refreshing to get unfiltered “real news” that the media party refuses to report on. Congrats and thanks to all the hard working folks at the Rebel and their loyal viewers.
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