Commemorate The Rebel reaching one million subscribers!

Rebel Staff

We did it. We just hit one million subscribers on our YouTube channel.

That makes us the largest YouTube news channel in Canada — bigger even than Trudeau's state broadcaster, the CBC.

But of course we’re not just in Canada anymore — we have millions of viewers in the United States, and the UK, and around the world. 

People everywhere really seem to like hearing the other side of the story, especially about topics that the mainstream media — what I call the Media Party — don’t think we should be allowed to discuss. 

We’re making an impact, and our critics know it. That’s why they’re gunning for us.

Now the left wing is calling for violence against us too. Every time we send our reporters out, left-wing extremists punch us. So we have to hire security — because most of the time, police don't protect us. And the Media Party actually loves it. 

I guess my point is: we’re bigger than ever. But our challenges are bigger than ever now, too.

But I promise you, we will continue to fight for freedom every day — and it’s nice to know that a million people have our back. So let’s take a moment to celebrate. 

And so, on the amazing occasion of our one-millionth subscriber, I’d like to invite you to help us live long enough and strong enough to get to two million subscribers. Please donate below and get a commemorative pin to mark this special occasion. 

Our enemies know we’re making a difference. That’s why they're desperate want to shut us down. A million friends know we’re making a difference. That’s why they’ve signed up. 

Thanks a million to you for keeping us going. And if you want a limited edition commemorative lapel pin, please donate below. 

The pins are beautiful, and we will only produce a limited number. They're truly collectibles. 

They're a great way to let other people know about your Rebel pride -- to become an ambassador for our channel. What a great conversation-starter!

And of course, they help us financially -- it's our goal that our commemorative pins will raise $100,000 to help keep us going into the new year! We have four different ways to commemorate our millionth subscriber:

Gun-metal grey -- a beautiful, discreet pin for the low-key Rebel supporter. $50, including shipping

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For the true collector -- both pins, plus a framed letter of thanks and authenticity, personally signed by me. $500, including shipping

And for the ultimate supporter -- all of the above, plus a private phone call from me, where I will tell you about another secret perk! $1,000.

Sign up now for your gorgeous Rebel commemorative pins. And thanks a million!

You can also contribute by cheque. Please make cheques payable to The Rebel, put "million" in the memo section, and send to:

The Rebel
PO Box 61056 Eglinton/Dufferin RO
Toronto, ON M6E 5B2

A $50 donation will help you commemorate our million subscribers with a special souvenir lapel pin — a gorgeous metal pin, in classy gun-metal grey. It’s low-key enough that you can wear it anywhere — and it’s a signal to other Rebel viewers you may encounter, that you’re one of us.

Collectors edition

Goal: $10,000.00

Rebel_Letter_Framed.pngFor just $500 you can get both pins, plus a letter of authenticity and thanks, personally signed by Ezra. It’s suitable for hanging on your office wall, or in your man cave, if your missus won’t let you have it in the house. 

Special awards package

Goal: $10,000.00


For people who truly want to go beyond the call of duty, and contribute $1,000, we have a special awards package — it’s everything in the other packages, both pins, the signed, framed thank you letter, plus a private phone conversation with Ezra, and an extra secret perk that Ezra will tell you about on the phone.