January 12, 2016

That Muslim woman kicked out of Trump's rally is a professional anti-Israel activist

Harry KhachatrianRebel Blogger

Last week a silent protester – Rose Hamid – was ejected from a Donald Trump rally.

The media went nuts as usual, claiming that this is just another example of Donald Trump’s mean and hateful rhetoric against Muslims.

The Huffington Post ran the headline “Woman Removed From Donald Trump Rally Wanted To Show 'Muslims Are Not That Scary’”, completely omitting the part where the woman was in fact a protester.

But not to worry: CAIR (Center for American Islamic Relations) came to her defense, saying:

"The image of a Muslim woman being abused and ejected from a political rally sends a chilling message to American Muslims and to all those who value our nation's traditions of religious diversity and civic participation."

(Ironically, CAIR is quite possibly the shadiest of lobby groups in the United States, having known ties to Hamas, among other things.)

But what about "the image of a Muslim woman" wearing a yellow star on her chest with the word “Muslim” written across it -- a clear-cut copy of the badges Jewish people were forced to wear under Nazi rule?

Because the Left has taught us anything in 2015, it’s that they hate cultural appropriation.

This of course, is the balderdash assertion that an individual of one culture is not allowed to adopt – or try – things from other cultures.

Whether it was Halloween costumes at Yale University, or free yoga lessons at the University of Ottawa, social justice warriors lost their collective minds upon discovering that these events had been taking place and wasted no breath in shutting them down with their politically correct iron fists to secure safe-spaces for everyone.

They're all feeding on the all-you-can-eat buffet put forth by leftist politicians like Obama and Justin Trudeau, who continue to suggest that Muslims are victims of some mass epidemic of racism in the Western world, apparently to such a degree that we are now comparing it to the Holocaust. Despite the fact that this is unequivocally erroneous, according to every police report.

Breitbart.com noted:

Hamid is not simply a “flight attendant,” but is also an Islamic activist who apologizes for Palestinian terrorism and promotes radical Imams.

As President of the Muslim Women of the Carolinas, Hamid has consistently promoted anti-Israel propaganda and has excused Palestinian jihadi terrorism as “resistance” against “occupation.”  

But I haven't heard a single leftist criticize Hamid for "cultural appropriation." I guess when you have so much else in common with them, they'll give you a pass.

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commented 2016-01-12 09:20:23 -0500
DEBORAH GRAUPNER – The point of fault has long passed. Now it’s hate based from both sides. Hate clouds the issues and finds no solutions. No one is at fault, it is simply human nature that spoils the region.
commented 2016-01-12 09:06:04 -0500
John Landry – Israel is not at fault here, so I disagree with your comment.
commented 2016-01-12 09:02:17 -0500
There are crimes being committed on both sides in Israel with neither willing to admit wrong doing. Like two spoiled children who won’t share a teddy bear and prefer tearing it apart.