Watch The Rebel's reports on France's anti-carbon tax “yellow vest” protests

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

We're in France to cover the massive protests against French president Macron's carbon tax.

The international media love Macron, and the theory of man-made global warming, so they're glossing over the facts. That's why we’re in France, to shine a light on the truth.

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Raw: BEST Paris riot video

December 3, 2018: On the morning of Saturday, December 1, I was in Paris, to cover the Gilet Jaunes protests against President Macron's administration.

People from all over Paris and beyond began gathering, ready to protest against Emmanuel Macron’s insane tax policies.

Very quickly, we could feel our faces burning.

Paris Streets on Fire

December 2, 2018: I travelled to Paris to cover the Paris protests and riots for The Rebel, and here’s what I saw – fire, destruction, and chaos. The streets of Paris were literally burning, with cars and scooters set on fire, restaurants set alight and smashed up, and shops destroyed and looted.

French Politicians Want to Tax EVERYTHING

December 1, 2018Hundreds of thousands of people have been out protesting in Paris against President Macron’s fuel taxes – but there’s much more to it than just fuel.

An American shocked by the REAL Paris

November 30, 2018: As an American, I’ve always wanted to go to Paris. You see it in the movies all the time and it just seems like the most amazing place in Europe.

Now I’m here, and I’m seeing it for myself. The streets aren’t all French. The people are unhappy and terrified. There are whole parts of the city that I’ve been warned not to enter...

Jack Buckby is en route to France to cover the Yellow Jacket protests

November 30, 2018: We're at the airport in Luton, England en route to France to cover the Yellow Jacket protests against the rising cost of fuel in France under Macron.

I'd like to read you a quick email from a supporter explaining why, after decades, the French are fed up with high taxes and poverty.

We're going to France to cover the massive anti-carbon tax protests

November 29, 2018: Jack Buckby explains why The Rebel is going to cover the dramatic 'yellow vest' protests that have been whipping up in France. 

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commented 2018-12-04 23:38:12 -0500
Poor old Jack, he got all teared up. Good on You Jack, that’s front line video, better than MSM.
commented 2018-12-02 11:14:19 -0500
James, little history lesson on who beat who at the gates of Vienna might have stuck with them
commented 2018-12-01 12:21:13 -0500
No wonder the heroic politicians and people of Eastern Europe look at the shit hole that islam and migration has turned Western Europe into and want no part of it.