February 13, 2019

The untold story of pro-pipeline, pro-business First Nations (Guest: Robbie Picard)

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


Did you know that Oil & Gas and Mining are the largest employers of First Nations people in the country?

These high paying jobs are giving Canada's indigenous peoples an opportunity to pull themselves, and their communities, out of the generational poverty that has plagued so many of them.

There’s also a burgeoning business class amongst Canada's First Nations, particularly in Western Canada — especially in places like Fort McMurray thanks in no small part to oil and gas development and partnerships with major oil companies.

But you wouldn't know that if you got all your news from the mainstream media.

These indigenous success stories are seldom told. Instead, the mainstream media favours the handful of radicals and kooks, like those at Camp Cloud and at the Wetsuwetsin blockade, who inhibit prosperity not only for indigenous communities but for the whole country.

Over the weekend, a pro-oil and gas rally and truck convoy in Lac La Biche, Alberta was led by Aboriginal groups. The media is reporting this event as the first of it’s kind, but that’s because the media has been asleep at the wheel for a long time.

Aboriginal people have been speaking up for years about what resource development means to their communities.

But the media have given their coverage to the cranks and whackos.

For the better part of a decade, Metis pro-oil activist, Robbie Picard, of Oil Sands Strong, has been spreading the good news of the oilsands to anyone who will listen.

Tonight Robbie joins me to talk about the truck convoy to Ottawa and what he has planned next to support the industry.

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commented 2019-02-14 22:13:24 -0500
What an excellent interview. Robbie Picard is truly a gentleman and one who we all MUST support. I’ll have to buy his T shirts and wear them proudly during our 2-week summer. :-)
commented 2019-02-14 12:57:30 -0500
I assume the show today was about how the intentional shut-down of the oil and gas industry in Alberta, and Canada at large, has so adversely affected so many hard-working, salt of the Earth Canadians.
This is why I go on about returning Capital Punishment to the Canadian Criminal Code, specifically for Treason and other High Crimes! The reason why Jihadi-Justin-Groper, and his comrades in treason like Nutley, et al, are intentionally trashing oil and gas – and every other established and successful Canadian tradition – is to destroy Canada from within for their Globalist masters! The reason they’re getting away with it is because the entire system is corrupted entirely…and we still ‘vote’ them into office and ‘give’ them all our money!
The blatant and ongoing treason by the state, combined with the amount of hardship, suffering and loss of the people, and their numbers, is why the state – as a proxy for the people – should sanction public executions by hanging and why it is sorely needed in Canada today.
Freedom isn’t free…take your country back!
commented 2019-02-14 00:23:22 -0500
And that explains why at the Burnaby Mountain “guerrilla theatre” protest camp, “Chief Rain In The Face” was always there asking the “whites” for “aboriginal treaty cards” while the news media was conveniently filming, but nowhere to be seen when the camp was eventually razed… Theatre, theatre, theatre….
commented 2019-02-13 23:02:20 -0500
One day, the oil will flow again in Alberta but it will be controlled by Muslims. Trudeau is just in the process of setting up for the great genocide that will finish off the White Race. After that he will declare Canada as being Islamic and hand over the keys to his NWO friends.
commented 2019-02-13 22:59:21 -0500
- Of course the fake news media is ignoring these people. The narrative is that any energy development is killing the planet (just in our area of the planet though) & the bought & paid for activists are actually heroes trying to save mother earth. These “heroes” are just a bunch of shameless traitors.
commented 2019-02-13 22:43:40 -0500
Great show! Great Cause! if a $25 (+shipping) donation to get a T-shirt helps Oilsands Strong to keep going, I’m in.
commented 2019-02-13 21:22:10 -0500
I bet you there are more natives for the industry than against.