September 24, 2018

The American Dream is Dying

Martina MarkotaRebel Contributor

Studies show that the average idea of the American Dream is vastly different to what it was some years ago. The idea of a home, a white picket house, a dog called Rex and children is out, and financial independence is in.

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commented 2018-09-24 22:49:46 -0400
I recently saw a statement by a union leader here in Canada that they don’t care about debts or deficits. That this was the long-time position of the left!!
commented 2018-09-24 22:15:19 -0400
This makes me think of a dancing group form the Dominican on America’s Got Talent recently, the dancer speaking for them said they have no American Dream in their country.
I wish the left would figure out that people come to the US and Canada to get away from the crap the left is pushing.
commented 2018-09-24 21:07:34 -0400
We need enough pissed off people to shout down the lunatic left. People also need to live within their means, even if the government doesn’t. I’m glad I’m debt free. It took a lot of effort but I did it.
commented 2018-09-24 20:52:10 -0400
The US Democrats and Trudeau’s solution is to bring in the 3rd world and mix everyone up so we are all poor and therefore equal.
commented 2018-09-24 15:40:42 -0400
Only one way to stop the rise of Marxism is to have another World War. Send all these young Marxist kids on to the field of battle….Cannon Fodder.