May 31, 2015

The best answers to liberal arguments

Brian LilleyArchive

The left likes to peg down conservatives on issues like taxes, immigration and the environment.

This week Brian Lilley gives you the best arguments you will ever hear for why taxing the rich to excess doesn't work, why legal immigration can be the conservative answer to illegal immigration and why oil drilled on this continent is preferable to everything else.

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commented 2015-07-17 16:26:21 -0400
Brian. Your comment about the use of liberal. If you read much libertarian information, you’ll realize that your reference was true perhaps about 200 years ago. That’s why it is commonly referred to as Classical Liberal. The progressive political types like the Democrats stole this reference at turn of 20th century, and turn it to mean social activism and other political elements. Yes, in terms of classic liberal there is much agreement, but they believed in the inherent liberty of the individual, and not state sponsored control. It makes no sense to argue to that we need not use the phrase since it’s modern usage is very different then classical version. Language and terms in a living language do change, something you no doubt learned in studying language or etymology in school. For laughs sometime I listen to audio books of classical liberals and laugh at how the terms has been stolen by the left wing these days.

As for the left’s lap dogs like T.S. MORRISSEY, below, your drivel is not worth commenting on. The actual straw men are usually posted by left wing types.
commented 2015-06-08 12:11:57 -0400
First time I have “listened” to the unmentionable news since the golden age of radio. A lot of issues we don’t get from MSM because the slant is too Conservative and has to be guarded against.
Some good comments regarding other commenters that don’t like the heat.
I’ll be back for sure. Lilly’s slant gets me going like old time radio used to. MSM is going to regret a lot of things and the sooner the better. Ghomeshi was a well paid and protected pig with “fans”.
commented 2015-06-08 07:52:30 -0400
Hey Morrissey didn’t you prance about on stage with the Smiths in the 80s? I ask because that was the last time I saw such self-absorbed righteousness on pubic display masquerading as intellect.
commented 2015-06-01 13:10:57 -0400
Wealth redistribution, climate change, social justice – all socialist/marxist/liberal/communist code words for big fat blotus goobermint and big fat blotus taxes to feed the pigs at the top.

The rich get richer under this system – and they set up their goobermint vendor companies and let the kickbacks begin!!!
commented 2015-06-01 12:31:36 -0400
enjoyed the coverage done. I remember going to Expo 67, I was 9, youngest brother 8, he had to stay with parents, we were to meet back at Canadian pavalion at 12 to go for lunch and 4 pm to get ready to go. I visited 15 countries that day, still have my passbook. Average family had 5 kids, maybe my parents felt if one didn’t come back they always had others to replace. The risk are no different today but the culture is.
commented 2015-06-01 11:53:31 -0400
This is some Coulter-level nonsense, except not even as interesting as her silly garbage. Only the most hopelessly tin-hatted Tories would buy Lilley’s boring straw men.
commented 2015-06-01 11:40:38 -0400
Brian: Addressing the title of this Podcast – “best answers to Liberal Arguments” , I presume you are referring to the dogmatic lefties who cloak their extremism/statism/authoritarianism under a banner of “Liberalism” as opposed to true Liberal democrats who oppose the expansion of the state into civil liberty. There is much common ground between centrist Conservatism and Democratic Liberalism – primarily the core belief that the government which governs least is the government which governs best.

In the second instance, of statist, control-freak dogmatics masquerading as Liberals, answering their mantras is easy because they have no reasoned arguments – they have memorized talking points based in the errant politics and fallacious precepts of their dogmatism. When confronting these fallacies with fact which nullifies the argument they will go to circular argument or ad hominem attacks – you can always gage the factuality of your argument by the level of ad hominem smears coming from the leftard you have addressed it to.
commented 2015-05-31 23:22:17 -0400
If only teachers would teach that kind of stuff
commented 2015-05-31 21:33:28 -0400
Awesome podcast Brian. Really good important work you do. Where to start. All of your podcast was relevant and a reality check as always.
commented 2015-05-31 20:07:21 -0400
The first 10 minutes should be required listening/studying in all high school social studies classes. Great broadcast Brian.