July 11, 2018

The Brexit process after Chequers: EXPLAINED

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

The Chequers deal has been announced, and we’ve lost multiple members of the cabinet. This isn’t the end of the Brexit process, but what happens now?

There are a few things that might happen in the short term:

We might see a leadership contest forced after a vote of no confidence, or we might see the cabinet ministers who resigned slip away into insignificance.

The one certainty now, though, is that there will be another vote in the House of Commons — and it will probably be another betrayal.

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commented 2018-07-12 10:39:20 -0400
The British are polite and patient people. (Too Patient) It is time for you to react to your Politicians.
First David Cameron lied about slowing down Immigration and won two elections as a result of these lies.
Now an even weaker person has lied to the voter about her efforts to give you a hard Brexit.
Add the anti-free speech arrest of Tommy, and the time has come for the British Public to flex their muscles. Have a massive rally and if the yellow coats get in the way, step on them, in order to show that change is coming.
commented 2018-07-12 03:04:05 -0400
I thought Brexit was the vote. They are all a load of Stinking Traitors. Brexit was to leave the EU and that is what they should be doing, not delaying, having more votes and extending when Brexit will happen. Fifteen years you say? They are waiting until all those that voted to leave are DEAD and they have more Hostile, Anti Brit immigrants to vote for remaining in the EU. You all need to start the marches and visit them like Theresa May where they live at two and three in the morning. Bring rakes, shovels and cricket bats, they help make good impressions.
commented 2018-07-11 20:57:38 -0400
Keith Barnes, the experts are putting their money on Boris going for May’s job, not Mogg. One reason for this is Mogg has not shown much interest with the job of PM.
commented 2018-07-11 20:09:37 -0400
I see a ‘possible’ flash election in the works and I also see Nigel Farage back in the picture, not as leader of UKIP though, more an adviser and financier. Jasson Rees-Mogg could well be in the picture also.