September 24, 2018

The Chequers Alternative Has Arrived

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

We’ve known for a while that Jacob Rees Mogg and company were working on an alternative to the Chequers plan, and today we finally saw it. 

Named “Plan A+”, the proposal was announced by the Institute of Economic Affairs and was launched by cross-bench, pro-Leave MPs, including David Davis, Jacob Rees Mogg, and Gisela Stuart.

It’s already gaining support, with Tory Remain MP Greg Hands tweeting his support for the plan. He explained that Plan A+ was the kind of free trade agreement he’d like to see.

This is the perfect time for it, too. The EU has made it perfectly clear that they don’t want the Chequers deal, and the political elite have made it equally clear that they don’t want No Deal. So in comes Jacob Rees-Mogg to save the day.

The new plan is essentially a free trade deal with the European Union – which the EU, by the way, has already offered. The only reason we haven’t already taken the free trade deal option with the EU is because Theresa May doesn’t really want Brexit, and doesn’t want to divide the United Kingdom.

Fair enough – but Rees-Mogg has long said that splitting off Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK isn’t necessary, and his Plan A+ outlines how.

The report suggests that the UK should call for a more advanced free trade agreement with the EU which uses technology to prevent a hard border. I suppose they’re talking cameras and other monitoring equipment at the border that allows us to track who comes and goes. I’m sure it could work in terms of the movement of goods, but I remain concerned about the prospects of illegal migration by Third World immigrants with EU passports.

A few days ago I would have said I think we’re moving towards a No Deal Brexit, but things seem very different now. Theresa May is desperately trying to unite the Cabinet and tell the public that they’re all on board with her Chequers deal – but The Telegraph says otherwise.

In a report today, The Telegraph said that the majority of the Cabinet now supports a Canada-style trade deal (a la Plan A+), meaning the Prime Minister might be the last and only person on board with Chequers. That’s a good sign for us.

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commented 2018-09-28 11:47:15 -0400
I’ve struggled for years to square my instinctive conservative leanings, and my support for what the media calls “the far right”, “the alt-right”, and my preferred term, “the new right”, with the sort of politicians I would have to vote for: I cannot abide Jacob Rees-Mogg, nor Boris Johnson. Both are rich elitists, whose concern for the common man is non existent; both are hypocrites (a business co-founded by Rees-Mogg recently relocated from the UK to Ireland, to avoid any possibility of an economic downturn following Britain’s quitting the EU. Rees-Mogg has defended this move). Johnson has shown that he has nary a principled bone in his body, and I doubt whether his moral sense matches up to his classical education.
Perhaps the mis-match between my own political ideals and the politicians I would have to support to come anywhere near to achieving them, is the price to be paid for living in a flawed and imperfect world.
commented 2018-09-25 01:11:27 -0400
The “benevolent” EU did not come to lift Britannia into civilization… it came to take them over and rape and pillage their resources for the unelected, undemocratic EU’s benefit.

Nigel Farage opened our eyes to what was going on. He did his job and now the rest of us need to do our jobs.
commented 2018-09-24 22:48:02 -0400
Alberta Maga and Susan Ashbrook: Once the UK gets free, they should fire all 575 of their MPs.
My choice of PM would be Jacob Reese-Moog, however he will have to grow-up and decide if he wants the job. Shet or get off the pot.
Nigel would be fun watching what he would do, but the way he smokes and drinks, he won’t be around in 10 years when all this happens.
commented 2018-09-24 22:27:31 -0400
Susan Ashbrook got that right, tired of the media and the globalists acting like the UK was some struggling dystopia before the benevolent EU came to lift them into civilization.
commented 2018-09-24 22:04:39 -0400
The only good deal for the UK is NO DEAL! They have managed very well on their own over thousands of years. They can and will do it again!
commented 2018-09-24 20:10:42 -0400
What is a Canada Style Trade Deal??
If Trudeau is involved, does it mean that Canada sends wheat or something to the United Kingdom, and in return they send us their Illegal 3rd World Riff-Raff with Criminal Records.?
It seems Trudeau gave that deal to the U.S., and Toronto and Montreal are going broke trying to House and Feed them.
commented 2018-09-24 18:19:10 -0400
I have not seen Plan A+ but I guess that if Jason Reese-Mogg had a hand in formulating it, then it cannot be to bad.
When the People voted in the first Referendum they voted to leave and leave means leave. If Plan A+ means a complete break with the EU but with a free trade deal, then that would be fine. ‘No more Muslims’ would have to be included in any deal……. May is a NWO Marxist and is not to be trusted.