May 16, 2016

The Conservative Party Leadership is officially a race

Brian LilleyArchive

The Conservatives have a real race on their hands for party leader. Michael Chong has announced, and Maxime Bernier has relaunched his campaign.

Meanwhile, Kellie Leitch is upping her game online. Chong and Bernier join me to discuss their campaigns plus Alise Mills of Conservative Voice calls in to give her thoughts on the race.

Also on the show: David Martosko from The Daily Mail on the US political race, and Adrienne Batra, Editor in Chief of the Toronto Sun, on Sophie Trudeau's tone deaf call for a "team."

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commented 2016-05-16 19:40:10 -0400
All were talking about “Conservative Values”.

Forget the buzzwords, forget about defining conservatism, just quit being politically correct and start fighting back against those who use the bigot card any time someone disagrees with them or denies them their special interest group wants/entitlements.

That is something plenty of “Liberals” want to see as well

(non “conservative” stereotype thinking here) Big government is ok where it serves the people’s need. Small government is not ok where it serves political correctness and special interest group entitlements.

Remove section 15(2) of the Charter of Rights that allows reverse discrimination and protect all groups, as many lefties living in the present no longer consider their male gender and white race to be “privileged” and “advantaged” anymore, when the charter was enacted about 35 years ago.

Remove the amendment in the Official Languages Act that gives the right to work in one’s minority official language (see below)

Have “Diversity” (a non “conservative” viewpoint), just don’t allow the politically correct to selectively apply it when it suits them – include it for men in female dominated jobs, conservatives in liberal dominated media and educational systems, Anglophones in the Federal Government in Ottawa (85% of jobs are occupied by Francophones where their population is about 20%) and Whites in federal public service jobs that have become dominated by non-whites.

Apply “Merit” when it comes to judging people/groups based on what they do, not what they say. Sorry Feminists you don’t “merit” funding and being listened to because while you may claim to be for equality, your actions involve not only wanting preferential treatment for women over men, but feminists over other women who “merit” funding and power because they are for equality because they treat men as they wish men to treat women and do not want sexual double standards that feminists are always pushing for, which someone who is for equality, would not do so.