November 30, 2015

The disgrace of the Canadian family law lawyer

Jeremy SwansonRebel Blogger

The joke goes like this: A drunk guy walks into a courthouse and yells, “All family law lawyers are sneaky thieves.”

A man stands up and says “Hey, don’t talk like that to me!”

The drunk shouts back “Why, are you a family law lawyer?”

“No”, says the man “I’m a sneaky thief!"

It's funny on the surface, but in reality the system that is destroying us and our families is as it is because of the conduct of Canadian family law lawyers.

Indeed my own recent life has been a terrible nightmare as a result.

Like many others, I have been and still am in an incredible convoluted mess of "Catch-22s" and other legal disasters connected with divorce and separation.

In our struggle for our families and our children -- and even for the rule of law and the restoration of our rights under the Constitution and the Charter -- we should be trying to eliminate these societal leeches and legal vultures from the divorce process.

Like many other dads, I have faced jail as a result of bad representation, in addition to willfully destructive court-sponsored persecution.

In my case, like so many others, almost every single lawyer I ever came into contact with has screwed me in some way. I was driven to the point of irrecoverable and deep poverty. It's almost as if I have been passed around for routine "milking" to the point where I have been reduced to abject poverty and despair.

That very same so-called "representation" has cost me my children, my home, my possessions, my career, my health, my happiness, my credibility, my status and reputation and of course any chance at a future as a functioning Canadian citizen.

At one time, family law lawyers were perfectly reasonable, and even had a certain social acceptability. Not today.

Let me be very clear: There are notable exceptions, of course. We have many strong and effective, just, honest and fair family law lawyers among us as activists and even "brothers and sisters in the struggle." I give them all due deference and accept them completely as fellow activists.

I just wish there were more like them.

Some of us want the lawyers and those in the legal system/divorce industry to pay for what they have done to us and our children. Of course, we are talking about retribution in the proper legal sense. Yet even as a proponent of non-violence, I can't help but imagine why that great group The Eagles once wrote a song with the words "...’Ol Billy was right, let’s kill all the lawyers, let’s kill 'em tonight" -- echoing the famous words of Dick the Butcher in Shakespeare's play Henry IV. My disgust and anger at the ethics of Canadian family law lawyers is on a similar level.

Yet unbelievably, I read in the press that the Canadian Bar Association is getting “upset” by their negative image and the popularity of "lawyer jokes”? Oh dear, how unfortunate. Frankly, the current batch of lawyer jokes might actually be far too kind!
Yes, I still look forward to the day when society will take retribution against these "criminals" of family law. And to their ranks we must add the judges and court officials and psychologists, the Children's Aid cabal and all other disgusting mercenaries of the court system.

We will probably be long gone before apathetic Canadians wake up to what has been happening, but it will happen one day. In the meantime, all we can do is take comfort from the knowledge that we will be proven right.

Our children are not retrievable. Too much damage has been done. But maybe if we work hard enough to show up the legal system for what it is, those same children can be saved from the fate we have encountered.

I just wish we could short-cut the inevitable return to real justice so that we can actually see the bad ones all arrested and charged. Maybe we could even see them sentenced to severe penalties including restitution and servitude.

There’s something fair and just about the idea of seeing family law lawyers (and maybe even judges) in red jump suits, insecure in the knowledge that their pensions have been forfeited to a fathers' fund for damages. Maybe they would earn points towards their release by snow shoveling the driveways of displaced dads, and cutting their lawns. Now that would be really nice, don’t you think? For a start.



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commented 2015-12-02 11:11:09 -0500
Jeremy, Good to see you in this blog line up.
commented 2015-12-01 21:11:47 -0500
It’s shocking and yet, not so much, how similar our stories are. Thank you for your blog and good luck.
commented 2015-12-01 02:20:22 -0500
What is the difference between a lawyer and a catfish?
Answer: One is a bottom-feeding scum-sucker and the other one is a fish.
commented 2015-11-30 20:54:54 -0500
My pet theory is that SJW activism is the result of Lesbian Feminists wanting to extract wealth from men without the distasteful bother of marrying them.
commented 2015-11-30 18:48:58 -0500
When men get fed up, we will be forced to donate sperm while still having to pay for the baby that results from our donation.