November 13, 2015

The Ezra Levant Show: Montreal's sewage dump, Canada's Miss World contestant vs. China and more

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

(NOTE: This show was taped before the terror attacks in Paris on Friday night.)

"Merdereal"? "Mont-fecal"? I think the sewage-dumping city of Montreal needs a new nickname -- but its CTV affiliate wasn't impressed by my idea!

Not a month after the federal election, Montreal, led by long-time Liberal boss Denis Coderre, dumped 8 billion litres of untreated human sewage into the river.

It’s made international headlines. (So much for the Liberals "restoring Canada's reputation.")

And of course the same thing has already been going on in a hundred other Quebec cities and towns.

PLUS: I talk to the Canadian Miss World finalist, who accuses China of threatening her family because of her human rights activism.

My guest is our good friend Rev. Majed El Shafie, the "Canadian Schindler" who rescues sex slaves from ISIS.

Thanks for watching! And remember:

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commented 2015-11-15 00:06:10 -0500
Now they have to eat their own poops! Hahahahahaha! Pretending to be clean but poops everywhere! Shame on you!!!
commented 2015-11-14 20:24:57 -0500
Calgary: Cowtown
Toronto: Hogtown
Montreal: Pootown

Way too go, Liberals!

commented 2015-11-14 20:19:08 -0500
Ezra, how about doing a segment on the environmental consequences of the sewage dump? I would love to see the GreenPeace founder talk about this. Or better yet, maybe send the Menzoid to ask your buddy Suzuki about it.
commented 2015-11-14 20:12:08 -0500
Richard Wakefield – they had to get PM Harper and the Australian PM out of the way, and it has taken almost 10-years for them to do so, with the help of the MSM, and the leftwing parties. They have to silence all of the great leaders and voices of dissent. The UN has funded this assault, and I don’t think it coincidental that the attacks in Paris happened now, nor that this big climate fraud is happening just after they had Harper removed.
commented 2015-11-14 17:58:06 -0500
Ezra,Ezra! How about The Big Flush as a nickname?
commented 2015-11-14 17:57:26 -0500
Kinda goes to prove Lieberals don’t think their shit stinks!!
commented 2015-11-14 12:46:42 -0500
@ Steve McQueen – ICANN is only responsible for the delegation of IP blocks as far as I understand it. They have no legislative control over the Internet.
commented 2015-11-14 12:18:57 -0500
I am not any wing of political mindset. But I really appreciate the other side of the story and the exposing of the mainstream, mostly left wing, hypocrisy. You sold me this week.
commented 2015-11-14 11:57:30 -0500
Knocked it out of the park this week. Two spectacular guests !! Keep it coming.
commented 2015-11-14 10:44:58 -0500
Is it mere coincidence that the sewage dump occurred only after the liberals won the elections?
commented 2015-11-14 10:12:12 -0500
all Canadian Miss World needs to do is go to the visa office with a bag over her face with eye-holes cut out, and the bureaucrats will be falling all over themselves to accommodate her visa. I wish her well.
commented 2015-11-14 09:10:29 -0500
Ezra – your concern of control of the internet lies with ICANN, controlled by the US department of finance.

Obama was ready to hand over ICANN to the UN and he suddenly dropped it a few years ago. Yes, the activist lawyer in the white house went quiet and dropped this issue fast.

The only thing the CRTC try to do is to block your traffic from coming into Canada. They will have to go through CIRA ( .ca domain ) to do this and ICANN would stop this – it goes again “internet philosophy”.

And even if this were to occur, there are hundreds of free proxy services that would allow for connections to your service while still physically in Canada.

Loved the plug to disconnect cable – we did four years ago. TV is hooked to PC and is hooked to the internet. Works very well. Everyone should do it. Nicely done Ezra.
commented 2015-11-14 08:41:03 -0500
Sam asked, "As for the environmentalists, why are they all fixated on the energy sector, when they should be focusing on the sewage dump? "

Well that is because the sewage is coming from Liberal country. The pollution is only bad when it is from Conservative territory.
commented 2015-11-14 08:37:43 -0500
Paul Mitchell asked, " I would like to know if Trudeau can be held directly responsible for any such violence that should occur in Canada by any of the 25,000 migrants he is rushing to have enter the country?"

Of course not, it will all be Harper’s fault. The Liberals and the main stream media (one in the same thing) will make sure they tell all of Canada just how bad Harper is for personally letting in all those violent refugees and personally coaching them to cause violence, all in an evil Conservative diabolical plot to make the Liberals look bad. Oh yea, don’t worry, they already have their stories straight and ready to publish when the time comes! (sarcasm)
commented 2015-11-14 06:43:56 -0500
And with Quebec’s shit flowing to the east coast via the St Lawrence, the message is clear to the maritimes – eat french shit!!!

And the maritimes voted in liberals – have fun with that – maritimes will be eating quebec shit for the next decades because the liberals will do nothing about this and the media party will promote the “do nothing” plan, as they always do in liberal situations like this.
commented 2015-11-14 02:03:34 -0500
I love how you acknowledge the existance of other channels such as Russia Today. It really ticked me off when the Canadian networks were doing the story of that Egyptian journalist that was in jail, but would never mention that he was with Al Jazeera.

As for the environmentalists, why are they all fixated on the energy sector, when they should be focusing on the sewage dump?

Any chance those promo ads can be replaced by something else, or even new ads? I have watched all three shows now, and those ads are getting really old now. I think I speak for all the people that come here, when I say we are all familiar with the rebel and the ads do not do anything for us. I just mute the sound when they come on. How about doing something like advertising some of your most watched or lesser watched videos on there, so viewers can appreciate all the videos you have made?
commented 2015-11-14 01:40:44 -0500
The only good thing is all the SxxT is flowing down and past and around all those who voted for the Liberals.
commented 2015-11-14 00:16:07 -0500
Hmmm – Toronto is Hogtown, Toronto is Cowtown, now Montreal is Pootown – nice going Liberals – lol
commented 2015-11-13 23:44:25 -0500
Love Love LOVE the Ezra Levant show! Thought I’d take a look the other day …then when I heard “$8.00 a month coming soon” I thought “ugh of course, there’s no WAY I’m paying that” ( sigh and eye roll) now I’m addicted , HOOKED ! Would pay twice the price !!! ( not a suggestion, just sayin) ;-)
commented 2015-11-13 23:18:24 -0500
After todays violence in France, I would like to know if Trudeau can be held directly responsible for any such violence that should occur in Canada by any of the 25,000 migrants he is rushing to have enter the country? It seems the violence is inevitable. Its not if but when. So when it happens, who will be responsible? If you warn someone not to play with matches and they then set a forest fire, arent they responsible? Trudeau has been warned.
commented 2015-11-13 23:11:43 -0500
What’s happening in France, haven’t watched that other channel yet.
Have you heard of the riots in Germany?
The Swedes are strengthening their borders.
This is getting serious. I think we need a Jihad Watch-like segment to
keep the Invasion of the Moor in the news.
commented 2015-11-13 23:08:23 -0500
Kelvinator … dweeb: a boring, studious, or socially inept person. Wow some big words there in case to want to sound intelligent one day.
commented 2015-11-13 23:03:19 -0500
Timmy … you’re just too smart. You can put down your Fleshlight ,the Rebel wants a loving audience but not that loving …
commented 2015-11-13 23:02:51 -0500
Sorry I don’t speak dweeb. Just pay your troll tax
commented 2015-11-13 23:01:45 -0500
Speaking of which, this was carved into an outhouse wall in Princeton, BC: “Quebec is French for queer?”

(“queer adj. 1. Deviating from the expected or normal; strange. 2. Odd or unconventional in behavior; eccentric. 3. Of a questionable nature or character; suspicious. 4. Slang Counterfeit money.” hmdcel )
I wonder which one the carver meant…
commented 2015-11-13 23:00:32 -0500
Kelinator … that would be “too” … not “to” …
commented 2015-11-13 22:55:12 -0500
Don cloud, you have been on this site to long. Your lefty buds are going to revoke your treehuggingbeaverkissinggoatfondeling card. By the way did you pay your troll tax? Justin wants his troll tax!!!
commented 2015-11-13 22:53:20 -0500
Ezra, the picture and sound are much better than they were, and the only suggestion I would make is to replace the picture of the CN Tower with a nice oil derrick in remembrance of Alberta’s prosperity prior to the NDP taking over.
commented 2015-11-13 22:42:57 -0500
It goes without saying (except here) that Ms. Lin shouldn’t expect any help from our new Prime Minister, who stated not long ago that he actually admires China’s “basic dictatorship” (JT’s words). Strange times in our former proud country.