November 10, 2015

WATCH: "The Ezra Levant Show" debut episode

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

We really did it! Tonight we're launching's full-length TV-style show — The Ezra Levant Show.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

Then come back here to again tomorrow and every weekday at 8pm ET/6pm MT for a brand NEW episode.

We shot "The Ezra Levant Show" in our brand new crowdfunded studio, too! We're so grateful to every one of our supporters who helped make this happen. Thank you!

Unlike a regular show on cable TV, if you’re not ready right every night at 8pm, don’t worry — you can watch my show “on demand," just click on it anytime, on any day.

And of course you can watch it on your computer, your phone or even on your real TV set through hardware like Apple TV.

My opening comments tonight are about Justin Trudeau’s dangerous plan to rush 25,000 Syrian migrants into Canada, even before vetting them for terrorism.

Plus, I have a couple of great guests to interview:

* Joe Oliver, the former Conservative finance minister, to talk about Trudeau’s economic plans.

* And David Wilkins, the former U.S. ambassador to Canada, joins me to talk about Barack Obama’s bizarre preference for OPEC conflict oil over Canadian ethical oil via the Keystone XL pipeline.

Again, please let me know what you think: Share your comments with everyone in our community, in the comments section below!

Thank you again for helping grow.

There's more to come, I promise!


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commented 2015-11-14 22:40:56 -0500
I don’t think $8.00 a month would be unreasonable, at least your brain will be stimulated with Rebel Media programming unlike the left where it’s all smoke and mirrors…heck, I’d even be willing to pay $10 a month if I could get that much more from reporters like Brian Lilley, and Alex Pierson too!
commented 2015-11-14 15:44:30 -0500
OK, first chance I have had to view the show. I really want to watch it in the comfort of my living room, so I went through my Blue Ray player and launched youtube. Searched for the rebel, and it gave me the code to subscribe. Suscribed on my computer and now I can search to watch all videos.
commented 2015-11-13 15:40:26 -0500
Ezra, for more conservative content, bring in Roy Green and Charles Adler. The liberals and socialists have such power in main stream media they have effectively forced these voices of reason and free thought off the air. They are not propagandists for any particular political belief but a platform for ‘US’ to be heard.
Roy & Charles
I hope to see your input to the Rebel, and, help to change this media into a Canadian first.
commented 2015-11-12 01:23:29 -0500
Great show Ezra and The Rebel team. Will gladly subscribe (I cancelled mainstream media anyway) and we need a right biased media to give us the news since mainstream media won’t. On the subject matter, yes we need grassroots movements and third party organizations to spread the Conservative values and correct the lies and as for what Obama has done – definitely a slap in the face but as Canadians, we can and will try and make a go on our own with pipelines etc., but what we can do as Canadians is boycott travelling South and shopping there. In some of the towns South of Surrey, BC – there are large signs that actually say ‘Thank you Canada’ and previously (specially since they seemed to have suffered a lot more in the last recession) I was happy to support them as well but with this latest KXL episode I think it’s time we remember that we are Canadians first.
commented 2015-11-12 00:58:39 -0500
Great as usual to see you doing this, Ezra. Just like the good old days at Sun News. Congratulations and keep it coming. Canada really needs this.
commented 2015-11-11 23:23:22 -0500
Great Show Ezra!
I have a twisted hopeless idea for ya… instead of 25000 Syrian refugees, lets take 25000 Germans that aren’t particularly pleased with the look of their new country. I’d even be willing to take them UNVETTED!
commented 2015-11-11 22:45:47 -0500
Good show, Ez!
Hope finally fixes sound problems. (Echos, wild volume fluxuations.)
Keep up the good work!

- William F. Sheehan
Toronto, Ontario
commented 2015-11-11 21:18:41 -0500
Awesome! I’m happy to pay $8 a month for solid content. Free market baby set a fair price for a good product and you will be successful!
commented 2015-11-11 21:11:56 -0500
“Please let me know what you think”

In the words of Billy Talent, “Try honesty”
commented 2015-11-11 21:11:01 -0500
So… the brand new crowdfunded studio is STILL just a green screen? How many dozens of dollars did you manage to raise?! LOL!
commented 2015-11-11 18:42:58 -0500
Nice job on your first show Ezra. When we moved into our new house things weren’t perfect right away either, so, for me it’s not a big deal. I’m just thrilled that we have a platform to continue growing conservatism. Count me in for 8 bucks a month. Now, we’ve got less than four years to show the rest of Canada why they made a mistake at the last election.
commented 2015-11-11 18:31:50 -0500
Great show Ezra and can’t wait until the next episode. We really miss the Sun but this is refreshing to see you are getting things together and coming back. I am not sure if it was my system I watched the show using Chromecast to my HD tv and the picture was fine but the audio in the studio seemed that it needed some adjustment or tweaking. The audio at times seemed hollow and I had to turn up my tv louder to be able to hear you, then when you jumped to a segment clip outside the stuido it cam in very loud and different quality. Maybe just a thought to ask the tech guys if there is anything that can be done. All in all a great show. Thank you.
commented 2015-11-11 17:59:19 -0500
Very good first show Ezra. Well done! I watched it in HD on my big TV. Pro my friend, pro. You were even a bit more muted than usual. Not a bad thing, perhaps you were just whelmed a bit. Good guests, more to come I’m sure. When all the fuss has died down, and q respectable time has passed, be sure to get Stephen Harper in. Hope Brian also is working on his show debut as well. As always, short and to the point, and good.
commented 2015-11-11 17:22:54 -0500
Hey Ezra, good stuff. Love the format & the music in between the segments. Very professional & excellent guests. So happy you have a sitting area to interview which you did not have on election night & you & Brian standing there with your guest looked awkward, in my opinion. The audio is much better, but still a little echoish. KEEP GOING!!!! Will not mind the small fee to hear the truth from you guys as opposed to the tongue flapping jibberish crap coming out of Mansbridge, LaFlame & their ilks.
commented 2015-11-11 17:13:28 -0500
I enjoyed this show and look forward to more, and more contributors. I’ve missed Sun News Network. And everyone should have a look at James Sutton’s link. I did and ended up down a rabbit hole. There is a video posted there in addition to the one that James was directing us to. (I think..) It’s just a few posts down and it’s a young muslim woman giving a very impassioned plea for people to wake up to what Islam really is. Very instructive.
commented 2015-11-11 17:02:36 -0500
Excellent first show, Ezra. Maybe we can lobby the gov’t to allow Canadians to determine where their media dollars should go. I’d like to give whatever portion of my taxes I pay to the CBC to go to The Rebel instead! As always, I really enjoyed listening to your guests, especially David Wilkins. That’s definitely not how you treat a good friend and neighbor! Hopefully, as you said to Joe Oliver, the solid platform the PCs built on financial management will not be torn down too quickly and the trajectory will still allow the country to be successful through this government. Well done.
commented 2015-11-11 16:51:12 -0500
Lloyd Nolan said: “this is going to great news and entertainment once again! i think jimmy died and came back as jack.!” Nah. Don’t think Jiminy Crickets died. More likely he finally got banned for the profanity and personal attacks and then came back as “Jack”. Which brings me to…..Jimmy, er Jack, the point you and lefties are missing (deliberately) is that this whole enterprise was a grass roots effort. It’s not hard to be polished when one is sucking taxpayer money out of Ottawa to fund operations! I look forward to the day when the trolls are finally expelled……can’t see any of them parting with their self entitled monies to help out with a grass roots effort as I am currently doing! Someone once said: Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country. For lefties, it is evident, only what the country can do for them is relevant as long as their self entitled fantasies are being realized at someone else’s expense!
commented 2015-11-11 15:49:43 -0500
Great show Ezra, keep it up. You’ve more support in this country than you know.
commented 2015-11-11 15:46:23 -0500
Transport????? why do I pay my taxes for this crap? 1/3 of the money I make on my own with no government help is going to bring in jew hating invders???? I just cant believe this
commented 2015-11-11 15:25:14 -0500
Good to see you back Ezra, I’ve really missed your show.
commented 2015-11-11 15:08:13 -0500
“Have your sound engineers deal with that annoying echo in the studio.” That is my only issue with your new show. I am also a contributor and maybe we can have an alternative price structure for the premium area?
commented 2015-11-11 15:04:05 -0500
Ezra congratulations on your TV show. The rebel media is an important voice all Canadians need to hear.
One small correction you said we could see The Rebel full screen on an Apple TV. True, but you can see The Rebel full screen on any internet capable tv with access to youtube, or on any tv connected to an internet TV box. These boxes range from $100 to $300, I use a $100 android box, and the Rebel media is great. Many people are moving to these boxes and away from cable tv. That is a great trend for the Rebel.
commented 2015-11-11 14:44:13 -0500
lovin’ it!
commented 2015-11-11 14:13:44 -0500
And congratulations on this latest expansion of

Ezra and Brian – Canada’s entrepreneurs of 2015.
commented 2015-11-11 14:12:35 -0500
Time to do a feature on the media party’s websites for bias and for “no unfiltered comments”.

It’s long overdue to hammer the crap out of the media party’s crap and call it for what it is – a big pile of liberal biased propaganda.

Alternatively, a entire segment could be devoted to surfacing media party bias/bullshit.
commented 2015-11-11 13:43:42 -0500
Congratulations to Ezra and the <i>Rebel</i> staff for providing us with an alternative media outlet. I donated to your cause when you were defending yourself against the Alberta Human Commission a number of years ago and also managed to pick up a couple of your books along the way. When you decide to institute a “members only” platform to continue to expand, I will be happy to join.
PS: Have your sound engineers deal with that annoying echo in the studio.
commented 2015-11-11 13:26:06 -0500
Hi Ezra…I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your new show. First and foremost..congratulations. From my perspective you are injecting truth and common sense into a world gone mad with PC. I believe, unfortunately, that we are in for some very dark days ahead and like you, I believe we need to change the current liberal narrative by ‘Rebuilding the Right’ . We will need to support each other in the days ahead, please let us know, as you have been doing, where we should focus our efforts. I have put my name in as a volunteer for Rebuilding the Right. Things (our current situation) have been and continue to be depressing for me …..but you have lite a candle….and I would like to help turn it into a bonfire.
commented 2015-11-11 13:20:53 -0500
Mike G, no, it is not a slap in anyone’s face. We donated to get the rebel up and running. This is the next and very obvious step in getting a voice to counter the very biased media in this country. A small price, getting lined up to ‘put down’ the liberals and their enablers.
commented 2015-11-11 13:16:52 -0500
The video link that Jame Sutton posted is very relevant. Justin wants to bring that here.

We are watching Europe commit cultural suicide.
commented 2015-11-11 13:16:52 -0500
The video link that Jame Sutton posted is very relevant. Justin wants to bring that here.

We are watching Europe commit cultural suicide.