April 27, 2015

What The Globe and Mail says about 'victim' Omar Khadr will leave you filled with rage

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Canada's 'newspaper of record' has a new editorial than fawns over convicted terrorist Omar Khadr.

The Globe and Mail's narrative treats Khadr like a little lamb and calls Khadr a 'victim'.

No. There are real victims.

US medic Christopher Speer and his kids are the real victims.

But you'll never know that if you read The Globe and Mail.

The Globe says Khadr plead guilty "under duress" and it was a "coerced confession." That's not true at all.

We have all the evidence. And Khadr's own lawyers approved his confession before he signed it.

Can we ever rely on The Globe and Mail in the future?


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commented 2015-04-27 16:17:47 -0400
The Globe and Mail now make you pay to read their online gibberish. I can remember this chronicle of nonsense supporting ZANU-PF.