February 09, 2016

The "greening" of the military: Obama orders the Pentagon to fight... global warming!

Rebel Staff

It sounds like satire, but my guest Marc Morano of ClimateDepot.com assures me it's true:

Obama has ordered the Pentagon to prioritize "climate change" in all military actions!

(I've reported on this before...)

To WATCH my entire conversation with Marc Morano, CLICK HERE.



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commented 2016-02-11 03:58:12 -0500
For the sake of staying sane and not tearing your hair out, there are now several sites on the internet where you can download an “app” that counts down the days, hours and minutes until noon of January the 20th, 2017 when the next president of the United States is sworn in… I personally find it very therapeutic watching it… And I happen to know that a lot of military, and ex-military personnel in the United States have downloaded it…
commented 2016-02-09 22:19:53 -0500
I suspect climate change is the reason Trudeau pulled out our jet fighters.
commented 2016-02-09 22:15:09 -0500
Andrew Mirlach, thank you so much for that information. It is amazing that they will go to meet raisins with pork embedded in every molecule of their former physical being.
commented 2016-02-09 20:36:31 -0500
Justin’s Diary seems to be ashamed to mention Daddy
commented 2016-02-09 20:31:37 -0500
Another sad day
commented 2016-02-09 19:41:44 -0500
Wonder when “Oh-Bumbles” will demand they use pork free Munitions. Muslims seem to not know that almost all ammunition and explosives contain glycerin from pork. Those silly suicide bombers cannot get into heaven with pork residue embedded in their souls. The other big surprise will be them finding out that the “prophet” rewrote the Koran. In the original text the reward was 72 White Rasins? The oldest Koran found predates Mohamed by around 200 years.

“Christoph Luxenberg’s book, Die Syro-Aramaische Lesart des Koran, available only in German, came out just over a year ago, but has already had an enthusiastic reception, particularly among those scholars with a knowledge of several Semitic languages at Princeton, Yale, Berlin, Potsdam, Erlangen, Aix-en-Provence, and the Oriental Institute in Beirut. Luxenberg tries to show that many obscurities of the Koran disappear if we read certain words as being Syriac and not Arabic. We cannot go into the technical details of his methodology but it allows Luxenberg, to the probable horror of all Muslim males dreaming of sexual bliss in the Muslim hereafter, to conjure away the wide-eyed houris promised to the faithful in suras XLIV.54; LII.20, LV.72, and LVI.22. Luxenberg ’s new analysis, leaning on the Hymns of Ephrem the Syrian, yields “white raisins” of “crystal clarity” rather than doe-eyed, and ever willing virgins – the houris. Luxenberg claims that the context makes it clear that it is food and drink that is being offerred, and not unsullied maidens or houris. " DOHH!!!….
commented 2016-02-09 18:22:06 -0500
Bill Elder – “Obumbles jumps the shark.”
Thanks for the laugh!
commented 2016-02-09 17:56:42 -0500
There really isn’t anything too extreme for the dogmatic climate hysteric.

Obumbles jumps the shark
commented 2016-02-09 17:44:00 -0500
the obamasiah has earned his title of POtuS..
commented 2016-02-09 16:53:32 -0500
MARTY just want to add, it’s too bad the person who deleted your post wasn’t so vigilant when i was personally attacked on here.
That person who attacked my character made The Rebel a place i did not want to come to anymore.
I stayed away for a long time, recently i checked the comments and saw that person does not seem to be here anymore so i have decided to return
commented 2016-02-09 16:42:21 -0500
MARTY ASHFIELD I did’nt see your post that was removed, but i think i get the idea what it was about.
There are so many times i watch the videos about our silly little boy leader, twit,idiot,bumble head,jack a** and any other verbiage one would like to insert here, that infuriates me to want to voice my opinion about the idiot ,
So many times i have started to voice my opinion about the idiot but realized its not the place for me to vent so i wipe it and decide not to post,
If i am right about what your post was about , i agree with you. it’s probably what i would have said.
I get very Frustrated that the stupid little man with a big name was elected by so many dumb people .
Why is it we, on the right can see so clearly what those on the left are so blind to?
Maybe this will get deleted too
commented 2016-02-09 16:36:58 -0500
No worries Marty, You are only expressing what we all feel about this absolute twat of a PM. He gets negative respect from me as well because he didn’t earn one bit of what he has honestly. He’s a self entitled crook and he thinks he’s some kind of intelligent person when we all see him as a big twat as well and it makes us boil to think other twats in this country put him there.
commented 2016-02-09 16:31:55 -0500
Jamie – B.O. has already weeded out all the honourable and loyal American Generals. He is evil, in my opinion!
commented 2016-02-09 16:13:30 -0500
“I keep hoping that some soldier will do his country and the world a huge favour! "

You know what DEBORAH? If there was any honour in the General ranks there would be dozens of them tendering their resignations.
commented 2016-02-09 15:39:00 -0500
I must apologize to all the Rebel posters. I was given a warning and my comment was removed because I violated a rule and didn’t keep my comments from being personal. This was on another topic and post.
I apologize to one and all for being offensive. This does not justify my breaking the rule, however I really do get very frustrated with Trudeau and the gang.
Again I am sorry for offending.
commented 2016-02-09 15:28:09 -0500
Obama could achieve far greater GHG emmissions reduction by taking away Mannie Gordo Steele’s oxygen supply.
commented 2016-02-09 15:27:03 -0500
the US military will now begin making environmentally approved explosives which instead of shrapnel there will be flowers flying all over the place….that is, multi colored LGBT flowers created via GMO by Monsanto’s that will deliver clouds of feminizing estrogen hormones that causes all the men on the battle field to turn gay. all the men will be irresistible to each other and it will be one big homosexual orgy. the drones flying over will catch the event on video flooding the internet with more gay internet porn. we call this THE GAY BOMB. warfare will never be the same again.
commented 2016-02-09 15:22:07 -0500
Come next January, I look forward to the Republicans repealing the eight years of damage and backwardness the PC Irrationalists have perpetrated on the good, caring, rational folk.

Republicans, who are aware of the hoax of a man-made global warming catastrophe, will defund the IPCC 1.

The IPCC is an ad hoc partisan committee created by the UN’s Kyoto Protocol clique, to proselytize a narrative that man is the evil destroyer and nature is the victim.
Incredulously, the IPCC’s mission statement, mandate and end goal was predetermined before the science even came rolling in.

commented 2016-02-09 15:12:58 -0500
What an insane world we live in. The Left insanity pushes forward regardless of reality.
commented 2016-02-09 14:42:28 -0500
Andrew Sheldon – the UN is playing the Europeans, but once the dirty deed of Jihadi by immigration is complete, the UN will turn on them.
commented 2016-02-09 14:26:51 -0500
DEBORAH GRAUPNER commented 1 hour ago
Andrew – B.O. is going to head that terrorist cesspool, the UN. He first has to finish off North America, and then the evil bastard will be in the UN.

That is the rumor, but the Europeans won’t agree to it imo. We shall see.
commented 2016-02-09 14:02:45 -0500
Obama is putting hand cuffs on his own military in an effort to promote this climate change hoax. It is so absurd that there must be a real reason other than promoting this like a religion. Obama has always hated his own military and loves to fire senior commanders so that could be a potential check box. If the commanders hesitate and not drop aerial armament then that would be in favour of ISIS. This must be extremely frustrating for US military personnel operating and fighting in a war zone.
commented 2016-02-09 13:55:53 -0500
The evil are masters at deflection! I keep hoping that some soldier will do his country and the world a huge favour!
commented 2016-02-09 13:44:11 -0500
Straw men are the only enemies a true progressive leftist knows how to fight.
commented 2016-02-09 13:40:43 -0500
February 9, 2016
Dear Diary;
This is when all the armchair quarterbacks with their twenty-twenty hindsight talk about how easy it would have been to nip ISIL in the bud when they were charging across the open desert in big convoys, going from town to town to rape, pillage, kidnap, crucify, behead, drown, burn and so on. The way they talk you would think some idiot like George W. Bush predicted that.
What these right wing know-it-alls don’t appreciate is that B.O. and me have never just settled for taking the easy way out.
This is approximately why I said yesterday that “bombing has a role” so I think I’ll put more troops on the ground because probably bombing doesn’t work, but I might leave the refuelling plane there to support the bombers that I may have promised to pull out. I know for simple-minded folks, like voters who don’t have my deep wisdom and vision, this might seem a bit confusing.
All that needs to be remembered now is at last these naughty little tykes are finally entrenched in towns all across the region so it’s now time for me as Dear Leader to make the tough decisions and pull out those useless cream-puff, precision-bombing, CO2 producing CF-18 aircraft, and send hundreds more of Canada’s finest to the middle east to be in harms way instead. After all, we kinda need their homes here so that we can take care of our incoming migra . . oops, I mean voters . . oops, I mean refugees.
As Marie-Claude Bibeau said just last week; we will deal with ISIL holistically.
commented 2016-02-09 13:37:58 -0500
Andrew – B.O. is going to head that terrorist cesspool, the UN. He first has to finish off North America, and then the evil bastard will be in the UN.
commented 2016-02-09 13:18:03 -0500
Barry is gone in nine months, never to return.

It all points to Trump in charge. Wonder how long Barry’s marxist crap will last??? That’s right. About 10 seconds.