July 22, 2017

The injustice of social justice: Good Samaritan Kiss punished, terrorist Khadr rewarded

David MenziesMission Specialist

The manner in which crime and punishment have played out in two recent Canadian news items have me feeling like a stranger in a strange land. 

Omar Khdar goes to war for al-Qaeda, tosses a hand grenade killing Christopher Speer and partially blinding Layne Morris. His “punishment” is a cheque for $10.5M plus a grovelling apology from the drama teacher currently playing the role of Prime Minister.

Contrast that to what happened to Toronto security guard Anthony James Kiss who when driving home one evening spotted a woman screaming as she ran for her life while a knife-wielding man quickly gained on her.

Kiss literally had a split-second to act and chose to place his car between the screaming woman and her assailant but in doing so, he collided with the man who died at the scene.

Watch as I fill in more details and look at the inherent dichotomy regarding the Khdar and Kiss sagas.

Our world is full of heroes and zeroes but how is it that a murderous Islamist terrorist receives an 8-figure cheque and an apology from the federal government because his rights were allegedly violated.

Meanwhile, a Good Samaritan potentially faces jail time because he had the audacity to get involved and save an innocent woman.

Yeah… I don’t get it either.

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commented 2017-07-23 13:22:32 -0400
Peter – in other words, because Lefty’s suffer from backwards-brain – that’s why! It’s also why they hate this country instead of loving it., as evidenced by the anti-Canada protests recently.

The mens rae (intent) to kill wasn’t there, therefor a charge should not be layed and the crown should toss it as “not in the Public Interest”
Khadr on the other hand, did have intent when he set foot on the battlefield and should be tried as an adult for High Treason.
commented 2017-07-23 11:05:03 -0400
Well said Peter Netterville.
commented 2017-07-23 10:22:30 -0400
Moral of the story: Before helping someone yell Alahu Akbar just in case something goes horribly wrong.
commented 2017-07-23 02:51:37 -0400
JAN G commented 4 hours ago
Tammie: I agree. Why can’t there be a petition or something done for him?
How about a crowd funded entire legal team and draw this into a class-action suit reminding the authorities of whom we elected that “defending oneself or anybody else in the absence of the police is not illegal”
commented 2017-07-23 02:37:27 -0400
Good indication of how screwed Canada already is. SIGH!
commented 2017-07-22 22:32:02 -0400
Tammie: I agree. Why can’t there be a petition or something done for him?
commented 2017-07-22 22:30:41 -0400
Thanks Ron Joseph: I’m taking my cowboy boots out of the cedar chest. Never thought I’d use them again. Only problem there, Texas is less pro-life than ever.
commented 2017-07-22 21:13:55 -0400
Anthony James Kiss should face a DUI charge and that’s it!
commented 2017-07-22 21:10:55 -0400
Good idea to move to Texas! Beautiful State. Bibles says that in the Last days lawlessness will increase and Whoa to those who call good evil and evil good. And, this, today is where we are.
commented 2017-07-22 20:52:30 -0400
Jan G—A few of the normal cities left are in Texas, where they make it tough to build a Mosque, therefore less Muslims to spread the Quran.
commented 2017-07-22 18:40:39 -0400
David Netterville: You are ABSOLUTELY right.

I can’t think of anywhere in the world that one can live a normal life, anymore. Hawaii is out of the question because it will soon be obliterated by N. Korea. Can anyone think of a place left on this planet that is normal?
commented 2017-07-22 18:35:59 -0400
Khadr has already been explained away, but the other matter simply boils down to this: “In Canada, self defence or defence of another is a jailable item.”

I did not make the rules but that is how it is.

Far better to do the triple S if you live in the country.

As for the city – you are on your own.

Criminals have more rights than you the taxpayer do.
commented 2017-07-22 15:59:43 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,729 Attacks, 217,556 Killed, 298,735 Injured that we know of

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian Society”, Justin Trudeau, Debate Post, March 28, 2017
commented 2017-07-22 14:55:34 -0400
David, the hero is being charged because in our inverted socialist society right is wrong and wrong is right, what is moral is now immoral and what is immoral is now moral … and all thanks to the left/socialists.