August 18, 2015

The liberal Jew-shaming of Conservative MP Mark Adler

Neil FlaggRebel Blogger

Somehow, out of the blue over the weekend, the Editor-in-Chief of the leftist journal The Walrus became instantly outraged at a sign posted at the Bathurst Street campaign headquarters of Conservative MP Mark Adler. The sign, which has been up for at least a month already (it’s around the corner from my house,) lists as one of the bullet-points about Mr. Adler, “Son of Holocaust Survivor.” 

Mark Adler’s riding is York Centre, which runs straight through the Bathurst Street corridor, from highway 401 to Toronto’s Northern boundary of Steeles Ave. It is one of the most culturally Jewish ridings in Canada, with not only tens of thousands of proud Jews residing in its sprawling suburban neighbourhoods, but dozens of synagogues, Jewish educational institutions, Jewish community buildings, shops, restaurants, and more, lining its streets.

Many parks and community centres are named after past icons of the Jewish community, and Toronto’s official Holocaust Memorial is located in Earl Bales Park, inside the boundaries of York Centre (a hidden gem of Toronto’s landmarks, I highly recommend stopping by to take a look), kitty-corner to the Adler campaign office.

Sunday afternoon’s despicable snark tweet by Jon Kay ("Vote for Joe Wong: His grandparents were abused at Nanking" #MarkAdlerPolitics) set off a feverish pile-on of Jew-shaming by Liberals and leftists - many of them, including Kay, of Jewish heritage - apparently bored of glorious summer weather. Emboldened by the sycophantic response, he one-upped himself ten minutes later with another doozy, (“And who needs Yad Vashem when holocaust awareness is now being promoted on partisan Conservative signage?”)

By Monday morning, a Mark Adler hit piece appeared in the National Post (Kay’s former employer, still home to his occasional musings, and now owned by prominent Toronto Jewish businessman Paul Godfrey,) using the so-called controversy over the sign to rehash anything negative they could possibly find about the man who, in 2011, ended the political career of the bloviating Liberal carpetbagger Ken Dryden.

By Monday afternoon, the notoriously Liberal-leaning Canadian Jewish News also had a hit piece published, magically uncovering a previously-unknown Holocaust story about a former Liberal MP from Montreal to imply that Adler was somehow a liar when, at some point in the past, he said he was the first child of Holocaust survivors to serve as a Canadian MP.

Growing up in a house with a Holocaust survivor is not a normal experience. Countless books and dissertations have been written on the subject. Survivors were often very difficult to live with - volatile, haunted by nightmares, and racked with survivor’s guilt after leaving behind endless loved ones who were worked to death, gassed, shot, starved, and then dumped in mass graves or burned in crematoria by the National Socialists of Germany.

In a statement published as part of the National Post’s hit piece, Adler credits the experience of growing up in this environment with instilling in him an unwavering support for Israel and people living under persecution throughout the world. It is without a doubt a foundational aspect of his character.

So what is going on here? Certainly Liberals aren’t offended by a political candidate using his own father as part of a political pitch – eh, Justin?

Are Liberals against using Judaism to garner votes in York Centre? Please - they’ve put up a proudly Jewish candidate to take on Adler, Michael Levitt, well known throughout the community as a manager at Toronto’s most prominent Jewish funeral home, Benjamin’s Park Memorial Chapel.

No, I see two things at work here. One, by mocking what they call “pandering”, they are projecting their own guilt on a Conservative candidate, over their own endless disingenuous ethnic pandering. They know they are faking it when they appeal to ethnic groups, including the Jews, and therefore they assume everyone else is faking it, too. I can vouch personally, as one who has served on Mark Adler’s York Centre EDA board of directors, that Mark is not faking anything here. His support for Israel and the Jewish people are absolute.

Two, they are revealing once again the answer to the age-old question: why are so many Jews liberals? The sad answer is, far too many Jews have replaced their religion of Judaism with the religion of liberalism. What is good for liberal politics comes before what is good for the Jewish people. (Note, for example, how the 340 rabbis who signed on to Obama’s Iran deal today come almost exclusively from the left-leaning Reform and Conservative movements of Judaism.)

If liberal Jews ever learned the details of their birth religion, they have either forgotten them by now, or willfully dispatched them for political expediency. Otherwise, they would never willfully sow division within the Jewish community like they are doing over this petty issue of Mark Adler’s campaign sign; they would learn the lessons of the sages, and avoid this Sinat Chinam at all costs.

Bottom line: If Mark Adler was a Liberal Party candidate, his sign would have the exact same line about his father, and it would be praised endlessly by the left and the liberal Jewish community. In fact, Mark Adler’s status as the son of a survivor would elevate him to folk hero status. Probably with a glowing cover story in next month’s Walrus.


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commented 2015-08-19 17:20:48 -0400
Thanks Ken Quick for that update. Kind of matches with my closing theory: that this is pure lib double-standards in action. They only care that it’s a conservative. If it was a Liberal matching his party’s desire to appear pro-Israel, he’d be praised all day long.

I can tell you that behind the scenes, the Liberal Party is tearing its hair out over the fact that the Conservatives have largely locked up the Jewish vote as long as Harper is in power, and there’s nothing they can do about it. Justin has sealed that fate with his over-the-top mosque outreach.
commented 2015-08-19 11:40:04 -0400
Jon Kay was on CBC radio this morning and surprisingly was challenged on why Adler’s poster was any different than other politicians mentioning familial relationships and history. He stated that what made Mark Adler’s sign offensive is that it “appeared to be crafted to match the CPC talking points of being pro-Israel”. Huh? It’s conservative, so it’s offensive?
commented 2015-08-18 18:43:50 -0400
Howard Galganov was mentioning something about a similar problem:
“…Some Democrat Jews in the Senate will vote against Israel and World Jewry in support of Iran’s quest for the BOMB. And perhaps some in the House will too, because they are USEFUL LEFTIST IDIOTS, who will stand with Obama no matter what . . . WHICH TO ME IS NO SURPRISE.
Jewish history is replete with SELL-OUTS, as recently as the Holocaust, where Jewish Elitists of Europe put their trust in the goodness of humanity, as they perceived it to be, rather than the word of the Nazis who promised to disenfranchise them at best . . . and wipe them out at worst…”
commented 2015-08-18 15:52:36 -0400
A massive liberal/Liberal conspiracy in the media? Maybe. Or maybe a candidate who happens to be conservative put up an unbelievably tacky self-promotional sign.
commented 2015-08-18 14:04:30 -0400
The hypocrisy of the Liberals and the left, on display once again for all to see. The left however are completely blind to it, and always will be. Which is why they will always be hypocrites.