May 13, 2016

The Liberal Party of Canada needs help! Sophie already gets assistance as PM’s wife

Brian LilleyArchive

Who wouldn’t want a team to help us busy overworked Canadians get through the day? Hey, it’s not like we don’t understand how nice it is to get a little bit of help but the fact is, Sophie already has plenty of taxpayer funded help. 

Watch as I go through the enviable list of free help that the First Family already receives courtesy of Canadian taxpayers. It’s certainly more than enough assistance for the spouse of a Canadian Prime Minister which doesn’t bring with it any official duties.

If Laureen Harper could manage all that she did as wife of the P.M. and in her choices to get involved in charitable work, why can’t Sophie?

Unless of course Sophie is choosing to do more in order to promote her husband and his Liberal party.

If that’s the case, maybe Justin and Sophie should ask the Liberal Party of Canada to pay Sophie’s salary as Justin’s PR specialist?

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commented 2016-05-13 19:51:42 -0400
Well done, Sheila! The Turd is a big-time loser, but the thing he’s married to definitely out shines him in the loser dept.
commented 2016-05-13 19:42:41 -0400
I barely have time to answer emails, pay bills eat and shower after a 10 hour shift. Where does she work?
commented 2016-05-13 19:40:22 -0400
Sophie takes it in the face just like any other stanky ho!!!

Go work some of your fat ass off Sophie you disgusting mess!!!!
commented 2016-05-13 19:37:59 -0400
How about a “team” of horses by which she could be drawn and quartered? What a useless entitled punk she is.
commented 2016-05-13 19:32:41 -0400
Did Laureen Harper even have nannies? I don’t think so.

Laureen Harper is a mature hard working intelligent woman and could handle the workload, but Sophie is a princess, so she deserves all the help she can get! (sarcasm alert!)