June 12, 2015

The Liberals don't want to talk about their racist record

Brian LilleyArchive

By now you've probably heard the dust up in Parliament, with MPs arguing about which party has a more racist past, the Liberals or the Conservatives?

I look at some claims Conservative Chris Alexander made about the head tax and other Liberal Party efforts to dissuade or prevent Asian, Jews and Caribbean immigrants from entering.

Then I can't help but ask: What about Tommy Douglas, the leader of the NDP who was also a eugenicist?

And did you know it was Conservative leader Diefenbaker who removed racist clauses out of the immigration point system, and gave First Nations citizens the vote?

Racist name calling has no place in the House of Commons.

It would help if everyone knew Canada's real history better as well.

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commented 2015-06-15 21:43:10 -0400
Do I know you ? Eileen McRae
commented 2015-06-14 20:26:20 -0400
Eileen. No. 2 and following comments. Lieberals have no morals. Power and access to tax dollars is all that matters to them.
commented 2015-06-14 11:06:09 -0400
The Liberals either 1) do not know their Canadian history, or, 2) are deliberately misconstruing the truth for political gain! And, the mainstream media at CBC, CTV, and Global are letting them get away with twisting facts! These are the journalists, political pundits, etc., who are supposed to ensure their reporting is factual and unbiased! Bah! Humbug!
commented 2015-06-14 08:29:01 -0400
Funny, no one has mentioned PET’s program of “official bilingualism” when listing liberal party racism.
commented 2015-06-13 17:58:13 -0400
You all know what they say about Liberals that live in glass houses……
commented 2015-06-13 17:06:27 -0400
Oh, Brian. How could you suggest that Liberals are Racist. This can’t be true, they just love having their wires pulled by their Muslim Puppet Masters. Call them Sick, call them Idiots but not Racist. Islamic Bed Fellows is what they are.
commented 2015-06-13 13:18:03 -0400
Well we all better say we’re sorry, maybe on a certain day every year,and we better all pay each other damages which never end and are on a sliding scale. We better get the Pope, the Queen, and the PM, in on these perpetual apology’s also.

I don’t think there is a lack of connection between terrorists and those who choose to wear the niqab in Canada. Quite personally, anyone who lives under Sharia is questionable to me. I am very suspicious of people who walk around with concealed identity, and who believe all non-Muslims are infidels.
commented 2015-06-13 06:12:30 -0400
mickallum looks like he’s ready for a wheelchair and an oxygen mask. It would be good if mickallum would drop dead very soon.

Socialists have a history of “locusts activity”. Fayek’s Road to Serfdom explains much of how the term liberal was hijacked by socialists – liberals have rebranded as libertarian.

What makes liberals (aka socialists/communists/fascists/marxists) tolerable is the MSM they have in their hip pocket – the MSM is the liberal communication stream to the voters. The MSM, like the enforcer dogs that helped the pigs (liberals) hang onto control in Orwell’s Animal Farm.

MSM is now pumping the EN-DEE-PEE for October – another shining example of the MSM dogs reinforcing the left in Canada.
commented 2015-06-13 01:14:08 -0400
It may be that Liberals, nose diving in the polls are throwing mud up against the wall, no matter how vile, hoping that something will stick. these are the death rattles of the once powerful liberal party and if they get whopped in the next election may be tossed to the junk heap and the annuls of history. All that can be said about Justin and his liberals is good riddance.
commented 2015-06-13 00:45:09 -0400
John McCallum must be getting senile, he is old now he should be retiring and tired.
commented 2015-06-12 22:23:55 -0400
Liberals hurling accusations at the Conservatives accusing them of things they themselves do and the Conservatives do not do is not a new thing. The CBC supporting the Liberal lies while ignoring the truth is not new either.

The question really is, just what can be done to expose the lies and get them to stop, or at least pay the price for their lies?

It seems to be an insurmountable task.
commented 2015-06-12 21:58:00 -0400
This is such a useless debate. What a waste of Question Period. McCallum is an imbecile and a bully, so of course Alexander had to respond. But finger-pointing based on the the historic actions and policies of political parties long ago is absolutely pointless. Times were very different, and some of the most prevalent cultural attitudes and beliefs of one hundred years ago, or even fifty years ago, are considered to be politically incorrect and even abhorrent by today’s societal standards.
Still, I won’t deny that I get a small thrill of satisfaction whenever the Liberals’ accusations against Conservatives are thrown back at them.
commented 2015-06-12 21:49:19 -0400
Yet this discussion wouldn’t be fair and complete without mention the Alberta Conservative George Hoadley who enacted a “compulsory sterilization program” in Alberta that lasted from 1928 to 1972. My conclusion is that both “liberals” and “progressive conservatives” have a long track record of over-stepping their legislative boundaries, claiming things are “legal” when they’re actually unlawful.
commented 2015-06-12 21:33:15 -0400
Shortly after Confederation, the left was throwing First Nations in “camps” and “schools”. Today, they’re teaching boys that asking a girl on a date is “sexual harassment” so they should just be homosexual or “trans”. I see a pattern with the “liberals” (authoritarians)… They’re always involved in depopulation schemes at their “camps” and “schools”. This pre-dated Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, all of them, and the “liberals” all say, “That’ll never happen here because we don’t have guns like they do in the states”, failing to recognize that those dictators also took the guns.
commented 2015-06-12 20:13:55 -0400
Liberals Racist? Start by looking at their caucus compared to the other parties. History also provides a good indicator. Residential Schools?
Started and prolonged by Liberals. No “reconciliation” there. “One is too many”? An absolutely disgraceful period in our history when we were sending civilians back to Europe to be slaughtered by Nazi Germany! Probably what attracted PET to the Liberal Party. The Socialist Media is no better, parroting Lieberal mistruths. The Lieberals are getting desperate again, given their boy blunder is starting to be seen for what he is, an empty suit devoid of reason or common sense!