May 18, 2015

The Media Party's selective outrage about the gun registry and Access to Information

Brian LilleyArchive

The Harper government's new omnibus bill exempts the long gun registry from the Access to Information law.

This has the Media Party fuming.

I doesn't like this change in the law, either, but for different reasons.

The Canadian media only cares about privacy issues when their "side" is under attack.

I give some examples, but you can probably think of many more.

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commented 2015-05-19 11:14:59 -0400
They’re my guns and I’m keepin’ ‘em! Any of you gun-grabbin’ commie degenerates – are you listening Mulcair/Trudeau/Cukier – think you’re man enough to try and take them – you’re welcome to try – as long as you’re aware that the consequence is you end up as coyote scat! Granted, I likely won’t stand a chance when ‘the government’ sends out their brown-shirted, jack-booted hirelings – AKA S.W.A.T. teams, to steal ‘the people’s’ guns by force, I will at least have the satisfaction of having died standing on my own two feet – or in the prone position – defending my rights, instead of continuing to live on my knees with the rest of the dumb sheep…Life is precious, but that is also dependent how you live it!
commented 2015-05-19 00:22:29 -0400
There are more guns dug into back yards all across this country that were never registered than you could ever imagine. The registry was to control the general population, and not so much crims. Anyone who registered in the first place was a fool. Any attempt to protect those who did, by destroying the registry is ok with me. I don’t think freedom to personal information is the right of the public. Thats my gut reaction, but, if as Bill Elder points out, access to info necessary for people to make their case against the RCMP is no longer accessible, then that is a problem. It is an important case.
commented 2015-05-18 20:38:48 -0400
Scott, if what you say is the case, I applaud the gun owners and laugh in the face of the Liberals.
commented 2015-05-18 19:41:48 -0400
At best, the LGR had about 50% of the rifles, shotguns registered. Almost all owners, didn’t bother registering them all, That’s why, there was an estimated 22 million guns in Canada, prior to the LGR, but the Libs were bragging they got them all when they had about 7 million. The data was corrupted from the beginning, with scoundrels, registering staple guns, soldering irons, and I heard one enterprising fellow even registered a Jack Russell Terrier. Following the legislation to turf the LGR, gun owners started a new game called the “Great Canadian Gun Shuffle” in which we traded, sold bought new and gave away guns for about 6 months. We decided to do this, due to the laws suits and appeals from the anti gun crowd, this was to ensure that it was even more unreliable. In the 3 years since the legislation, there have been 10s of thousands of purchases, sales, trades and give-always without any documentation.

As such, the information in the LGR, if any copies exist, is about as valuable and as accurate as a spent fireworks tube.
commented 2015-05-18 17:50:48 -0400
The data in the firearms registry is NOT public data, any more than the private personal info in your tax return or bank account is. FR data is personal sensitive info rendered under penalty of law and held in trust and confidence by the government/police in legally liable confidence.

The reason for this is that the gun registry was a virtual shopping list for criminals, terrorists and vandals. There IS NO more sensitive and confidential list in Canada than that of where all its privately owned firearms are stored. It was a sacred trust betrayed by government and media sending even redacted copies out on FOI.

Retroactively banning FOI access to this data is a stupid move which hamstrings any complainants in the High River RCMP break-ins getting the evidence needed to run a formal inquiry as t whether illegal GR data was used to target homes in that city. So Harper once again goes half way to a solution and bungles things worse by not doing the full monte. The man is inherently timid to do the right thing by gun owners.

If there is any law that SHOULD have followed the cancelling and erasing of gun registry data it is that possession of illegal copies of the data should bear criminal penalties. After it’s ordered destruction, no one should require copies or FOIs of the data unless they have criminal or malicious intentions against the owners on that list.

If this flap over access to expunged potentially dangerous firearms data teaches us anything, it’s that we should never trust the motives of the media (Consummate whores who will sell our security out in a heartbeat), and those of government and police as well are suspect.
commented 2015-05-18 16:29:48 -0400 have the right to know what the government is up to …you do not have the right to know what any citizen told the government in confidence….that is not my opinion…that is the Access to Information and PRIVACY PROTECTION Act (ATIPP).

I fail to see why ANYBODY would NEED TO KNOW…a list of all the rifles and shot guns in Canada and their serial numbers…unless their agenda was a mass confiscation of guns….the voters have already made it clear….THAT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN….so build a bridge and get over it.
commented 2015-05-18 16:22:34 -0400
Now taking my cue from the CBC ….in the news today capitalists made lots of money and socialists just don’t think that’s fair (summed up CBC report on business in a précis)

In the news today peace talks in the middle east broke down when Israeli negotiators refused to accept the compromise proposal that only half the Jews must die (summed up CBC International in a précis)

In the news today men make more money than women and that’s just not fair……etc ect etc….ad nauseum.
commented 2015-05-18 16:02:16 -0400
There should be no information to try and access…Well done (Kinda)
commented 2015-05-18 16:01:48 -0400
You are right Terry Rudden….that which is everyday ordinary is not news…but the MSM picked this fight and Brian picked up their gauntlet. Men get screwed every day in family court….it ain’t news….about eight men a day commit suicide in Ontario…it ain’t news….but reprise after reprise of “the Song That Never Ends” gets daily air play on the feminist commandeered MSM.

And the gun registry IS indeed a feminist issue…and that is the only reason why we keep hearing about it…..Marc Lepine ain’t news…..if a feminist hot head had of killed a dozen young men while shouting “Je haie le Patriarchie” they would have named the school after her.

The two groups most opposed to civilian gun ownership are feminists and divorce lawyers….it ain’t news.

So Terry…if you are tired of reprise after reprise of the Song That Never Ends…..get the MSM to stop calling for an encore.
commented 2015-05-18 15:59:50 -0400
Access to gun registry information should have ended when the legislation dismantling it was enacted. All that is going on now is lefties are trying to keep the information alive for when their hero, Justin, takes power in Ottawa and resurrects the registry.
commented 2015-05-18 14:41:25 -0400
Love it.
commented 2015-05-18 14:31:05 -0400
Sorry Dennis …I do not agree that you, as a Canadian, have a right to know anything and everything (except national security issues)…personal health and security issues are none of your business either…gun registration and abortion information or any health information are private and personal information…Something needs to be done if they can get this kind of information…i.e. that nurse who probed into personal health documents would still be working if it had been her right to know…
commented 2015-05-18 13:47:49 -0400
“I doesn’t like this change in the law either,” says Brian Hillbilly Lilly. LOLOL
commented 2015-05-18 13:17:14 -0400
As a Canadian I have a right to know anything and everything (except national security issues) that the governments, judiciary and bureaucracy are doing, and that means that freedom of information be available to the likes of Lilley, Levant, Adler, Gormley, Green, Brown, Semkiw, Goldstein & Aiken.
commented 2015-05-18 13:11:47 -0400
Vlad: get an editor.
Lilley: we get it. Any media reportage hostile to the Conservatives is part of a grand conspiracy by “The Media Party”. Now, do you think you could actually move on to something resembling actual news coverage?
commented 2015-05-18 12:18:03 -0400
CBC/torstar/globb and snail/irrational post = socialists/marxists/liberals/communists go to organization to push hate spew and lefty agenda.

Canadians know this and expect this. These MSM turds were the gateway to polticians of past – but not anymore.

Conservatives go direct to the voters and ignore these socialist/marxist/liberal/communist back media slop houses.

Welcome to the internet.