July 10, 2015

The myth that all "sex offenders" are created equal has warped our justice system

Gavin McInnesArchive

I just watched Dawg Fight, a documentary about backyard fighting in Florida ghettos. This "league" encourages young African American men to settle their fights in the ring rather than through drive by shootings. And they can make money doing it, just like "real" boxers and MLA fighters.


Of course, the authorities want to shut it down. But the laws against fighting that they're enforcing were written by and for middle class white people. They don't reflect the deadly reality of life in much of black America.

We need more flexibility in how we enforce other laws, too, like age of consent and "sex offender" rules.

Should teenagers really be branded as "sex offenders" for life for having consensual sex with each other?

Is a teenage boy being seduced by a female teacher really the same as a male teacher raping a female student?

I'm all for equality under the law, but we need some discretion and flexibility, too. Blacks are different than whites. Gays are different than straights. And men are different than women.

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commented 2015-07-17 06:55:20 -0400
I sort of agree with both Matthew and Gavin, which is sorta impossible. Of course we need One Law, it’s an awesome principle that has stood the test of time. But really … 22 years in prison for that, or 9 years in prison for this. Somehow the trouble is this: how do we assess the seriousness of the crime when it is almost entirely psychological? I think it MUST occur to us that it’s an arena where you can actually make shit up!

Ever bump into those perpetually offended types who are SOOOO HURT by even just a Twitter comment that they “get PTSD” – or is SOOO OFFENDED over a Danish cartoon sends them into an anti-free speech, Jew-murdering killing spree?

Could it be that suffering is – at least to an extent – very much manufactured? (In fact, the science now behind Mindfullness, which is based on the meditation practices of Buddhism, would agree!)

I believe that suffering has become politicized way out of proportion more so to serve the ideologies and interests of certain parties than to actually measure out fair and reasonable justice. Many popular myths seems to be flat out wrong. See if I remember a couple from Moxon’s “The Women Racket”: getting an abortion is considered a totally traumatizing thing to women and is used to garner an enormous amount of sympathy for women, yet the majority describe RELIEF as the main thing, and very few bad feelings for a very short period of time after the deed. And take the omnipresent rape. Oh, we’re told it’s “worse than death”. Seriously, who’d take death over your average rape? They’re myths, and research supports it. It’s probably gotten worse, but it used to be that MOST rape victims pretty much got over it in a few months, I believe.

We are the narrative we tell ourselves over and over again. If you’ve been told, nay, brainwashed, by a deluge of horrible, horrible stories about how “victims never recover” chances are such expectations will indeed be borne out. If those who treat you think that too normal recovery just won’t be on the list. Heck, studies have shown that if you tell people at a hospital they’re getting morphine (a drug similar to heroin) that they’re getting morphine and there’s a chance of addiction they do get MORE ADDICTED than if you say not a word.

Maybe, just maybe, we should say less about all this abuse and the victims would be much better off.
commented 2015-07-13 20:43:32 -0400
Hey, What is ‘Gun Violence’???? Most guns I’ve seen are very quiet and they just sit there and sleep all the time. They actually seem very passive and non-committal, and would never take part in any action by choice. In fact I don’t know why they have to be incarcerated all the time they are so peace loving and, well, cold and lifeless……so what is this G.V? How do they actually get out of their “jails” and what makes them mad? …fill me in, eh?

As for this female teacher, I am afraid there are people on this web site who would find her frightening and drive home to us all how violent and crazy women really are and how poor men need to be protected from them…and need a safe place to escape from their evil rapacious clutches…and drink in all male pubs with delicate fragile damaged men and drive out those maddeningly strong females who drove them to drink…While I really feel for their pain, I’m not sure they would agree with your take that women ‘rapists’ are different than male rapists…the MRA’s are likely cheering that she has such a long sentence, saving other poor boys from these ‘vampires’…these boys,however, likely suffered little trauma from their experience with her as it is unlikely that she COULD have “forced” them in to the acts, as REAL rapists do, because 17 year old boys are incredibly strong and perfectly capable of stopping a woman of this size if they want to. Therefore it is hard to call what the boys engaged in abuse…what happened to them is similar to the woman who eats a whole chocolate cake at once and gets stomach cramps. The cake may be blamed for being enticing, but she should have stopped eating! On the other hand, male teachers are likely MUCH stronger than young female students and if they rape them, it is quite possible that the girls cannot fight them off, even if they try. It is in this way that men and women are different…physical strength. And the law needs to reflect that fact. Women are equal AND different…and the law needs to take that in. Of course the boys changed…that’s what teenagers do…their hormones ARE them (I sympathize, Gavin)…I agree she had to be fired and charged because of her position of trust…she should never have permitted this to happen and she should have known better than to encourage the boys, but the sentence was outlandish when compared to Homolka’s. Welcome to Canadian vs. American law.
commented 2015-07-13 19:48:32 -0400
I could not agree more Matthew.
Sorry Gavin.
commented 2015-07-13 16:50:43 -0400
I respectfully disagree that female teachers who abuse their male students should not be treated in the same manner as male teachers who abuse their female students.

While pubescent boys may fantasize about being “hot for teacher,” pubescent girls also try to get the cute teacher to look at their cleavage or at least think they look pretty. I’m not excusing the teacher’s acting on these come-ons; on the contrary, I expect them to be the grown-ups in the relationship. That’s, after all, the point. Just as pubescent girl’s fantasies don’t excuse the male teacher who “fulfills” them, so to does pubescent boy’s fantasies not excuse the female teacher who “fulfills” them.
commented 2015-07-12 18:48:11 -0400
About the backyard fighting – reminds me of this: http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/586122/Video-ISIS-train-young-boys-forcing-cage-fight

So I say no to it.

As for Homolka, she didn’t get easy time because she was what Liza and Glenn call “a pussy”. She got it because she was a good business woman.

Bernardo didn’t kill until he hooked up with Homolka. He raped, yes, but kill – no. Bernardo has always said Homolka was the brains behind their shared sadistic child and snuff video business for hire and I, for one, think he is telling the truth.

Bernardo was an out of control coke addict whom Homolka decided to cut loose when he began discarding bodies in places where they were easily found by the public. She protected herself and contacted a lawyer who then negotiated a deal with the Crown for clemency for her in exchange for her throwing Bernardo under the bus at trial.

Bernardo took the fall for Homolka. No doubt in my mind. They were both guilty but she was the master mind.

Bernardo and Homolka had a business. They did sex crimes for hire and made sadistic child and snuff videos. And they sold them. According to OPP Michele Paradis, they sold them to doctors, lawyers/judges and police executive. She said when Bernardo was arrested, ten more just like him came forward to take his place because their business was very lucrative and had a steady supply of good-paying, wealthy, influential and powerful customers. Doctors, judges, police executive.

As to the teachers doing it with their students, that’s an exotic kind of crazy. Every teacher knows it is career suicide.

Is it the same for a female teacher who seduces a teen boy as for a male teacher who rapes a teen girl? Of course not. One is rape – forcible and violent – whereas the other is seduction – coercive and exploitive. But make no mistake. Both are crimes and serious ones. It is the duty of every adult in a position of authority to resist whatever sexual urges they may feel for those they are entrusted to care for. It is the duty of every female teacher to reject teen boy proposals. And boys will be boys; female teachers (and male too) will be propositioned. And male teachers; well, they must go to the bathroom and take care of whatever urge they feel may convinced them it is ever okay to do a student.

The equality we have is before the law, not between genders or lifestyles or positions of power. And comparing law in the US to law in Canada is laughable. Women who murder go to jail just like men who murder do. Just like how women who do their students go to jail just like men who do their students do. That is just. Of course, men aren’t exactly the same as women. Men have penises and women have vaginas. Oh no, did I say dirty words again?
commented 2015-07-11 17:03:45 -0400
It could be a real teachable moment in our pathetic educational facilities.
As long as the student is in the top rank scholastically and is hot and cute
and the teacher is awesome and is also hot and cute
and their respective peers have voted to approve the match, what else is needed?
Incentives make the real world go around.
It could be expanded in so many ways. Take dress codes. As dwellers on the bottom
rung of scholastic nonachievement both sexes get to wear as a uniform something
resembling threads that were deemed very fashionable for the pregnant teen inmates
of 19th century borstals. Those with better marks get to wear more flattering up to date
stuff. The best of the best get wide latitude and special classes with cutting edge dress
for success top advisers.
Welcome to the real world. Run as fast as you can.
commented 2015-07-11 02:13:59 -0400
Too many corners for me to traverse.
Gavin, it may be ‘normal’ for a 17 yr old male to want to get laid by just about anything, but the Teacher is a grown woman who is not of healthy mind if she is bonking 17 yr olds, not just any 17 yr olds, but 17 yr olds she has a teacher/student relationship with. She is in a position of power and trust. She has crossed the line. She was the adult, she should have had some control.
The situation with the 14 and 19 yr old gay kids is a little different. But the bottom line is if he knew the kid was 14, he should have said no. Hormones are hormones, in that case, but even though a 14 yr old horny kid may be close to a barn animal, the 19 yr old(sorry) should have some control.

The teacher however is a sick sister, no ,matter how much the 17 yr olds’ enjoyed it, and should be taken down, imo. She was in a position of trust and violated that trust.

Karla never should have got the “pussy pass”

Oh yeah, the fight venue. Interesting concept. No guns, one on one fight sounds like a reasonable way to close and finish a feud. Off the streets, and no bystanders get killed, sounds perfect.
commented 2015-07-10 22:09:34 -0400
Great video, as always. Another reason that laws are enforced selectively is the bureaucratic prerogative: whichever is easier. I imagine it’s easier to shut down a backyard fight venue than go after armed thugs in the street.
commented 2015-07-10 21:44:27 -0400
i would bet the big rally in TO would not talk about these kinds of injustice…
commented 2015-07-10 20:11:01 -0400
The reason why Karla Holmolka got the “pussy pass” was because the director of the battered women’s shelter in London …who had no background in law just, feminist indoctrination….got appointed as Attorney General under Boob Rae…(turning off spell check permits more creativity…..)
commented 2015-07-10 18:25:56 -0400
Piss me off , I had one hot teacher when I went to school and that was in grade two, not fair