April 09, 2015

The oil patch comes to Toronto: OPEC, Canada's energy sector and price wars

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Ezra Levant is joined by energy economist Peter Tertzakian to discuss the biggest investment annually in Canada.

They talk about where the business is going, the price of oil, OPEC, the on-going price war, and the future.

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commented 2015-04-10 21:22:07 -0400
Stu, how do we take back control of our central bank? And how did Russia manage to keep their Ruble strong? I heard something about Russia dumping a lot of treasuries to anonymous Belgian company(s). I truly don’t understand. Is there any way to stop what is happening, resulting in commodities being traded in gold backed currencies instead of the dollar.

You say, “Harper chose to go to war – Ukraine and Middle East -instead of looking after Canada”, What do you mean by looking after Canada, what should he be doing do you think?
commented 2015-04-10 01:08:21 -0400
Simply spectacular.
commented 2015-04-09 18:57:13 -0400
Nice interview.
The price of oil has dropped for several reasons: high global inventories, global recession/depression and the sanctions against Russia. Fracking helped cause the glut, The Baltic Dry Index tells us that there is considerably less productions being traded globally. The sanctions on Russia have backfired and the Russian ruble is stronger than ever. Where does that leave us?
Harper chose to go to war – Ukraine and Middle East -instead of looking after Canada. We have no idea what is in all the trade agreements he signed or what he gave up to get them.We are not in the AIIB and will go down with the US when the dollar collapses. Also, Paul Martin signed us on to the North American union in 1995 so kiss Canada good-bye.
All commodities including energy will be traded in gold backed currencies and not the dollar and we have so little if any gold reserves under our Goldman Sacks run Bank of Canada. Unless we take back control of our central bank (as the PIIGS found out) we are destined to be serfs.
commented 2015-04-09 16:31:35 -0400
Great interview. Thank-you to Peter Tertzakian for his very well-informed views and opinions.
He is a highly regarded observer both within/out the country.
commented 2015-04-09 16:03:25 -0400
Great interview Ezra as an applying vendo to both keystone and northern gateway pipelines I have lost income for not only my family but other families that would have been under my employ. I’m afraid that time is going to catch up with my plans and I’ll be to old or dead by the time these pipelines projects come to fruition, thanks a lot you granola munching beaver kissing tree fornicaters. Good luck to anyone with designs on becoming vendors or contractors on these ventures, regulations on these projects are going to hamper production to a point that it won’t be a viable endeavour, that’s what Suzuki is hoping for.
commented 2015-04-09 15:53:27 -0400
Climate change folks blame the oil industry for carbon emissions. Now that oil production is being scaled back due to low oil prices, one should be able to assume there will be less emissions to cause “global warming”! Therefore, climatologists should be able to see a decrease in carbon emissions with a resulting decrease in global temperatures. If this does not occur, then perhaps climate change has nothing to do with man-made emissions. I am looking forward to the next year or so to see what impact on “warming” there has been.
commented 2015-04-09 15:48:21 -0400
It was noted today that oil reserves are at the highest since 2001. That means fewer people consuming the product. That’s because the world economy really is in a deflationary mode.