September 18, 2015

As "refugee crisis" worsens, the only difference between Hungary and Canada? "Muslim migrants need to take jets to get here"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban predicts that one day, there will be more Muslims in Europe than Christians due to birthrates: "This is simple mathematics."

In Hungary, the replacement rate is so low that in a generation or two, the population will cut itself in half.

Is it racist for the Hungarian PM to say that he would prefer Hungary to stay Hungarian?

Of course not, any more than it's "racist" to want your own family in your own house.

The Muslim world, on the other hand, doesn't believe in multiculturalism and diversity. They believe in hijra, the conquest of other nations through immigration. That's what's happening now. Egypt used to be a Christian country, but now it is 90% Muslim.

Why would Hungary -- or Canada -- be any different?

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commented 2015-09-19 11:24:25 -0400
This is generally sound reasoning, Ezra – but you need to be careful about how you use the terminology of your opponents. The term ‘hijra’ doesn’t mean “….” Rather, the literal meaning is “flight” or “departure,” and as used in Islam refers historically to the flight of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina to escape persecution in 622; this is viewed as the commencement of the Muslim Era.

‘Hijra’ doesn’t actually refer to a grand strategy of conquest.

That said, I /do/ agree that the long-term consequence of declining European birthrates and the explosive birthrate among Muslims could indeed be a “conquest” of Europe. Other scenarios are possible too, though, such as a violent showdown between Western secularism and Eastern Islam. Personally, I believe it will be the latter.
commented 2015-09-18 22:40:31 -0400
I’ve done my part. 4 children, 9 grand children.
commented 2015-09-18 18:09:03 -0400
I do not want to sound chauvinistic but. In order order to have 3 or 4 or more children Canadians must go through a major sociological change. We have been in one since the late 70"s called women’s lib. I am not trying to bash it, but there is no doubt that the number of children born to every mother has dropped since the late seventies.
There are benefits to income splitting that most are not aware of. Anything that promotes family values. I am for. If we could make it so that it is economically feasible for a mom to stay home. It is great. Now that most women have been working for the past several decades. How many women would prefer the more difficult and more rewarding job of a stay home mom. I am not trying to be a chauvinist. But it is very difficult for both parents to work with 3 or 4 kids. Science is also showing more and more each day new evidences of benefits to children for having a stay home mom.
Oops, I forgot, I have got to go, my wife comes home early on Fridays and she hates when dinner is not on the table. Joking
commented 2015-09-18 16:48:41 -0400
Hijrah, most certainly the the ‘In Thing’, right now, for the conquest of the West. Trudeau and/or Mulclair would almost certainly pay the fares for these innocent Jihdis. The concept was first suggested by Gahdaffi, some time ago, before they gouged his eyes out and hung him.
commented 2015-09-18 13:08:18 -0400
More Video Footage from Paula Kirman’s YouTube archives used for Ezra’s latest hit piece…
commented 2015-09-18 13:05:23 -0400
A NEW MEDIA/ POLITICAL Cartoon of The Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant posted on Edmonton’s Active Citizenship – Free News Sharing website :

Cartoon Synopsis: Yep! – Media news pundit Ezra Levant stirred up fear and anger all across Alberta against the newly elected NDP last spring, especially with oil patch workers – So where is the Rebel Commander today? Stirring up anger and fear of Muslims and homeless Syrian Refugees – Meh! Political/ Media cartoon by Doug Brinkman…

Enjoy Your Freedoms – I am not Charlie Hebdo
commented 2015-09-18 11:28:39 -0400
Mark Steyn wrote America Alone years ago:

Interestingly, Mark Steyn was born in Canada, but makes his Conservative living in the US and away from Canada.

Steyn renamed Europe to Eurabia. And today, Steyn’s book is closer to reality than ever – the islamic playbook as it were.

And yes Ezra, 10,000 miles of water on one coast and 4,000 miles on the other coast is a nice buffer for Canada.
commented 2015-09-18 11:07:42 -0400
To sum their objective up in 3 words: invasion (infestation), domination, annihilation. I believe they should be barred from coming to Canada. This poisonous cult should find no acceptance here.
commented 2015-09-18 11:06:10 -0400
The Rebel media’s main focus these days is mostly focused on the Federal elections and the Syrian Refugee Crisis, discouraging right wing Canadians from opening thier doors to Muslims, homeless Syrians in need – Personally I believe the right can be better than this as all political parties are rallying to help our Syrian friends in need…

But what about the right wing out of work Alberta workers from the oil patch – The same Province that Ezra Levant STAGED LAST SPRING EMERGENCY TOWN-HALL MEETINGS AGAINST THE NEWLY ELECTED NDP ?
Has the Rebel Media turned a blind eye to Albertans?

Today a grassroots movement that’s 20,000 is growing – They’ve asked for The Rebel Media to help …but all Ezra’s attention is focused on Omar Khadr, Muslims and far away lands…

This Saturday close to Calgary another rally by Albertans is taking place. Will The Rebel Media be covering this story?

Edmonton’s Active Citizenship – Free News Sharing
1 Albertans Rally Against the NDP Government (Asking Ezra For Help)
2 One Injured Alberta Oil Sands Worker – asks (Ezra) Please Help!

People have a voice, they will be heard!
commented 2015-09-18 10:55:38 -0400
Very scary. We can see this in the US very clearly. Some states like Michigan are well on the way to being Muslim.
commented 2015-09-18 10:52:55 -0400
I made 7 canadians what’s wrong with people. Kids are the best thing in my life.