August 25, 2017

The REAL reason I left The Rebel

Gavin McInnesArchive

Being with The Rebel all this time has made me famous. Together, we've accomplished a lot; we've basically "red-pilled" an entire generation and made them more open to conservative ideas.


But it's time for me to go. I can't tell you where just yet, but it's gonna be huge.

I'm going to be a multi-media Howard Stern-meets-Tucker Carlson, if that makes sense.

Thanks to everyone who watched my work here at The Rebel!

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commented 2017-08-27 22:03:32 -0400
You’re the best, good luck.
commented 2017-08-26 12:49:24 -0400
Mike Krchnak. I take a more moderate stand on this one. As the old saying goes, " it takes two to tango".

I like the fact that The Rebel throws in a different perspective on things so I can distinguish fact from bias.

We should all do that.
commented 2017-08-26 09:15:11 -0400
Koolbloke… long as the left continues their antics, there will be division. Just look at history of the left and it will all become clear to you.
commented 2017-08-26 03:21:17 -0400
Very sorry to see you go, Gavin. I loved all of your stuff on The Rebel! All the best in your new endeavor. Looking forward to seeing it launch.
commented 2017-08-26 00:42:50 -0400
All The Best To You Gavin.
Don’t be a stranger, visit once in a while.
And do let us know what you are doing and where you are, so all your fans can continue worshiping you.
commented 2017-08-26 00:38:06 -0400
I’m conservative and I love watching Gavin Mcinnes episodes. Oh my god! I must be a gay Nazi! I think I’ll need to mark an “X” on my passport. Love you more than a friend.
P.S. to reporters, “journalists”, lawyers & RCMP. Everything I’ve said above is a joke that people who watch Gavin will understand, but you won’t. I’m actually a really nice normal guy who is not a nazi or gay. We are just making fun of your propensity to call all conservatives nazis and other bad things like. That’s your thing. So even though I called myself a gay nazi in this post, I’m actually neither. I know you will cheer my gayness but your head may explode that I may also be a Nazi….which I’m not. Gay nazis unite and spread peace and love everywhere! Thanks Gavin!
commented 2017-08-25 22:33:35 -0400
MBy By..!
commented 2017-08-25 22:17:29 -0400
You’re a classy guy Gavin. Best of luck to you on your new endeavour. I saw this on the YouTubes earlier. Since everyone’s betting on where you’re going I’m betting on CRTV (if so I’m ahead of the game being a Mug Club member for some time now). Is Miles going with you? ;) Once again, best of luck & keep your stick on the ice.
commented 2017-08-25 21:02:52 -0400
Have fun hosier.
commented 2017-08-25 15:38:08 -0400
Good Luck Gavin McInnes.
commented 2017-08-25 14:55:04 -0400
Good luck I hope Rebel has a link to your shows.
Looking forward to the odd cameo from you and your brother Miles.
commented 2017-08-25 14:39:26 -0400
Gonna miss you on the Rebel Gavin. Onwards and upwards! Come back and tell us where you have gone so we can check it out.
commented 2017-08-25 13:48:24 -0400
Gavin, I am disappoint. A mere sprawling media empire and personality cult? You could be so much more son. I was hoping you would announce that you were going to be President Trump’s new press secretary.
commented 2017-08-25 13:38:48 -0400
The “them and us” rhetoric. For how long is that still to be going on ?
commented 2017-08-25 12:32:47 -0400
Best of luck my friend and many, many best wishes in your new en devour.
As others have stated here, I sincerely hope you will find the time to came back once in a while and be a guest on the Rebel.
I will try and follow you and your new adventure as best as I can.
God bless and good luck, and thank you for your truths.
commented 2017-08-25 12:31:35 -0400
Don’t trust the Government, for sure!

Good luck, Gavin. Looking forward to see what your up to in your new role!
commented 2017-08-25 12:12:17 -0400
It isn’t that we conservatives lack a sense of humour ,individually or collectively . It is just that we are afraid to create humour in all its forms and use it against our political enemies
I commend Gavin for bringing some humour to this forum and hope he does well in the future.
commented 2017-08-25 12:08:28 -0400
Gavin MacInnes, I am sorry to hear that you are leaving the Rebel but I thank you for your courtesy of saying goodbye, to all of your fans.

You were definitely one of the bright lights of the Rebel, along with stalwarts like Brian Lilley, Faith Goldy, Laura Southam, Tommy Robinson and of course Ezra Levant himself. All those I have failed to mention including production staff and webmasters, you are greatly valued as well.

I wish you the best of luck and success in your new endeavors fighting the raging culture wars in the U.S.. It is really getting the insane down there as you know and the loony Left in Canada seems bound and determined to follow suit up here. Consider the current Prime Minister and it all goes down from there.

commented 2017-08-25 12:03:38 -0400
Best wishes Gavin. Stop in once in while.
commented 2017-08-25 11:58:14 -0400
You won’t be gone , you’ll be at a different address , I’ll come visit you
commented 2017-08-25 11:51:41 -0400
Onward and upward we need more enlightened conservatives on the air. We need people like you Gavin as we defend free speech from the Bolsheviks who control the media. Another voice against the jihadist and their allies the loonie left.
Gavin have fun defending men, shame the media for their blatant betrayal of men in the commercials. Men are the backbone of the family, we are the people who stand up for our family, our nation and for humanity. BONNE VOYAGE GAVIN
commented 2017-08-25 11:46:04 -0400
Maybe Ezra could mention your new adventure when it comes to fruition. Unless you are a competitor, then he can blast you.
commented 2017-08-25 11:42:39 -0400
commented 2017-08-25 11:21:33 -0400
Thanks Gavin for being an ally in the resistance. Best of luck in all your new endeavors.
commented 2017-08-25 11:20:10 -0400
If it weren’t for The Rebel I would never had known about Gavin. I sure will miss having him on the site. BUT : I simply can’t wait to see what you have for us next, where ever that is. Godspeed to you Gavin :)
commented 2017-08-25 11:16:15 -0400
Atta boy, Gavin. I’ll miss your incisive comments. Good luck to you and don’t forget about us right thinking Canucks languishing under the oppressive leftist Trudeau regime. So long, Gavin….
commented 2017-08-25 11:04:39 -0400
Have fun with your future endeavours!
commented 2017-08-25 10:45:07 -0400
Gavin, it’s been a good run! I wish you all the best. and, every success with the next chapter in your career.
Thanks for your contributions to the Rebel.
commented 2017-08-25 10:42:40 -0400
Gone but not forgotten.