Ezra Levant’s ‘The Rebel’ expanding in Israel: APPLY NOW

Ezra Levant’s ‘The Rebel’ expanding in Israel: APPLY NOW

TheRebel.media, Ezra Levant’s 100% user funded online news network, is set to hire an Israel based journalist to be the eyes and ears of The Rebel on the ground in Israel. The Rebel’s Israel mobile journalist will cover hard news, public events, press conferences and interview newsmakers all from a perspective that North American audiences are unable to find in mainstream media coverage.

“We can’t compete with the big networks for resources,” said Levant, “so we’ll compete by covering the stories they ignore. The Rebel is going to challenge the soft-anti-Israel narrative of the mainstream media by finding fascinating guests who haven’t yet had a chance to speak to the world.”

The upstart news network’s Israeli based journalist will be an adventurous reporter, travelling the country in search of the stories that are of interest to Canadians but ignored by the Canadian media.

The Rebel’s unique brand of fearless news, opinion and activism will be available from Israel beginning this summer.

“The Rebel is pleased to be able to provide our community with the news they want but can’t find elsewhere.” Said Amanda Achtman, The Rebel’s community organizer.” Since launching, we have already had nearly 3 million page views, and by adding coverage in Israel we are excited to be expanding even further.”

For immediate comment, please contact:
Amanda Achtman

APPLY NOW: Submit a sample of your journalistic work (preferably a video of you commenting on current affairs) along with a cover letter and resume to Amanda at Amanda@TheRebel.media

About The Rebel.media

www.TheRebel.media was founded by alumni of Sun News Network, a Canadian TV Channel that ceased operations in February, 2015. In just two months, The Rebel has produced more than 300 short videos, hundreds of written news items and has received nearly 3 million page views. It is 100% user-funded, launched with a successful crowd-funding campaign.

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