June 06, 2018

The Rebel Live 2018: Ezra Levant and Peter McIlvenna on why they support Tommy Robinson

Rebel Staff

"If you believed everything the mainstream media said about Tommy Robinson, you'd never want to meet him."

At The Rebel Live 2018, Ezra Levant looked back on his first encounter with Tommy Robinson, and how impressed he'd been by his passion and intelligence. 

Surprise guest Peter McIlvenna, who flew from the UK to attend, also spoke briefly about Tommy's recent arrest and confinement. He works for Lord Pearson, one of the few UK politicians to publicly defend Robinson.

NOTE: We'd planned to broadcast the livestream in real time for Premium Subscribers, but unfortunately, technical problems at the venue prevented that. However, Premium Members can now watch the entire event, in segments like this one.

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