October 20, 2015

The Rebel presents: "Justin Trudeau's Greatest Misses (Not Hits)!"

Rebel Staff

The Rebel presents: "Justin Trudeau's Greatest Misses (Not Hits)!"

We'd add the old advertising slogan "As seen on TV!" -- except as you know, the Media Party wasn't very interested in bringing you Justin's gaffes wrapped up nicely in one neat package. But we are!

You're welcome!

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commented 2015-11-05 06:28:42 -0500
We are in a world of hurt.
commented 2015-10-27 06:49:05 -0400
It seems to me that Justin Trudeau mopped te floor with Harper and his mindless sheep. I guess it doesn’t take much then according to you. It must say a lot about the dimwits who held government for 10 years.
commented 2015-10-21 14:24:27 -0400
I hope more people now see my point that politically-ignorant individuals should leave the voting to the rest of us who made it a point to understand the serious issues!
commented 2015-10-21 14:20:17 -0400
Numerous parts of this video would make great ringtones!
commented 2015-10-21 01:52:39 -0400
Benjamin what do liberals say after sex? Damn my ass hurts.
commented 2015-10-21 01:52:09 -0400
Benjamin what do liberals say after sex, they say thanks mom for not coming down to the basement! Now go be a good virgin.
commented 2015-10-20 22:32:39 -0400
“Yet Trudeau wouldn’t set a timeline for implementing specific campaign promises. Those include ending Canada’s bombing campaign against the Islamic State (ISIL); establishing a special panel to help appoint senators to the upper chamber; and beginning work on a new electoral system to replace the current system of first-past-the-post. He said his hands were tied until after the cabinet is in place.” http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/justin-trudeau-says-he-told-obama-he-will-pull-out-of-air-war-against-isil-and-obamas-ok-with-it

Be very afraid people, the end of democracy is very near. You can thank the dolts that voted for him.
commented 2015-10-20 20:58:50 -0400
And the reign of the empty headed PM begins. It’s going to be a very long and painful 4 years.
commented 2015-10-20 20:28:38 -0400
Popular vote – Trudeau elected on less numbers than Harpers last victory!

Quote – One of the quirks of Canada’s first-past-the-post electoral system is that a party can take the majority of seats without winning a majority of votes. That was certainly the case in 2011, when the Conservatives won 166 of 308 seats — or 53.9 per cent — but only 39.6 per cent of the popular vote.

In terms of the ratios, the 2015 story is almost identical. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals took 184 seats — 54.4 per cent of the new total of 338 seats — with 39.5 per cent of the popular vote. – End quote

See cbc url where they state this:


It is cbc so it MUST be true! Would the cbc lie? LOL
commented 2015-10-20 19:07:36 -0400
Benjamin Reid, maybe that is what you would say! You are a very morally Sick man (and I use the term , man, lightly).
commented 2015-10-20 18:03:47 -0400
Andre but the Dolt that got elected is going to re think “Time and Space”. Putin in Russia is laughing his ass off right now, because now he can take the Arctic and there is nothing the elected Dolt can do about it. China is most probably Hee, Heeing right about now. The rest of the Western World are just shaking their heads and preparing to come over and help us get rid of the ISIS fighters that the Dolt will let in with the 25,000 Syrian refugees before Christmas.
commented 2015-10-20 17:48:18 -0400
What do rednecks say after sex?
Thanks mom
commented 2015-10-20 17:38:11 -0400
I am waiting for the rest of the world to start laughing at Canada, it’s only a matter of “Time & Space”
commented 2015-10-20 17:29:26 -0400
Canadians are always right…..
commented 2015-10-20 17:29:07 -0400
Jimmy our criticism is based in reality unlike yours
commented 2015-10-20 17:27:53 -0400
Deborah they will just blame us for it in some stupid way. But it would be nice if we did not have to go down with them
commented 2015-10-20 17:26:58 -0400
Jimmy Da Silva like you said he is PM and open to ridicule when it came to Harper , OH SORRY that only applies one way to left wing hypocrites like you of course LMAO. Now i will remind you of your past comments whenever you whine about it happening towards your halfwit trust fund baby.
commented 2015-10-20 17:26:31 -0400
Jimmy moron some people are never happy. Look at you a Boss man who votes Liberal. You must be suffering a lot of pain.
commented 2015-10-20 17:20:45 -0400
The left will be too stoned to know what hit them.
commented 2015-10-20 17:18:42 -0400
Marty – the arrogance of the left never ceases to amaze me. You bet that they are going to feel the pain, right a long with the rest of us. And they will squeal like little pigs, without their soothers. That part I am looking forward to, but it comes at the destruction of our country!
commented 2015-10-20 16:57:08 -0400
Jimmy yeah I lost, but consider that my loss was quick and although mentally painful, I did not suffer any bodily damage or pain. Which is more than I can say for the dolts that voted in the bigger dolt. Pain and suffering are coming.
But thanks for your feelings of sorrow.
commented 2015-10-20 16:48:48 -0400

Well apparently Canadians disagree with you and that’s why Harper lost.

Do you really think that if Canadians were living such amazing and prosperous lives and thought Canada was wonderful under the Harper government, that they would be willing to give all that up…because the CBC told them to?
commented 2015-10-20 16:35:36 -0400

I am sorry that you didn’t get the huge majority that you actually predicted for Harper.
commented 2015-10-20 16:22:39 -0400
Marty, I agree … on all your points.
commented 2015-10-20 16:18:47 -0400
Jimmy asked, “I am glad that there are SOME conservatives here that can understand why Harper lost and acknowledge his fuck ups. Are you capable of saying anything bad about Harper or do you eating his excrement too much?”

Jimmy, I have repeatedly said that Harper was not the best PM and that he had screw-ups, but then I and everyone with any objectivity know that the amount of Harper screw-ups did not justify the ridiculous amount of hate that was directed his way. The media was responsible for working the people up into a frenzy, and then it was perpetuated by social media. The extreme hatred was unnatural in the sense that it was way, way, WAY, over the top. Harper did not deserve that much hatred.
commented 2015-10-20 16:07:14 -0400
“I would respect the Rebel and people like you a lot more………”, although I cannot speak for Peter Netterville, I will say, Who the shit cares whether or not YOU respect the Rebel and the conservatives that comment on here? I for one don’t, and if you got lost I would would care even less.
The fact of the matter is that the biggest ‘DOLT’ in Canadian history just became its Prime Minister. However, I should clarify that a little, because it isn’t Turdeau that will govern Canada, it’s Gerald Butthead and the Muslim advisers that the Dolt is a front for.
commented 2015-10-20 15:59:38 -0400
I liked Stephen Harper and I for one am sorry to see him go! He was certainly head and shoulders above the lame brain that they elected last night.
commented 2015-10-20 15:57:42 -0400
Trudoo is going to be a national embarrassment. He has a solid record of stupidity and he is not going to change now.
commented 2015-10-20 15:31:02 -0400
If the conservatives would have ran with a new leader, I think they would have won. Sadly they chose to keep Steve and are now paying the price. The writing was on the wall and they ignored it.