May 19, 2015

The Simpsons: Which Canadian politicians should replace Harry Shearer?

Rebel Staff

Last Thursday, it was announced that voiceover talent Harry Shearer was walking away from a $14 million deal and saying good-bye to The Simpsons.

Shearer was an integral part of the cast for over 25 years, voicing characters like Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner and many more. 

His departure has left fans wondering who could possibly fill all of these essential characters. 

The Rebel has come up with some "fill-ins" so, the show can go on. These Canadian politicians may sound a bit different than the originals, but we think they’re a stunning match visually. 

Which characters can you find a match for?

Mr. Burns – Nathan Cullen (NDP MP)

Old Monty Burns may have a few years on Mr. Cullen, but we see them headed down the same path.


Waylon Smithers – Ralph Goodale (Liberal MP)

Goodale and Smithers are a perfect match. Goodale can longingly look up to the Shiny Pony just as Smithers looks up to his boss.

Kent Brockman – Peter Kent (Conservative MP)

These two share more than looks in common as both were at one point talented TV news Anchors. We think Kent could easily slide back into the TV industry and who knows, maybe the talented Brockman will be sitting in on Parliament for the Conservatives after the next election.


 Principal Skinner – Marc Garneau (Liberal MP)

Bart Simpson may want to blast Principal Skinner into outer space just as Garneau had the pleasure of going there. Would Garneau give up his seat in Parliament to start bossing the Simpson kids around in school? It may be a more attractive position than being by Trudeau’s side.

Reverend Lovejoy – John Tory (Mayor of Toronto)

We’re not sure how Rev. Lovejoy would go about fixing the Gardiner Expressway. No doubt that there would be some prayer and fasting involved. One thing we do know is that even this Simpson’s clergy member would have beaten Olivia Chow in the Toronto mayoral race.

McBain – Doug Ford (former Toronto City Councillor)

 These two muscly protagonists could both have big roles in Provincial politics and kick the Wynne government to the curb in the future.  Rob Ford would probably appreciate their help to take back his title of Mayor of Toronto from Reverend Lovejoy… John Tory.

Ned Flanders – Scott Brison (Liberal MP)

Baby-face Brison would need a little help in the facial hair department, but these two twins could swap places.  Ned Flanders’ conservative political approach may be able to wear off on the Liberal Party.  Although, we’re pretty sure Trudeau wouldn’t let Ned into the party because his views on abortion clash with the staunchly pro-choice leader. (Photo Credit: Flickr/Alex Guibord)


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Shouldn’t Ralph Goodale be “The Devil”?