May 26, 2017

The slur that dare not speak its name: Media condemns Blue Jays’ “anti-gay remark,” but won’t print it

David MenziesMission Specialist

One is tempted to label the Kevin Pillar controversy “Fag-gate,” except that “fag” has become one of those words, like Voldemort, that one dares not utter. Even in news reports that involve that revolve around it.

During a May 17 game against the Atlanta Braves, Blue Jays centre fielder Kevin Pillar struck out and, for whatever reason, apparently called Atlanta pitcher Jason Motte a “faggot.”

In about 99 per cent of all mainstream media reports, Pillar’s exact insult was not reported. Rather, “homophobic slur” or “anti-gay remark” was used by self-censoring news outlets to describe it.

Now, maybe the utterance of “faggot” isn’t necessarily nothing. But it certainly isn’t the crime of the century. Yet for at least a solid week, the Kevin Pillar incident was being endlessly rehashed in the sports pages and even the op-ed of mainstream media outlets.

The jump-the-sharknado moment came via sports columnist Steve Simmons in the Toronto Sun who penned a column item entitled:

“Blue Jays GM Ross Atkins showed true leadership dealing with Kevin Pillar situation”

The Kevin Pillar “situation”? You’d think that Pillar was the architect of a hostage-taking crisis. 

What hypocrisy. I have a strung hunch that these holier-than-thou media pundits utter far worse slurs during, say, a road rage incident, but I guess if the camera doesn’t capture it then it never happened...

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commented 2017-05-27 00:52:36 -0400
It’s not the gays who have a problem with being called faggot, fairy, limp wristed, twinkle toes, or nancy boy, it’s the bleeding globalists who are trying to control thought and language.

Oops, did I just say bad words?

Is the pitcher gay? No? Then what does anyone have to be offended about. The whole world has gone ‘nursery school’ like a bunch of cranky toddlers. The world has gone mad. Where did the grown ups go?
faggot faggot faggot!

Proud Deplorable and Ralph, that’s right, I forgot that meaning of faggot.
commented 2017-05-26 21:42:34 -0400
Imagine if these poor gays/guys were called all the things women have been called and still are called.
commented 2017-05-26 20:31:37 -0400
Journalists should investigate whether the person he was supposedly referring to is or isn’t actually what he was implying him to be. Who knows, no one checked.
I used to hear “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits on the radio because it was an incredible success as an art form. Now if it’s played at all, a complete verse is edited out. Welcome 1984.
commented 2017-05-26 19:27:32 -0400
When I was young, they were referred to as Queers and Gay used to refer to Happiness.
commented 2017-05-26 18:33:08 -0400
So he called some guy a bundle of sticks and got slammed for it!
commented 2017-05-26 18:25:22 -0400
Yes, nothing says hypocrisy like the oldest most dissolute whore on the block faking moral superiority and pointing fingers at amateurs who toss “slurs”. The MSM is the source of most slurs – like the one they’re running against this ball player – after they have slurred him into a destroyed life/career, they will move onto the next target for their slurs.

No wonder these presstitues and dino MSM are dying and only read/watched in old age homes.
commented 2017-05-26 17:43:32 -0400
I’m happy that one of the papers you mentioned was “the little paper that grew.” I think you know who I mean. Lately, that paper has been slowly and steadily sinking into the toilet and becoming a carbon copy of the rest of the MSM.
commented 2017-05-26 16:43:11 -0400
What’s the big deal, he called the guy a bundle of sticks (faggot).
commented 2017-05-26 16:39:42 -0400
The msm should give it a rest, enough already! I think a two game suspension is harsh, add to that, he has been vilified by the double standards media.
He said it in the heat of the moment, and, I’m sure the person he said it to got over it pretty quickly.
commented 2017-05-26 14:01:40 -0400
David Menzies said, “I have a strung hunch that these holier-than-thou media pundits utter far worse slurs during, say, a road rage incident, but I guess if the camera doesn’t capture it then it never happened…”

They utter far worse slurs on air and in print if the target is a Conservative. Conservatives are exempt from the “thou shalt not utter offensive” mantra of the Left.