November 09, 2015

The Soros connection: Anti-oil activist Marlo Raynolds now Environment Minister's chief of staff

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Marlo Raynolds, former Liberal Party Candidate and insider was hired on as Chief of Staff to new Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna. And apparently he was “hand picked” by Justin Trudeau.

Raynolds' previous employment as the Executive Director of the Soro-funded Pembina Institute, BluEarth – a wind and solar company and an active Board Member of the Canadian Wind Energy Association are all solidification of his anti-oil stance.

Well, those positions on top of the oil sands moratorium, along with his activism against the Keystone XL pipeline are. But remember that time he suddenly turned pro-oil at the Airdrie all candidates debate?

Why did Trudeau choose Raynolds for the position? Because Catherine McKenna is a human rights and international trade lawyer with no scientific background. But she does have the anti-Canada talking points and suggestions that Canada is an environmental laggard with no backup covered.

Both McKenna and Raynolds are attending the preliminary talks in Paris for the climate change conference where McKenna is insisting that “Canada is back” and trotting out all of the climate change nonsense while she’s at it. And if you’re wondering about federal carbon taxes, the new Minister for the Environment made it clear that we’re in for one.


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commented 2015-11-12 14:47:58 -0500
I find it completly Moronic that the Green People without thought are steaming ahead to handcuff the Hydrocarbon based industries with punitive legislation UN legislation which has been implemented without Sovereign Government approvals i.e. Agenda 30 and the soon to come the Climate Change Summit. It seems to me our Prime Minister is a spokesman for the Climate Change Summit, no one promotes it more than him.
Once the Hydrocarbon Industry is dessimated what energy system has been developed, researched or implemented as an alternative, freezing to death in winter.
Is it me or do you find these efforts of groups such as ICCLEI, Trilateral Commission and The Council on Foreign Relations as subversive behind the scenes assassin’s of National Sovereignty.
And now our Prime Minister has jumped firmly on board, or was he already in the fold, much like Jim Prentice was already a firmly entrenched Trilateral Commission member when he was rushed in to the Alberta Premiership to replace Allison Redford. We need to thoroughly start vetting the Liberal Cabinet and all Government officials from Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments for subversive tieds to Globalist organizations.
Our Sovereignty is under attack and personnally I love being Canadian but more so I love what little freedom we have left and is rapidly eroding.
commented 2015-11-11 16:20:44 -0500
The best thing about mass-delusions? At some point, everyone wakes up and says, “I’m never doing that again.”

In four years time, once the hangover from Trudeau’s first term really starts to sink in, people will give their heads a shake. Of course the damage will already have been tremendous. And with George Soros shorting the CDN$ on its way to .25, you know that even Soros can’t wait for a change in government. How else does he make his bread?
commented 2015-11-11 08:12:01 -0500
Both these idiots and trudeau and dont forget Nutley will sell us out for a feel good pic for all the adoring press, and an article on how they are climate change heros, It is all about them not one of them give a crap about jobs or canadians its all about them. Mark my words here comes more taxes all in the name of being $$$GREEN$$$$
commented 2015-11-10 21:18:04 -0500
Dear Holly
Why isn’t there more coverage, via the media on the things that George Soros funds? Namely the unrests and riots, to say nothing of the OCCUPY movements? He is truly an evil man.
Marty Ball
commented 2015-11-10 19:14:39 -0500
Ron Voss

Traitors are everywhere. As far the hit piece goes, it’s it’s lacking most of the details, and the useful idiots at HP have manufactured the usual left crap that has nothing to with it.
commented 2015-11-10 13:48:48 -0500
The only way a carbon tax will reduce CO2 emissions (which have still not been proven to cause global warming or climate change or whatever the next buzzword is) is by taking so much money out of the economy that the economy stalls and causes another recession. At least the government will have more tax dollars to prop up their friend’s businesses, while the rest of us can just freeze in the dark.
commented 2015-11-10 12:05:34 -0500
I only have to be here 185 days a year thank God-or is that politically incorrect
My property tax in Florida went down by $11 and electricity rates are being reduced
Why can’t we do this here in Ontario
Shame on Canadians for voting this party in to destroy our country
We should change the Canadian flag from red to blue .Did Harper forget to do this!
commented 2015-11-10 10:32:22 -0500
ROBERT HEWGILL, that article by Bob Weber, The Canadian Press, was also published by another leftist rag, The Calgary Herald, a day before on November 8th.
commented 2015-11-10 09:58:41 -0500
Ron Christensen

I see that leftist rag and it’s useful idiots are still busy attacking Alberta and the energy industry, and of spewing their nonsense.
commented 2015-11-09 23:28:23 -0500
JACK CARTER, speaks of “Canada … finally ending its war on science” and “Now Trudeau is unmuzzling researchers once again”. One remembers the left-wing media almost wearing out the word muzzling when referring to the scientists employed by the federal government. However, as on other matters, such as his comments on Omar Khadr, it is quite fascinating that whenever you get an asinine comment from one of the left wing trolls, essentially “useful idiots”, they invariably align perfectly with what you hear from the Communists.
Remember the “Harperman” song. Turns out according to a post in The People’s Voice, the Communist Party of Canada’s newsletter, that “the instigator of the uprising" was a disgruntled Environment Canada scientist “muzzled by the Harperites”:
Another post in The Peoples’ Voice, “Environment Crisis: Can Capitalism Cope?”, makes reference to “Government accused of muzzling scientists on climate change”.
The trolls probably gets their ‘progressive’ material from the Communist Party of Canada playbook. Once more, Jack, as the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together !
commented 2015-11-09 23:13:18 -0500
@ Chris – And not one red cent of the carbon tax, in any and all of its forms, will find its way to pay for that green infrastructure.
commented 2015-11-09 22:57:46 -0500
Yea, we will all be paying more with whatever carbon tax scheme they come up with and it won’t make one bit of difference to climate change but it will make all those lefties feel better and all the Liberals who are investing in all the so called green infrastructure will be getting richer.
commented 2015-11-09 21:28:58 -0500
The need to get a Western Canada Party (federal) going gets more evident by the hour when you see how Trudeau history is about to repeat itself.
The west always has succumbed to eastern Canada because Ontario and Quebec have a huge majority of votes and the big Liberal power centres are there. It’s grossly unbalanced.
Historically 70% of Prime ministers came out of Quebec.

For the Fed’s to try to tax carbon is not unlike the Fed’s trying to tax gas and oil resources like PE Trudeau did in 1980 with the ‘National Energy Program’. NEP.
In 1982, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled Ottawa could not legally tax provincial oil and gas.

It could be argued today that C02 and/or Carbon is a byproduct or product of provincial resources, thus is under provincial jurisdiction, not federal.
The Supreme Court of today is occupied by left wing Liberal eccentric relics that are incompetent to adjudicate the law and cannot be trusted like the reasonable Courts of 1982. Today, some are so politically flaky they think it’s their job to make the law. They might just follow orders from their Liberal clique as usual to keep the power in the east where they can control it.
commented 2015-11-09 21:11:48 -0500
We can only hope that Trudeau and his merry gang of idiots will screw up this country so badly in the next 4 years they will be reduced to less than 10 seats in the next election. I believe my fellow canadians will come to see this charlatan for what he is… the honeymoon might last a year if he’s lucky and it will be all downhill from there. Of course, I could be wrong. In which case, we are doomed my friends.
commented 2015-11-09 20:09:42 -0500
Canada is about to do it’s own great leap forward. The last one cost the lives of thirty million people. I wonder how many are own Marxist Leninist’s will murder in this country with their treason and genocide.
commented 2015-11-09 19:37:40 -0500
Yet again, look who it is we see, Soros. Really time to bar this demon, and his money, from entering this country, he has no rights here. After what’s been done in Syria and Ukraine, continually stoking a third world war while claiming to be “liberal”.

Also funds Idle No More, Black Lives Matter, La Raza, Occupy, the whole deal. If JT were really a liberal, he’d see Soros for what he is, and keep him and his occultist influence out of here… Soros isn’t liberal, he’s a real-life James Bond villian type enemy to world peace.

The people who serve this guy ought to know by now what true evil they serve.
commented 2015-11-09 19:36:46 -0500
The rare earth mined wind turbines and solar panels are far more toxic and deadly than oil or gas. Of course, Jack prefers REAL SCIENCE to facts like that.
commented 2015-11-09 19:35:02 -0500
commented 2015-11-09 19:34:13 -0500
Jack Carter if you knew anything about the oil and gas industry you would know we have rthe strictest regulations and the crap the green kooks spout is made up and a bunch of lies. ALso did you know carbon went down under Harper? It went up under the libs. LMAO Sorry to bring REAL SCIENCE TO YOUR FANATASY.
commented 2015-11-09 19:32:18 -0500
Jack Carter , thanks to Justin some rapist off of a boat gets better care than you, of course you are dumb enough to see that as a good thing.
commented 2015-11-09 19:31:16 -0500
Jack Carter Mcleans magazine? LMAO.
commented 2015-11-09 19:30:41 -0500
Jack Carter that is complete and utter BULLSHIT , Harper stopped taxes funding useless green propaganda, it was not science in any way. ANd we do not need anymore useless studies to enrich useless so called scientists. Sorry but funding Suzuki so he can sell DVD’s to kids is not science. How about some real science, like the Breast Cancer Research Institute and the real science that getting abortions before full development increases Cancer risk by 800%.
commented 2015-11-09 19:13:38 -0500
Canada is finally ending its war on science.

Over the past nine years, Canada has been a pretty dreary place for scientists.

Under the Conservative government of Stephen Harper, the country made headlines for restricting communications by federal scientists, shutting down important research stations, phasing out the role of federal science adviser, and generally ignoring evidence in policymaking. As a New York Times editorial about Harper’s Canada put it: “[This] war against science has been even more damaging to the capacity of Canadians to know what their government is doing.”

In fact, the state of affairs was so bad, researchers took to the streets in protest,hundreds of scientists from around the world wrote letters to Harper begging for change, and science was propelled into a pretty major election issue this October.

But there’s evidence that under a new government, the war on science is finally over. In the weeks since Canada’s new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, won a Liberal majority, he’s already made some major reforms.

1) Scientists can now talk in public

Under Stephen Harper, journalists who requested information or interviews from federal scientists or health policy officials could expect long delays, refusals, or replies — often after a deadline — that didn’t answer your questions at all.

This was a response to a mandate from the prime minister’s office: Scientists working for the federal government (as well as anyone working for a public health agency) had to seek approval before speaking to the media.

The results were disastrous. Researchers were essentially silenced. It was hard to know what was going on with health care decision-making As a Maclean’s magazine story on the Harper government’s “Orwellian” approach stated, “Ottawa’s obsession with controlling the message has become so all-encompassing that it now threatens both the health of Canada’s democracy and the country’s reputation abroad.”

An example: I once asked the Public Health Agency of Canada for information about the government’s use of evidence in stockpiling the flu antiviral Tamiflu. The responses I got were so convoluted and took so much time, I decided to put in an official Access to Information request for all the notes and correspondence related to my earlier media queries. I learned that my measly request — deemed “medium impact” by the government — generated at least 195 pages’ worth of internal work, and that didn’t include all the redacted files I couldn’t see.

Now Trudeau is unmuzzling researchers once again. On Friday, the new science and innovation minister, Navdeep Bains, said federal scientists would now be free to talk to the press, according to the Toronto Star.

“Our government values science and will treat scientists with respect. That is why government scientists and experts will be able to speak freely about their work to the media and the public,” he said in a statement. “We are working to make government science fully available to the public and will ensure that scientific analyses are considered in decision making.”

This is a major reform. It means that all the important information researchers gather can finally be communicated to the public again. It means more transparency in government. It means an end to the demoralization of Canadian researchers. And it means fewer headaches for journalists who are trying to do their job.

2) Trudeau restored the mandatory census

In 2010, citing privacy concerns, Harper abolished the mandatory longform census — the most detailed federal source of data on Canadians — and replaced it instead with a voluntary census.

This decision drew an outcry from researchers and the public. That census data was used to guide decisions about social programs and infrastructure. It was used by businesses, nonprofits, and academics to track changes in the Canadian economy. It was basically Canada’s most reliable source of detailed information about itself at the national level. And overnight, it was gone.

“The replacement voluntary census brought in by the Harper government was a boondoggle — millions more expensive, considerably less reliable and disastrous or long-term policy evaluation and planning,” wrote Ottawa-based academic Steven Hoffman (also a Vox contributor) in the Huffington Post.

But last week, as soon as Trudeau was sworn in, he announced that he’d reinstate the mandatory census — a victory for supporters of better data to inform policymaking. As he said at his swearing-in ceremony, “We committed to a government that functions based on evidence and facts, and long-form censuses are an important part of making sure we’re serving constituents in our communities.”

3) Canada now has two science ministers

Under Harper, the Canadian government had a business-oriented approach to research. The former PM phased out the federal science adviser, opting instead to put the nation’s scientific portfolio in the hands of a junior minister of state.

Harper also fired thousands of federal scientists and cut research funding (particularly on basic science) such that Canada’s R&D spending dropped to 23rd from 16th among 41 comparable countries during the first five years of his tenure.

In a turnaround, Trudeau immediately reestablished the minster of science posting, appointing Kirsty Duncan, a medical geographer from the University of Toronto, to the job.

Trudeau also appointed Bains, a politician, to the role of minister of innovation, science, and economic development.

The roles are meant to be complementary: According to the government, Duncan will be tasked with ensuring “that government science is fully available to the public, that scientists are able to speak freely about their work, and that scientific analyses are considered when the government makes decisions,” while Bains’s role is meant to be more applied. Two definitely seems better than zero.
commented 2015-11-09 19:04:44 -0500
This just keeps getting more and more unbelievable. Why would liberals give a shit about facts? They live in a delusional utopia and any argument falls on deaf ears
commented 2015-11-09 18:41:25 -0500
PAUL MERRIFIELD, with respect to your reference to the Pope endorsing man-made global warming (“The Pope and Obama must now order the climate change scientists to say their CO2 Armageddon is ‘PROVEN’”), this brings to mind a factor that was likely quite instrumental in contributing to Trudeau’s election, which, to date, has not been much considered and discussed. Five days ago, LifeSiteNews, a news source dedicated to issues of culture, life, and family, staffed primarily by Catholics, published an article entitled, “How the Catholic Church helped Canada elect its most pro-abortion prime minister in history”:
The article noted, “The fact is that this sad reality may never have come about were it not for the support given by the Catholic Church”. In that regard, as the article pointed out, very pivotal in this matter was the weak cowardly response by the Catholic Church leadership once Trudeau announced that anyone opposed to abortion could not run as a Liberal candidate. That together with Pope Francis’ pronouncement on global warming, thereby endorsing a key plank of Trudeau’s election platform, the supposed man-made global warming, which aligns with the U.N.’s globalist designs.
commented 2015-11-09 18:22:16 -0500
“the science is disputable” was meant to be “the science is indisputable”
commented 2015-11-09 18:21:40 -0500
It is really sad how many people blurt out that “the science is settled” or “the science is disputable”. Since the science is not settled, what they are saying is “Shut up, do as you are told and pay the extra taxes!” with the implied “And you will be happy about it!”
commented 2015-11-09 18:01:47 -0500
DEBORAH GRAUPNER, I wish it was a case of “stupid”. Stupidity can be corrected for those who are reasonable and are willing to listen to reason. But this is ideologically driven.