January 04, 2016

The struggles of the Millennial generation

Rebel Staff

The struggle is real! So say many who fall into the Millennial Generation.

I chat with Braden Harper about education, job prospects, and the millennial lifestyle.


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commented 2016-01-04 13:33:17 -0500
Pretty much the way it is right now in this city!
commented 2016-01-04 12:07:51 -0500
The second group from my observation, Charles, is a small percentage.
commented 2016-01-04 10:53:29 -0500
Charles, sorry, didn’t see your post prior to my response to Bravo.
You are quite correct, and I don’t say so just because I am a country boy, but because it is true. The work commences on location at 7am, and the country boys will be there for a tailgate at 6:45, the city boys are still looking around camp for a latte.
commented 2016-01-04 10:42:25 -0500
Hey there Bravo. Definitely prefer to hire mature, the difference is amazing, and as you say, usually you get more than expected. However, we are in partnerships with a few educational institutions where we are obligated, where possible/feasible, to hire their graduates, I believe the ratio is 1:5, so about 2 per year. I team them up with the matures, and the entertainment begins.
commented 2016-01-04 10:36:05 -0500
However, to be fair, the millennials need to be split into two broad groups. Those like satirized in the article; and those with a work ethic.

Generalized, white collar children who feel entitled as opposed to blue collar children who learned to work. This is very simplistic since there are other equally valid divides: urban millennials who feel entitled and rural millennials who know what work is.

Boy…then you have a urban white collar millennial as satirized…like ouch man. However, you also have the rural blue collar millennial who provide back bone, like the young ranchers opposed to Bill 6.

Remember, it was mainly the millennials who provided the boots in Afghanistan…generally blue collar rural. And as the upper end approach their mid-thirties, the blue collar ones have provided the boots for the economy…at least when we had an economy before it was destroyed by white collar millennials in Alberta.

So lets make fun of the millennials who deserve to be…white collar urbanites who have university degrees in nothing, contributed nothing, and expect to be rewarded for it…just like J & M have done :)
commented 2016-01-04 10:16:09 -0500
@ D Mary – you just need to hire more scrappy but healthy folks approaching that 50 years old mark. That is what we do now and they seem to always get it done – no complaints and no bull schitte – and every now and then we even get a bit more than we expected done – they take pride in doing a job well and getting it done safely.

We are starting to train people now rather than bring in the fluff – I want someone who I can train and will stay – not someone who complains about where C and F meet – and by the way – most of them have no clue what that means either!

Have a good one.
commented 2016-01-04 10:07:36 -0500
With so many resumes coming across the desk with atrocious grammar, spelling mistakes, and a degree (how that was achieved I don’t know,) I still get those that upon their first day in the field, are complaining it is cold. This is a warm winter thus far, and cold is where degrees C and F meet; but the young generation still ask how we used to setup for a project, how we did it before. I ask them how they managed to get this far and not know that, yes, we the educated, still go outside and do our jobs. I then ask if they had read the job description before applying, where their minds were at when we provided the certification training for working in cold climates, driving in adverse conditions, what they were wondering when they were fitted for PPE such as fire retardant insulated outerwear and boots rated to -50. The resulting blank stares are worth it, probably because they are frozen into their faces for the rest of the day/night. And the best one is when they realize we work around the clock, and today is just another day that ends in “day.”
commented 2016-01-04 09:50:10 -0500
But … but … don’t the millennials deserve $150K careers just out of university? I mean, after all, they have worked sooooo hard all their long lives and are soooooo mistreated by the evil older generations!!
commented 2016-01-04 09:28:34 -0500
Those millies as I call them might be well educated but in truth they do not know very much as a whole.

Education might make you technically smart in certain subjects but it does not make you capable.

Unfortunately in this day and age – we – the people who have created this safe society – simply need to look in the mirror to see who truly fucked this up.

So the millies are in fact going to take over – hopefully they will be able to recover.

Otherwise those determined cultures from other parts of the world will indeed easily crush the soft millies who sleep in the basement of Mommy and Daddy.

Much like stepping on a pile of warm fresh dog shit.

Unfortunately the worst part is?

They do not believe there is any danger.

Sunny ways.
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