June 13, 2016

The terrorist attack is about radical Islam not Trump or Christians

Brian LilleyArchive

A terrorist attack carried out by a radical Islamist took place on the weekend and then another Islamist group executed a Canadian, but hey, let's talk about gun control, or Donald Trump or anything but radical Islam.

Brian bursts the many bubbles around the Orlando attack plus tackles why this isn't about gun control with Faith Goldy, chats with intelligence analyst Phil Gurski and even takes a pause to discuss the F-35 with fighter pilot Billie Flynn.

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commented 2016-06-14 00:46:16 -0400
JOHN SICILIANO; Trump is just saying to any nation wanting to do the USA harm or screw them over is , leave the USA alone and USA will leave them alone. He has no intention of nation building or intervening militarily in any other countries affairs unless they are messing with a close ally. Just don’t f…k with them. How can you criticize that?
commented 2016-06-14 00:33:44 -0400
Just because someone wants anti-war policies does not make them a liberal. What I said one comment below this one is that mainstream people forget is that or do not know is that you can be left, centre and right and be socialist, liberal, christian democrat, libertarian, anarchist, conservative, fascist and yes nationialist.

The fact is the same comments were made during the Korean war about wanting to use nukes even right after WW2. That is what many forget about and it sounds like you want nukes to be used regularly?

Plus conservatives, liberals and social democrats whether they are leading any Western nation wanted the war in Libya which caused more problems. Which is why your narratives are falsehoods. Do not forget that Sarkozy, Cameron, Hollande and Obama wanted the war and all mainstream parties in Canada supported it.

And invading nations is a clear violation of international law. The nation has to invite the other nations to the nation otherwise it is violating another nation’s national sovereignty and it is basically a pre-emptive strike much like Iraq in 2003. This all proves that our current foreign policy which is about more war is not working and should end!
commented 2016-06-14 00:32:58 -0400
John siciliano, would you please just write a book so that we don’t have to keep scrolling past your repetitive drivel about your political party over and over again. If anyone, just one single person, buys it, your rantings will for once be appreciated by someone, and since it will be your book to author, you will for once be on topic.
commented 2016-06-14 00:24:01 -0400
Great show, Brian!

You make a great point. If there is to be discussions raised by politicians and the media about gun control, then there needs to be discussions raised by politicians and the media about how to tackle the Islamic terror situation that is sweeping the globe like a wild fire.

Placing a temporary moratorium on Islamic immigration “until we can figure out what the hell is going on” needs to be discussed PUBLICLY.

There is no deadline for Muslims to immigrate to Canada or America (or is there???). What’s the hurry for? Does Islam have something BIG planned for the west and the deadline for everybody to be in place is coming up soon? Trump mentioned the Trojan Horse thing today, and he is correct.

Look at Obama’s record.

Syrians entering US in first six weeks of 2016 fiscal year; 98% Sunni Muslim

Obama’s Religious Test: 2,098 Syrian Muslim Refugees Allowed Into America, ONLY 53 Christians

Despite the fact that the Christians and Yazedis are facing genocide by the Sunni cult, Obama is bringing in people who share the Sunni Wahhabi cult as ISIS. We already know that about a third of Syrian refugees have ISIS sympathies.

Donald Trump is spot on.

Waiting a few years until Islam can straighten itself out sounds like a rational thing to do. I mean, it’s quite obvious to me and any other person who hasn’t already been hogtide by political correctness.

Let’s hope that in Canada it never comes to what the president of Hungary is saying…

Viktor Orbán: “The Time Has Come for Opposition and Resistance”
commented 2016-06-14 00:11:22 -0400
All of what you said is based on perceptions on what you believe the left, centre and non-far-right is like, but the truth is nationalists have their own scale much like socialists, communists, neoliberals, progressives, and even yes libertarians which can be left, right and centre and even socialist.

Check out Wikipedia for each ideology and their political positions. It is clear that the right are brainless on political ideology and if there was no talk radio or sites like this they would not have the ability to argue or even use against others. Which is why clearly they need to have sites like this as groupthink mechanisms and as PC for their own group because they never speak against overreaching interventionist policy or Israel or having nations control us.

Which is why their talking points do not hold water.

Trump meeting with Adelson proved Trump is for sale. What Canada needs is a centrist or left wing nationalist government to end wars, end globalization, end neoliberalism and to truly unite all Canadians and aim for a national unity government, something completely in the dark of most mainstream voters and yes I am talking to NDPers, Liberals and Conservatives.
commented 2016-06-14 00:07:24 -0400
The only true nationalism is civic nationalism, reducing immigration and no scapegoating and having national unity. You can have all of this without scapegoating and hating on specific groups which occurred in the 30’s with small and piecemeal nationalist movements which were building up to Falangist and Nazi movements which are revolutionary nationalist movements. Which is why I keep saying that the right wing neoliberals do not have minds of their own and they are too blind to notice that civic nationalism can correct nations but without all the hatred, scapegoating and the anti-immigrant tactics of Pegida and far-right hate groups in Europe.

That is why the right has to have Messiahs and worship on the alter of talking heads. They do not realize the people that they support on Rebel want a clash of civilizations.
commented 2016-06-14 00:07:15 -0400
Do not forget Herman that Sun Tzu said that all war is a deception. The same with false flags needing to be used to justify the case for wars.

Trump has proven and has shown that he will use any opportunity to attack anyone and the same goes with Clinton.

What has to also be said is why is ethnic and racial nationalism the best way to unify the West when its sole principle is to divide and conquer and scapegoat which is the complete opposite of nationalism.
commented 2016-06-14 00:07:06 -0400
What you fail to forget Herman is that the West has had war for 14 years and sending troops to Syria without the permission of Assad is a violation of Syrian national sovereignty an international tenet which is universally recognized. As a centre-left to centrist nationalist something foreign to people that lack political knowledge like most Western mainstream supporters is that neoliberalism is its own scale which is globalist, pro-imperialist, pro-war and does fall within the tenets of fascism because the system of government we has serves the corporations and not the average person.

As for the nationalist scale which I support, centre to centre-left under that system can be mixed economic of slightly protectionist but it believes universally that imperialism must be stopped in the world and what matter is national sovereignty, anti-war policies, non-interventionism, anti-globalization and is for slight fiscal responsibility. Trump is just another globalist because he wants to follow the war lobby and does not want a smart and independent foreign policy and is just going to play the quagmire games.
commented 2016-06-14 00:05:30 -0400
Jan, if Harper & Trump would be running North America – the Libtard left wouldn’t be heard from unless their checks were late!! Or their houses got cold & uncomfortable. We are supporting at least a 50% MOOCH rate here and it is about to come to a screaming halt! Their insistence that we all buy into their tyrannical, treasonous fantasies ways is about to end – they’ve put all the wealth creating tax-payers out of business. Let’s see how much they collect from the welfare bums & libtard unionists. It’s going to be a gas!!
commented 2016-06-13 23:24:34 -0400
Now Planned Parenthood are speaking up!
Reasons for the Orlando shooting according to Planned Parenthood, the ‘Black Planned Parenthood’, not Islam, but toxic masculinity & a global culture of imperialist homophobia.

Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood, the eugenicist who wanted blacks eliminated!

Politicians, eugenicists/environmentalists, feminists, LGBT, etc can’t admit it is an Islamic problem, they need the Islamic terrorism thing to support their argument, their chaos, their confusion to secure votes from the confused, naive, unknowledgeable voters.
Everyone will use this for their own agenda

Imagine if Trump and Stephen Harper were leading North America.