August 26, 2015

The Toronto Star says Canada should recognize ISIS as a legitimate government

Jonathan D. HaleviRebel Blogger

A Toronto Star editorial on Monday slammed Prime Minister Stephen Harper for not doing enough to alleviate the refugee crisis in Syria, and called upon the future elected government to “open the gates to more refugees” and to accept the existence of the Islamic State (ISIS) as a fait accompli.

The editorial stated:

“Whoever takes the reins of Canada’s foreign policy after Oct. 19 should step up the effort and use what moral leverage we have to urge other more powerful, more affluent actors – the United States, the European Union, and major Asian and Latin American counties leap to mind – to push for a political settlement to Syria’s destabilizing civil war, heed the United Nation’s call for more financial resources, and open the gates to more refugees.”

Supporting a “political settlement to Syria’s destabilizing civil war” means that all parties involved in the conflict should be regarded as legitimate entities for brokering a new political order. After four and a half years, the Syrian regime has lost control over large swaths of the country to ISIS, which established its own Islamic State with Raqqa as its unofficial capital, and other radical Islamic groups such as Jabhat a-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria.

The position made by The Star implicitly suggests that the Canadian government should abandon the international military coalition against ISIS, and alternatively use its “moral leverage” to support international effort to bring ISIS to the table of negotiations with the Assad regime in order to hammer out a political deal that may provide legitimacy to its Islamic rule.

Both the Assad regime and ISIS were involved in the most heinous crimes against humanity since World War Two, including but not limited to systematic mass murder, genocide, public beheadings, executions of gays, female sex slavery, amputation of limbs, and torture. “Political settlement” driven by the Canadian “moral leverage” as suggested by the Toronto Star may leave the the Syrian people at the mercy of Nazi-like regimes.


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commented 2015-10-27 17:31:30 -0400
Ah yes, the Toronto Red Star – what could we expect? They have what I call “the liberal disease” – the naive belief that all conflicts can be solved by talking. When I hear people say that, I always ask, ‘What do a Jew and a Nazi have to talk about?’ It’s just a question of who kills whom first. Same with ISIS: they have no interest in talking and nothing they say can be taken at face value because they are under no moral or religious obligation to deal honestly with infidels. What would their signature on a piece of paper mean? We wisely demanded unconditional surrender from Nazi Germany and Japan, and that’s exactly what we need to demand from ISIS. In fact, we should make sure every ISIS fighter gets his wish for martyrdom and his 72 virgins in the next world – just as long as he doesn’t get them here.
commented 2015-09-14 00:19:10 -0400
That would not surprise me coming from the Red Star. Looks like they are trying to influence Gov’ts outside of Canada. What a silly useless rag of a newspaper.
commented 2015-09-13 18:01:34 -0400
Wow what an interesting concept. Recognize an entity that would kill their fellow Muslims and us. Recognize a terrorist entity that operates as a dictatorship, butchering anyone who gets in their way as the government and negotiate a peaceful end. Would love to see this journalist as part of the peace brigade leading the charge to hug and play nice. How long before you are the news of another beheading.
commented 2015-09-13 15:51:37 -0400
commented 2015-09-07 12:08:27 -0400
Canada has committed over $500 million to various international humanitarian programs. 61.5% of that was given to the UN. Canada has stepped up to the plate! To legitimatcize any political/religious entity whose sole purpose is to destroy anything which impedes its reaching its goal, is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!
commented 2015-08-29 22:27:50 -0400
Is this hack writer of the Toronto Star serious? Is he/she/it actually suggesting that Canada and the rest of the world should declare that murder, rape, torture, kidnapping, and public demonstrations of violence (beheadings, burnings, etc) be declared acceptable? Because that is the logical extension of “recognizing ISIS as a legitimate government”… Canada still does not recognize the Palestinian Authority (formerly PLO, and current “government” of the West Bank), or Hamas (current “government” of Gaza), or even Hezbollah (current “government” of Lebanon). All of these “governments” are worse totalitarian “states” than Abbas in Syria was. These have been declared terrorist organizations for a reason — they treat their own people worse than they attempt to treat the Jews.

So why, tell me why, would we actually want to legitimize ISIS?

And why, tell me why, is this “writer” still employed?
commented 2015-08-28 03:58:58 -0400
This is bullshit journalism, you can not quote people as saying things that you think are implied, a quote means someone said something not what you think they said. A huge part of what is wrong with the world ATM is this kind of misleading of the general population so that they are never truly informed on reality and so unable to take up a position that they believe in.

Stop reading into what the Left says what you want them to say and instead try reading what they actually say, you might learn something. And it may help you to construct a relevant rebutted if you actually understand the point that they are trying to make rather than just arguing with ideas that you yourself have created and imprinted on them.
commented 2015-08-27 14:45:08 -0400
Kevin, I generally agree. Assad is no saint, but he has done more than the West to protect Christians in the Middle East. I’m not saying we should arm him or anything, but if he is killing ISIS, he is for now our friend.
commented 2015-08-26 23:49:51 -0400
It’s not surprising what the Toronto Star cooks up to try to benefit Trudeau’s votes re: Muslim. This is just ghastly. Why would one even bother buying the Toronto Star let alone read it. Yeah, lets talk about yellow journalism, it’s all in that rag. Boycott them do not buy the paper plain and simple. Ezra and group your doing a fine job keeping the people posted in what’s happening. Kudos to The Rebel.
commented 2015-08-26 23:07:36 -0400
Time for a revolution when this kind of propaganda is printed in our main stream media. I believe in the freedom of speech. Just as much as the freedom to defend ones nation from invasion. When our media prints their desire for an end of our freedom, it is clear the time for war is here. Starting with cleaning our own house…
commented 2015-08-26 22:47:10 -0400
للعنة الإسلام!
FUCK islam!

الإسلام هو لعنة الأرض!
islam is the curse of the Earth!

(Good thing I’m not in queer-bec huh??)
commented 2015-08-26 22:22:18 -0400
The Toronto Star – like all left-liberals – suffers from the delusion that all problems can be solved by talking them out. A Jew and a Nazi have nothing to say to each other: it’s just a question of who is going to kill whom first. There is no basis for negotiations with ISIS; there is nothing we agree on, least of all the value of human lives who do not share their perverted beliefs. The best thing to do with ISIS is for the West to get serious about taking it out: bomb the oil wells, storage tanks and anything connected with shipping oil; destroy electricity production, transformer stations, phone centrals etc; destroy bridges and all roads and declare the roads free-fire zones; prosecute, bankrupt or make life miserable for those outsiders who deal with ISIS. And get realistic, i.e. forget about Assad – he does not threaten the world the way ISIS does. In WWII we made a deal with Stalin to get the Nazis. Sometimes you have to prioritize your enemies.
commented 2015-08-26 21:26:40 -0400
The Toronto Star editorial is ridiculous – of course – but not surprising given the source. I would like to see this a subject of debate in the election. Do any of the three leaders support the Star’s stance?

I would take issue with the following:
“Both the Assad regime and ISIS were involved in the most heinous crimes against humanity since World War Two”

It is ridiculous to equate Assad with ISIS. What “heinous crimes against humanity” has Assad committed? He is a secular leader who has protected millions of religious minorities. He has been engaged in a war against Islamist rebels funded by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Canada among others. In any war there will be civilian casualties and so I don’t doubt that Assad has been “responsible” for civilian casualties caused by his “barrel bombs” but how many civilians have been killed in Canadian CF18 strikes on ISIS targets? How many civilians have been killed by US air strikes? What about Turkish airstrikes against Kurdish fighters (i.e. the good guys) in Iraq?

To say Assad is as bad as ISIS is pure propaganda . I get it that Halevi is Israeli and and there have long been hostilities between Syria and Israel but Israelis should consider what would happen if Assad is toppled and ISIS gains total control of Syria. Who would they rather have as next door neighbors? Assad or ISIS? If ISIS gains control of Syria what do Israeli’s think will happen? Do they think Western military powers will come to their rescue in the same way that Israel has come to the rescue of the 100,000’s of Christians and Yazidi’s exterminated by ISIS in Iraq and Syria (sarcasm).
commented 2015-08-26 19:30:40 -0400
One thing is for certain, if we open the immigration gates to Syria we will be flooded with ISIS refugees, some of which could very well be ISIS members. Simply throwing open the gates is not the solution, but neither is closing them entirely.

I am not against Syrian refugees, but we would have to strictly control the borders and do extensive screening. The real question is, “How can you screen out the referee liars?”

Yes, it would be easier to close the borders altogether to Syria, or other countries which are known to have terrorists of one ilk or another, but at what point then do we stop being a caring country in lieu of security. Where is that magic point.
commented 2015-08-26 18:38:55 -0400
wow, wow. toronto really are full of puke. isis destroy and slaughter everything they come in contact with. WW11 all over again folks. killers must be killed and not like toronto insisting we should kiss their asses instead. vote for trudeau or mulcair toronto and you idiots can have all the left wing or right wing dingbats out there. just keep these scum away from the rest of us.
commented 2015-08-26 18:34:27 -0400
I’ve noticed a complete absence of comments from certain liberal progressives on this web site when it comes to this topic. Interesting. Might have something to with logical and ethical consistencies me thinks.
commented 2015-08-26 18:03:26 -0400
I recall that Globe and Mail basically as cheerleaders for the Taliban. So this is not new for the Canadian left. The West has always had a screwy approach to the middle east. Russia was willing to fight the good fight against the Islamists when they turned their eyes upon the Ottoman Empire. What did the West do? England and France defended Turkey in the Crimean War? WTF? The English pulled out all the stops to stop Jewish immigration into the Holy Land and its officers fought for the Jordanians. The English and French then joined Israel to defend their rights in the Suez and the US derided them and basically threw them under the bus for that. The US wouldn’t even sell weapons to Israel for some time out of fear at offending the Arabs (France was their main supplier).
commented 2015-08-26 17:58:19 -0400
So here’s the thing. The Red Star and the CBC are on a mission to appear to be as far, kooky, left as they possibly can in order to make Le Bebe appear to be relatively middle of the road when he opens his stupid mouth. It is the only way that the main stream press can make Le Bebe’s outlandish and really stupid statements appear to be as off the wall, uber-libeal as they really are.
commented 2015-08-26 16:55:10 -0400
Richard – As soon as they shut the comments down, you know they weren’t getting the response they wanted!
commented 2015-08-26 15:58:40 -0400
Then if isis is the legitimate government, the citizens are not refugees. The people now have a legitimate country ,so they can stay where they are at.
commented 2015-08-26 15:27:45 -0400
Oh my, another example of how if I were father to one or a couple of young kids, I would rather have them tell me and their mother at the dinner table about what they read in “Penthouse” or “Hustler” as opposed to the Toronto Star.
commented 2015-08-26 15:16:27 -0400
Interesting the comments were closed after only 23 posts… Seems not everyone agrees with the RedStar, imagine that…
commented 2015-08-26 15:14:57 -0400
The link was in the first four words of the story, Richard.
commented 2015-08-26 15:11:00 -0400
Hmm, no link to the article, and I cant find it on the RedStar’s website.
commented 2015-08-26 15:00:53 -0400
The left are not on the side of Canada, that has been proven time and time again. I agree the Star should be investigated along with all the people that write that drivel for them and charges laid where possible.
commented 2015-08-26 14:43:30 -0400
I’m seriously beginning to question who’s on Canada’s side anymore? We’ve got leftwing loons writing and being paid to spew the most dangerous, ludicrous garbage. The Red Star needs to be investigated, outed at ever opportunity for the stupidity and dangerous, seditious columns. It’s not funny anymore, not funny at all and could eventually contribute to losing our way of life, society and control of our own country. Don’t know why even the socialist lamebrains at the Star cannot see that!!!
commented 2015-08-26 14:28:30 -0400
Why are those normally vocal feminists quiet when it comes to the subjugation of women by this cult? I think their silence is deafening.
commented 2015-08-26 14:21:16 -0400
Here’s idea, web search “ISIS executes children” and email the Toronto star all the pictures we can find.
commented 2015-08-26 13:53:33 -0400
I am reposting Francis’ post as I am in agreement! Best description of the middle east as a whole. We can’t fix it anymore – never could. The reality is probably that western meddling in middle east politics has contributed to the regions status of complete cluster f*&%. See the past 60 years of US foreign policy regarding this subject. The questions is what do Canadians do? Recognize ISIS as a state? LOL. They are murdering dirt bags of the 10th degree. So no. Allow massive immigration from the region? Ummm. Nope. Our infrastructure can’t handle it financially and it would destroy us socially/politically. Intolerant Islam and its evil twin – the Jihadist – are DEFINITELY not compatible with our values as a society. So forget it. The only thing at this stage Canada can do is back off and secure its borders. Limit immigration, perhaps establish a Swiss style military system and foreign policy and focus on solving Canada’s issues and not the worlds. Be good neighbours, mind our business, trade and make it perfectly clear to the rest of the world that anyone coming to our country to hurt its citizens will be dealt with in the most severe fashion.

The middle east is lost. Canada is not. Let’s keep it that way. I am reposting this on Gavin’s latest.