June 17, 2016

The truth about Freda, the 'brave' anti-Trump, anti-America, anti-Veteran protester the left-wing media loves

StaffRebel Columnist

Turns out that the media's newest anti-Trump darling, Freda not only thinks that putting US vets over illegal immigrants is 'ignorant' but she also took issue with the American flag at Trump rallies.

The latest left-wing media hero made headlines in The Telegraph after she was 'confronted' by a group of Donald Trump supporters while allegedly holding a sign that said “minorities matter”.

She films herself in the middle of the confrontation with no context of why the Trump supporters are chanting 'Trump is great'. Normally they chant 'Build The Wall'. Hardly offensive, unless you're Freda who wants Trump to just 'disappear'. More on that later.


Over the commotion one woman is heard telling Freda, “You're illegal! I have to pay taxes and live here, so do you.” To which she replied saying “I was born in Texas”.

This very short inoffensive video ended up making international news. You'd think it was as big as Trump supporters getting eggs thrown at them, beaten up, bloodied, and viciously intimidated like what happened in San Jose.

The left wing media loves to cherry pick its incidents and this is just the latest one.

So, who is 'Freda'?

Well, I conducted a very quick Twitter search including her username “frvda” along with certain terms such as “Trump”, “Mexico”, “America”, “racist”, etc.

What I found was that the latest little media darling, despite claiming to have been born in Texas, has her heart set on Mexico.

She calls Mexico 'her country' . She also references 'moving to America as a small child'. Is she contradicting her 'born in Texas' comment from earlier?

This is really what we commonly see by anti-Trump Mexicans – a praising of Mexico and a condemnation of the United States.

But don't expect The Telegraph to tell you what I just did.

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commented 2020-06-16 19:21:21 -0400
the comments are even calling me a slut and whore? like grown adults speaking on a 15 year old and trying to convince each other i’m not an american citizen because i am well traveled. wow.
commented 2020-06-16 19:15:51 -0400
i was like 15 when y’all weirdos really wrote this about my account. i was a child, this is really creepy.
commented 2016-06-20 03:01:58 -0400
Good investigation.
commented 2016-06-18 14:15:05 -0400
What is strikingly familiar with her comments is the similarities with Betina “dunce” Dunn’s, Jay “idiot” Kelly’s, Gordo Steele’s comments? I think Freda has been commenting here for awhile now, just using one of Gordo’s many aliases.
commented 2016-06-18 08:20:58 -0400
Is the best the MEDIA LOONS can come up with???
commented 2016-06-18 02:51:45 -0400
Who cares, just another dumb girl with a duck face selfie.
commented 2016-06-18 02:15:26 -0400
Freda your country has higher obesity rate as well, guess those Americans are not so lazy eh?
commented 2016-06-18 02:06:12 -0400
Hey Freda , it is the left who loves you that would not do jobs like that, not us on the right.
commented 2016-06-18 02:03:02 -0400
I am sure if she is ever raped or someone she loves is killed by another illegal she will hold the state accountable with a lawsuit and blame others. The left is so pathetic.
commented 2016-06-18 00:36:59 -0400
@ daryl ..but this is the stories the lefty media print every day to brain wash these brainless liberals and the hate these media outlets with their distortions and cherry picking or editing of trump comments or comments by his supporters is not fathomable, it shows the desperation of the elites and establishment and how far they are willing to go to stop trump, i don’t know if he will make a good president but i would vote for him, anything is better than the likes of hillary with more of muslim obama’s agenda,
commented 2016-06-18 00:04:44 -0400
Just a brain dead, attention grabbing little whore! She’s so stupid she doesn’t even know how to LIE!?
commented 2016-06-17 23:09:44 -0400
Common little Slut, brainwashed by Marxist during her days at Grade School and I doubt if her education went any higher than Grade School, she dose not look or sound very bright.

If you do not like the US of A, go back to the land of your forefathers, nobody will miss you.
commented 2016-06-17 21:05:17 -0400
I just wasted 5 minutes reading about the idiot.
commented 2016-06-17 20:55:02 -0400
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