The Truth About Refugees: Facts every Canadian needs to know

Rebel Staff

(November 2 UPDATE:)

Justin Trudeau says he’s going to import 25,000 Syrian migrants by Christmas. That’s seven weeks from now.

How is he going to do security checks on 25,000 people, coming from a terrorist no-man’s-land, in seven weeks?

Remember, this is the same Liberal Party that doesn’t even think you should have to show picture ID, or take off your niqab, to vote.

Trudeau has no clue how to screen for terrorists. But what about Syrian migrants who haven’t committed violence — but who support terrorism, and sharia law, and extremism? What about them?

It’s a serious problem: an opinion poll of 900 Syrian migrants shows that nearly a third of Syrian “refugees” support terrorist groups.

The poll, taken last year by the Arab Centre for Research and Public Policy Studies, shows that 31% of Syrian migrants in refugee camps in the region do not want the Islamic State to be defeated.

They’re cheering for the terrorists.

So, out of 25,000 Syrian refugees Trudeau wants to bring in, 7,500 could be ISIS supporters.

It gets worse. In that same survey, only 10% of Syrian migrants say radical Islam is a serious problem. But 41% say America or the Jews are.


(September 22 UPDATE:)

Only 1 in 5 "Syrian" refugees is really Syrian
The EU's official statistics office, EuroStat, has just revealed that only 21 percent of the so-called "Syrian refugees" flooding into Europe are actually Syrian.

This means the other 79 percent are -- as The Rebel has reported since the beginning -- economic migrants, not true refugees:


(September 18 UPDATE:)

Our poll numbers are in!
90% of Canadians insist that any refugees who come to Canada must be screened for terrorists.

And fully 60% of Canadians don’t believe the mainstream media’s coverage of the migrant crisis has been objective.


(September 16 UPDATE:)

Angela Merkel said there should be no limits for immigration from the Muslim Middle East to Germany. With that, she started the stampede.

But you have to see this incredible video of a German woman who looks like a progressive liberal, who asks an important question:

 (September 14 UPDATE:)

Europe's "cultural suicide"
Who benefits from Muslim mass migration? Only the elite Left, with ordinary people (including many immigrants) paying the price in a multitude of ways.

(September 13 UPDATE:)

What is a refugee?
Did you the official UN definition of "refugee" doesn't fit the current wave "welfare shopping" migrants Europe?

(September 11 UPDATE:)

Did you hear that Maclean's magazine wants Canada to take in 200,000 refugees -- most of whom are young military aged men?

Maybe they didn't see what happened in a Dresden refugee camp, when a riot broke out between different factions of Muslim refugees. Take a look:

Do we want to see scenes like this in Canada?

This is another reason we're asking you to join us and take action:

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If a country offered you, as a Canadian, $1-million just to move there, would you accept?

Because that's the equivalent of what Angela Merkel is promising every refugee  to Germany. And that's only a "welcome" gift on top of the usual welfare benefits migrants will get.

When we think of "refugees," we often think of desperate families of all ages. But the "refugee crisis" is being driven by fit young Muslim men who can afford to pay smugglers

Men make up 72% of these current migrants, according to the UN. Only 15% are children.

In Canada as well as Europe, the political and media elites are cheering. They're outbidding each other to look the most caring

These migrants have been coming for years, but it was the death of a young Kurdish boy that triggered this frenzy of compassion.

NDP candidate Fin Donnelly claimed that boy's family had applied for refugee status in Canada and been rejected.

Except that wasn't true.

Neither are many other "facts" about that story, but by now, the media "narrative" has been established.

They say that if you aren't in favour of wide open borders, or ask too many questions, you're a "racist.

Questions like:

* What's the truth about what happened to that Kurdish boy?

* What has ISIS said about its plans to infiltrate Europe posing as refugees?

* What is the UN's definition of a refugee, and what are countries really bound to do under international law?

* Why haven't any of the rich Arab states taken any Muslim refugees?

* And how is moving the problem from the Middle East to North America a good idea?

* Does the "open borders" lobby have a hidden agenda such as cheap labour or forced multiculturalism?

Over the next few weeks, The Rebel will investigate the migrant crisis from a skeptical and contrarian viewpoint.

That's what all journalists should be doing.

SIGN OUR PETITION below, calling on the government to screen for genuine UN-definition refugees, not just economic opportunists -- and to screen out jihadists too. 

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Canadians are generous. But we don’t want to be taken advantage of — or be put in danger.


"We call on the government to be responsible in any plans for refugees from the Middle East. Only legitimate refugees who have a well-founded fear of persecution should be accepted — not economic migrants. And the government must carefully screen out any jihadists or others who support violence."

We think most Canadians would agree with those conditions — even if the media doesn’t. So we want to commission a professional poll to ask Canadians about screening out economic opportunists, and dangerous jihadists.

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We call on the government to be responsible in any plans for refugees from the Middle East. Only legitimate refugees who have a well-founded fear of persecution should be accepted — not economic migrants. And the government must carefully screen out any jihadists or others who support violence.

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