May 18, 2015

The week that proved most Canadians are idiots

Richard KlagsbrunRebel Blogger

If intelligence is something that is quantifiable and can be ranked, then the last week's news cycle is an apt reminder that half the population has below-average intelligence.

The metamorphosis of the ridiculous non-happening of a yob at a soccer game shouting an obscene phrase into a microphone into a massive movement of collective sanctimony is ample reminder of how many stupid Canadians there are. And I'm not just talking about the yob and his ilk.

By any objective measure, someone wearing his corporate uniform and furiously, sincerely calling for the genocide of an entire people in public, on television, would be greater cause for dismissal than someone who when questioned about a stupid sexist phrase, made some stupid sexist remarks.

But that's not how it worked in Canada last week. When a Toronto public transit employee, while wearing his Toronto Transit Commission uniform, called for a genocide of Jews in Israel, there was no massive movement by Social Justice Wankers to have criminal charges brought against him or to have him fired. All that happened to him was that he was told to take three Rae days, as unpaid vacation time in the Ontario civil service has come to be called.

Meanwhile, some stupid schmuck, who didn't even shout the vulgar "FHRITP" phrase on camera, but was unfortunate enough to be questioned by a reporter about it, and was dumb enough to voice his support for the idiotic trend, has been fired from his six-figure salaried job. That fool narrowly evaded criminal charges, only because the reporter refused to file a criminal complaint. The reporter, CP 24's Shauna Hunt, is the only person who has emerged from this brouhaha looking intelligent and reasonable. Hordes of others are competing to outdo each other in hyperbole and overreaction, like the Calgary Police force, which charged a man who shouted the "FHRITP" phrase from a passing truck.

I'm not making excuses for the "FHRITP" morons. The people who do it are clearly imbeciles. But what's worse is the self-righteous posturing and the piling on to denounce them as if the entire arena of Canadian media has devolved into a Stalinist show trial.

"Hey ladies, I just want you to know that all men aren't like those scum. There are guys like me who respect women and would never do anything like that. I'm glad one was fired and they should face charges."  That's the type of comment that's been appearing on facebook threads all over Canada and in some ways, it's even creepier than the "FHRITP" stupidity. Anyone who's familiar with these ostentatious male feminists knows that they're slimy characters who are as sexist as the droogs in A Clockwork Orange, but because they're beta male douchebags, rely on Grima Wormtongue sleaziness to try to lure women.

Of course, most men aren't idiots who run around shouting vulgarities at women. Almost all women already know that.

However a little more perspective and a lot less hypocrisy would be nice. Plenty of the exact same people who are enthusiastic supporters of Omar Khadr, and are apoplectic that the Harper government would want to keep him in prison, are now leading the charge to pillory some imbecile just for making stupid comments supporting a vulgarian. Think about it. They are not just forgiving, but outright supportive of an unrepentant murderer and terrorist jihadi, but they are completely outraged and want the full force of the justice system and social ostracism to descend on a halfwit for pulling the equivalent of a frat-boy prank.

If municipal and provincial election results throughout Canada weren't proof enough, this is just more evidence that we live in a society of idiots.  Not that we should be surprised by that in any way, since we live in a society that glorifies idiots like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. We make stupid people rich and famous just for being stupid, and you know we do, because you recognize the names Mama June and Honey Boo Boo.

It's natural that TV media would want to shame the "FHRITP" attention-seekers out of existence. They have become a significant inconvenience for TV news reporters. But a vulgar joke trend is hardly a major issue, and the way that so many gullible Canadians were so easily manipulated into outrage in order to serve the media's interest reaffirms that Orwell was indeed right about us.

Some people thought Andy Warhol was being facetious in 1968 when he wrote, "in the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes." As it turned out, thanks to YouTube and the Internet, Warhol overestimated the duration of fame by a couple of orders of magnitude.  Today, everyone gets to be famous for eight seconds, which is the attention span of the average Canadian.  Really. A new study by Microsoft established that the average Canadian's attention span has declined to eight seconds, which is one second less than the attention span of the average goldfish.

A year ago, I'd have thought something like that must be a made-up joke from the satirical website, The Onion. Now it's just confirmation of the obvious.


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commented 2015-05-22 01:05:53 -0400
Much to do about nothing, and a blatant disregard for true offence. Subterfuge.
commented 2015-05-20 07:51:29 -0400
I say please and thank you, pay my taxes, have defended this country, obey the laws of the land despite my disagreeing with some of them and avoid as much as possible being a trouble maker.

It would be nice if the media focused on the real issues of this country – like taxes, rising energy costs, seniors unable to heat or eat, the importation of people who not only do not value this country but want to make it like the country they just left, “the justice system for those who have money” and “the legal system for those who do not have money” and the rising loss of jobs to foreign countries – rather than whether or not Bruce Jenner will cut off his dick and build an artificial vagina in its place – perhaps we would actually have a country in another 100 years.
commented 2015-05-20 04:44:52 -0400
This was a great read, although I had to google “yob” (duh, “boy” spelled backwards, the antithesis of what a good boy should be.) Noting the prevalence of “beta male” feminist “douchebags” was an especially nice touch, as well. I’ve definitely encountered my share of this perfidious bunch.
I just have to say, while the FHRITP crowd may be considered a nuisance by the news media, it poses no threat beyond the publicity it generates by indulging an already over-saturated, low-brow media culture. I lament the devolution of Canadian intelligence and seeming decline in popular taste, but that’s not a crime. Far worse is how the public is so easily manipulated into serving the media’s interest these days. There have actually been legal arguments describing why these FHRITP yobs should be criminally charged with interfering in the news media’s so-called “property” — the digital recording of live, public space. This is important, as it signals that the news media is now asserting a property right over public spectacles. Media outlets have long decided what public events become “news” and how those stories are told, according to their own editorial policies, and (to a lesser extent), the preferences of their viewers/readers/subscribers. No longer satisfied with simply observing and reporting the news, it seems that the media now seeks to control the very public space in which it chooses to set up a camera, including the actions of anyone who enters the camera’s field of view.
One writer argued that the FHRITP schmucks should be held liable for rendering news footage (the “property”) incapable of being aired because the content (may) violate various Canadian broadcasting standards. This makes me laugh on so many levels! First, if anything, the FHRITP phenomenon has only increased viewership among the outlets that have aired the incidents, and hence the value of such media property has actually been enhanced. Second, the media (so far) hasn’t been sanctioned by the CBSC or CRTC, whereas certain FHRITP a-holes have ended up losing their jobs and/or are facing criminal charges.
The media can’t have it both ways. It can’t claim a property right over a spontaneous, unscripted public spectacle, and then claim interference with that property by the very actors that created the “newsworthy” public spectacle/media property in the first place.
Further, I fail to see any difference between some idiot running past a news camera, yelling “Fuck Her Right In The Pussy” (yeah, I wrote it. deal with it.) just to get a few seconds of notoriety (which today is itself indistinguishable from actual, deserved fame), and other forms of protected “free expression” or public protest that are similarly designed to intentionally disrupt, inconvenience, and draw attention. Personally, I am no more offended by someone uttering FHRITP, or any other obscenity, in public, whether in the background of a live news broadcast or not, than I am by the prolonged antics of the Occupy movement (in fact, even less so.)
One Occupy group set up camp right next door to my place of work in downtown Edmonton for over a month, and I was forced to walk past it every day. It got so bad (dirty, smelly, loud, aggressive, and downright scary after dark) that I had to alter my usual path and walk on the other side of the street, going more than a block out of my way. Having to change my route to avoid an uncomfortable situation caused by the Occupy protesters was an actual disturbance such that section 175(1)(a) of the Criminal Code would be engaged. The Alberta Provincial Court agreed in R v Daniel (2001).
Conversely, a Manitoba court held that abusive comments directed at police (or anyone else) do not, in and of themselves, constitute an offence of causing a disturbance (R v Stewart, 2000). I can’t even fathom the number of times I’ve been subjected to shouting, screaming, swearing and generally offensive behaviour by individuals I happen across while traversing a public space. And this is just an average Friday night on Whyte Avenue. I’m not even counting all the times I’ve been involuntarily solicited by aggressive panhandlers, or for that matter, by Jehovah’s Witnesses appearing uninvited on my doorstep, or by persistent, ill-timed phone calls from telemarketers, pollsters, charities, political groups, etc.
Where does it end? A reasonable line has to be drawn, and it should depend on what a reasonable person would do in similar circumstances. If the behaviour is such that a reasonable person would perceive it to be potentially threatening to person or property, such that there is an understandable need to respond in some way (by calling authorities, calling for other members of the public for assistance, personally intervening, or significantly changing one’s own behaviour to avoid or circumvent the disturbance out of a reasonable apprehension of danger to one’s security of person), the behaviour might rise to the level of criminality.
This should be contrasted with individually-motivated responses that are not necessitated from the perspective of a reasonable, objective observer. If some dick in a passing car yells “nice fuckin’ tits!” at me (which has happened, at least a dozen times or so), I don’t call the police. I ignore it. Responding only gives the dick the attention he was seeking. The car isn’t stopping, I’m not in any danger, it’s purely a fleeting distraction that doesn’t actually affect me in the slightest. The only residual effect is a tinge of feminist guilt caused by a fleeting enjoyment in the unsolicited male appreciation of my physical appearance (Yes! 34-years-old and I’ve still got it!)
These FHRITP idiots are the least of our worries, and are no more troublesome or criminal than the troupes of university-age males roaming the bar scenes of every major city in the world. People who deliberately go on the news shouting obscenities are generally just young, ignorant a-holes seeking attention. They are not the sort to be involved in serious criminal activities, like terrorism, for example. Even debating this issue is a serious waste of our time and resources, and takes away from our ability to detect and combat actual threats.
But when the mainstream news media prefers to fawn over a convicted murderer and terrorist like Omar Khadr, insisting he is the real victim, and consistently avoids naming Khadr’s actual victims, the murdered Sgt. Christopher Speers and his grieving wife and children, what else can you expect?
commented 2015-05-19 13:27:57 -0400
I think the answer to this insane duality is that SJWs and PC media have their collective priorities up their tukas . One of the genetic downfalls of the left is their inability to comprehend perspective.
commented 2015-05-19 07:40:47 -0400
“It’s natural that TV media would want to shame the “FHRITP” attention-seekers out of existence. They have become a significant inconvenience for TV news reporters."

FHRITP is unnecessarily vulgar. I don’t really think these people yell this out of any hate of women but simply as a means to interrupt and confound a TV personality. Pick a different thing to yell.
As far as someone inconveniencing television journalists? I kind of get a kick out of that. Seeing some narcissistic bubble head with a microphone, female or male, sticking their nose into everything is a bit annoying. It’s kind of funny to see people ruining their broadcasts. Just pick something else to say.
commented 2015-05-19 00:46:38 -0400
I wouldn’t have these vulgar manboys in my employ. Who would want that behaviour anywhere near their good business name ,reputation or brand. I’d fire them, no problem. Any public works employee acts like that in public, on camera, doesn’t have much respect for his job or anything else. That being said, they should be ridiculed like the pathetic flashers they are, not charged.

Put Omar where he belongs, then maybe this conversation wouldn’t sound so stupid.
commented 2015-05-18 21:06:24 -0400
I do not know who Mama June and Baby Boo Boo are and I suspect I don’t want to know. There is no real news anymore on the regular “news” broadcasts. The response mentioned above is typical of the type of item that gets attention. I stopped listening to “science” broadcasts when the emphasis became global warming, as it was then called, and black holes. On television, the programmes were about elephant tusks and rhino horns, and orcas consuming hapless seal pups tossed for the benefit of a cameraman. The last interesting programme I watched was about animal and plant adaptations for camouflage or mimicry; a rare one and nice to see. I see no reason to expect that books will not survive. I choose my reading sources and times, and avoid the eight seconds—easy enough to do! This story indicating the “lack of intelligence” as you have described has been shown and commented on here a couple of times now. That tells us something, I suppose.
commented 2015-05-18 15:54:30 -0400
If p was subplanted with a I suspect no controversy! My My ?