Fight back against the anti-Christian bigotry in the Battle River School board

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John Carpay provides Ezra Levant with an update on the case

Published on January 9, 2018Things have gone from bad to worse. Rather than respect the Cornerstone Christian Academy’s religious freedom, the school board has served the school notice that it will be officially kicked out next year — so the school won’t get any funding. It’s effectively being shut down, because a left-wing, anti-Christian activist doesn’t like the Bible.

But I’ve got good news: Canada’s best (and only?) civil liberties lawyer, John Carpay, is taking the school board to court, to stop the Battle River School Division from banning the Cornerstone Christian Academy.

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UPDATE: Battle River School Division “played the media” with threat allegations

Published on December 20, 2017Lauri Skori, chair of the Battle River School Division, claimed she needed police to help her deal with threats after she created an international firestorm when she tried to censor the Bible in a Christian school.

UPDATE: Alberta school board wanted pastor punished for defending Bible

Published on October 24, 2017Sheila Gunn Reid reviews another email where the school board mused that a pastor who spoke up against them in a private email (he CC'd the wrong person) should be subject to an ethics complaint.

Alberta school board chair called RCMP over a Rebel report (but there's more)

Published on October 21, 2017 - After filing a Freedom of Information request, Sheila Gunn Reid learned that Laurie Skori tried to call the police to stop The Rebel's investigation!

UPDATE: Anti-Christian bigotry in the Battle River School Division

Published on July 14, 2017Sheila Gunn Reid reports on the Battle River School Divison forcing a Christian school to censor the Bible. 

UPDATE: Defending Christian education from the Alberta government

Published on July 4, 2017Ezra Levant interviewed John Carpay, from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. John's defending the right of a Christian school in Alberta to teach the Bible without government censorship.

The Cornerstone Christian Academy in Alberta is exactly what it says it is — a Christian school. Just like Alberta has Jewish schools and Muslim schools too.

But the head of the government school board that oversees Cornerstone, a woman named Lauri Skori, has literally ordered the school to stop teaching passages in the Bible that she personally disagrees with.

I know this sounds crazy. But it’s true. Skori, basically went through the Bible with a black pen and emailed the school telling them what words were now banned.

In particular, Skori has decided that she doesn’t like 1st Corinthians, which states:

Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

Now, you can agree with or disagree with that. You can agree with or disagree with the ten commandments. But freedom of religion and freedom of expression are an essential freedom in Canada.

In fact, the concept of the separation of church and state — it actually doesn’t exist in Canada.

Our Constitution has religion hard-wired into it — the word Catholic is in our Constitution four times, specifically to protect religious education. That’s part of the grand bargain of Canada, uniting French Canada and English Canada.

It’s shocking, but it’s not surprising. Christianity has been driven out of the public square everywhere in Canada. But surely this is a new low — Christianity is actually being banned in a Christian school.

Government bureaucrats would never dream of telling Muslim schools they couldn’t teach passages from the Koran — even ones that call for the murder of infidels and apostates. But banning the Bible is now official school board policy.

And, not surprisingly, the media and the political class are silent. Even supposedly Christian or conservative politicians are keeping their heads down — they don’t want to be attacked by the leftist mob at the CBC.

The school board is digging in. They’re closing ranks around Laurie Skori the chair. They’re bullying the school. David Eggen, the NDP education minister, he hates Christian schools, wants to shut them down, has taken steps to shut others down. He’s an anti-Christian bigot who doesn’t seem upset about this censorship in the slightest.

So who will stand up for the Christians? Don’t expect any politicians to do so. They’re cowards, as we’ve learned again and again. The Wildrose and the Progressive Conservatives both don’t want to be called “homophobes” or “Christian extremists” by the CBC, so they’re keeping their heads down low.

Well, we’ve found one honest man — John Carpay, from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. He’s agreed to take the case of Cornerstone Christian Academy. He’s written a scorching 8-page legal letter to the school board pointing out how what they’re doing is illegal — it’s unconstitutional.

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