October 03, 2018

Theresa May’s Big Conference Speech Shows Her PC Credentials

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

I just watched Theresa May’s speech at the Tory conference. She ended days of chaos with a speech designed to unite the party, and I found myself almost respecting her.

Here’s the thing: I recognize she’s weak on immigrant and religious extremism, she’s doing a terrible job on Brexit, and she’d probably call me a far-right extremist. But she’s so awkwardly loveable, I want to like her.

She even walked onto the stage to “Dancing Queen” by ABBA, throwing some shapes and basically doing the robot as she walked to her podium. I thought it was clever and admirable. She’s awkward and she’s embracing it in front of the world’s press. They can’t attack her if she’s making fun herself.

But when it comes to the nitty gritty, her speech just confirmed her PC credentials.

She proudly praised our multicultural society, referencing how the son of a Pakistani migrant could become Home Secretary, and a pregnant lesbian woman could become the leader of the Scottish Conservatives. That’s very nice and all, but this didn’t inspire the everyday people of Britain – and it completely ignored the fact that her Brexit proposals are practically impossible to pass in Parliament.

Farage chimed in on Twitter saying that her speech sounded like the relaunch of the Social Democratic Party, and that it was “politically correct beyond belief.”

I’d agree – May’s speech went further than Cameron ever did with his rebranding of the Tories.

She even defended Diane Abbott from the mean trolls online, completely ignoring the fact that Abbott is mocked because of her disdain for democracy, her attacks against Brexiteers, and for her total ineptitude. Not her skin colour.

She called for an end to “the bitterness and bile which is poisoning our politics”. Well, that might end if the main parties stopped calling decent working people “far right” – and that goes for Boris Johnson, too.

Interestingly, Mrs. May also rebranded her Chequers deal as a “free trade” deal. She stole a line from Boris and responded no doubt to party donor Michael Spencer’s words a few days ago, stating that she will “back” business.

No amount of deception will work, and no amount of distraction will work.

May can praise the virtues of our multicultural society all she likes, and try and present her Chequers deal in a new way – but it doesn’t change the fact that the EU doesn’t want the deal, Parliament doesn’t want the deal, and the British people don’t want this deal.

If it happens, May is toast.

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commented 2018-10-03 17:57:24 -0400
“Mere twenty years ago Conservatives today in England …”

should read

“Mere twenty years ago Conservatives in England …”

I wish there was an edit button.
commented 2018-10-03 17:56:07 -0400
Mere twenty years ago Conservatives today in England and Canada would have considered the Conservatives of today as Liberals.

The whole political spectrum has shifted left. Now the “far right” is any policy that was main stream conservatism twenty years ago. It won’t be long before socialism is considered far right and communism is main stream.

Because of this shift, people like Theresa May and Andrew Scheer are just acting like regular Conservatives.

It is a depressing situation. What will it take to pull Conservatives back to being Conservatives? Is it possible?
commented 2018-10-03 17:05:57 -0400
I agree. I have always argued that all the major political parties in Britain promote the same liberal-progressive consensus (PC ideology).
“Whether a left-leaning government is in power in Britain, or a right-leaning Tory (Conservative) government, both subscribe with equal passion to this liberal-progressive consensus, and both promote it with such great vigor – via the legislation they pass and the thoughts, words and acts they criminalize, and above all, via the good offices of their media supporters – that its promotion amounts to propaganda.” (From my Blog piece last month, “The Liberal-Progressive Consensus & the Resistance” at rabbiedeoir+blog).
As for free trade: I loathe it. It is a vital element of the economic globalism that has working people in Britain, across Europe, and the USA also, forcibly entered in an economic race to the bottom. Bring back protectionism!