May 21, 2016

“Thank God we don’t have nuclear weapons”: The #1 thing the Media Party left out about #Elbowgate

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The whole world is laughing at Justin Trudeau. In a move worthy of a substitute drama teacher, stormed across the House of Commons, grabbed one male MP, elbowed another female MP in the chest, and swore at them all.

Even the Toronto Star called his conduct “bizarre” and a “disturbing failure of judgement.”

But before it’s all forgotten, let me point out ten things about the story that the liberal media glossed over.

Number one: Trudeau was looking to pick a fight. He stormed over like a male model angry that his soy latte was cold...

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commented 2016-05-23 09:50:46 -0400
I can appreciate Ez’s joke: “Thank God we don’t have nuclear weapons”!

Yet, it is a tragedy that Canada still cannot defend itself, by controlling its own nuclear defense force. We need such capability, due to the likes of Putin plus the other untrustworthy hostile people who are likely to succeed him. Also, Obama has demonstrated numerous times, now, that the US is unreliable – especially, when it’s own national interest is counter to that of traditional US allies.

What if, for instance, Putin takes only part of Canada’s west Arctic coast and tells America that, in exchange for not interfering, it can have half of the oil/mineral deposits, in the former Canadian territory?

Still think Obama et al. would come to Canada’s rescue?

Still willing to bet your and your loved ones’ life, on it?

As I have pointed out many times, online, now (see my recent tweets, for instance (@williamsheehan6), the Russians invade only countries that do not have nuclear weapons and Putin has already expressed interest in acquiring, at least, some of Canada’s Arctic region (recall the Russian flag planted on Canadian Arctic territory, in 2007?).

I suspect that, if oil had stayed at its old high price (to which it will eventually return and, likely, surpass), then the danger Canada faces, from Russia, would have been higher, today, than it presently is.

Yes. The time, for Canadians to deal with reality is long-overdue!

Canada needs to control its own nukes!

- William F. Sheehan
Toronto, Ontario
commented 2016-05-23 08:43:40 -0400
quotation from the Globe and Mail Oct.28,2009 (Margaret Wente)..‘.Pierre Trudeau and his many women.’
“….”Reason before passion" was his motto, but obviously he forgot it when he married her. They were doomed to make each other miserable. After they split up, he insisted on custody of the children and cut her off with scarcely a dime. He even gave her a black eye or two. (Eventually they came to an amicable joint-custody arrangement and learned to get along quite well.)

When Mr. Trudeau came to power in 1968, he was almost 50. But to his hordes of groupies, he embodied the spirit of the age – youthful, irreverent, adventurous and unstuffed. He was the first (and maybe last) PM who looked good in blue jeans. He was fortunate to conduct his love life in an era when the private lives of politicians were (by mutual consent) more off limits to the media than they are now. His affairs – to say nothing of Margaret’s shiners – would draw a lot more scrutiny today.

There was only one woman Mr. Trudeau failed to charm: Margaret Thatcher. She loathed him, especially when he launched his personal peace initiative under the influence of Ms. Kidder. By then, it was the early eighties and a vast number of Canadians, including me, had grown to loathe him, too."

…as we will grow to loathe his son…unfortunately there are always women who will be able to forgive and forgive an angry narcissist…they need a gene implant from Margaret Thatcher…or me.
commented 2016-05-22 23:04:57 -0400
God as my Lord, Trudeau needs to seriously go out of office pronto. Those that favored him in any manner should be held accountable for stupidity.
commented 2016-05-22 20:36:34 -0400
You know, I mostly came here to remember someone as forgettable as Ezra Levant’s name. I’m glad to see he’s about on par with how he was in Sun News, a sad curmudgeonly old fuck who thinks that walking is an adrenaline fueled joy ride that only super models can do.

I really wish I could say all canadians at least got a decent education, but this man is proof we don’t.
commented 2016-05-22 19:14:35 -0400
Ezra, I bet you have been wanking over that clip since Wednesday, you sad, vitriolic sack.
commented 2016-05-22 14:20:47 -0400
Thank god we don’t have a real country either, or the current personality cult politic would certainly destroy it.
commented 2016-05-22 11:32:14 -0400
Trudeau is a foppish third rate thespian. He’s not qualified to hold his office.
commented 2016-05-22 11:32:14 -0400
Trudeau is a foppish third rate thespian. He’s not qualified to hold his office.
commented 2016-05-22 06:34:10 -0400
Canada is laughing at Trudeau. I laughed myself silly for three days when this happened and I am still chuckling this morning. My teenagers who are the next generation of Conservative voters got a laugh too. My gosh, even the neighbor’s eight year old son could run the country better than Trudeau that’s how smart and wise he is. Where’s the commie boy king now anyways? Hiding out sulking?
commented 2016-05-22 01:45:46 -0400
James yes they laugh at buffoons like Justin.
commented 2016-05-22 01:45:46 -0400
James yes they laugh at buffoons like Justin.
commented 2016-05-21 23:03:00 -0400
The world is laughing, really? Like anyone cares. The truth is, all of Canada is laughing at the NDP for their hurt footballer bs. For shame, NDP, for shame.
commented 2016-05-21 21:48:21 -0400
Trudeau should immediately go to confession and ask forgiveness for his sinful acts of temper and violence committed in Parliament.
Oops Sorry, I forgot he is now a Muslim !!!!
commented 2016-05-21 17:25:47 -0400
Considering we built nukes for the USA in the 70-80’s What makes you think we don’t?
commented 2016-05-21 16:04:57 -0400
If Justin had a Nuke, he would probably think it was a Joy Toy and make good use of it.

Boy, would I like to have my hand on the trigger for that one.
commented 2016-05-21 15:16:17 -0400
Robert what mansbridge meant by ugly was his hero getting caught on camera being the ahole he is
commented 2016-05-21 13:59:48 -0400
It was also a good thing that the Cuban dictator wannabe, his high and mighty Justin “El Bow” Bin Trudeau was not packing.
His imitatation of the Cologne groping incident would have been much bloodier.

Soon to be repeated on Main Street in Your Town!

commented 2016-05-21 13:21:49 -0400
Yes, thank God Canada does not have Nuclear weapons. If they had to provide for their own defense they would not be able to afford all of the socialist medicine and keep their welfare state going.
commented 2016-05-21 13:14:44 -0400
Peter Mansbridge called the incident “ugly”.
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