February 27, 2018

This actor's “thoughts and prayers” for Kevin Smith triggered Twitter atheists

Amanda HeadRebel Contributor
Flagging comment from
Like I said, Vincent, you’re just an asshole, that’s all…. totally irreverent and insignificant
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commented 2018-02-27 13:38:15 -0500
I can unequivocally state and confirm that “prayer” works. God does answer our prayers. He certainly has answered mine all my life.
Sometimes the answer we get from God is not the one we want or expect, but He did answer.
I truly feel sorry for those people in our world, and there seems to be more and more in this day, that don’t believe there is a God and reject Him out of hand.
I thank my God everyday for answering all my prayers and I pray for all the unbelievers.