July 05, 2017

This cartoon perfectly sums up how Canadians feel about Trudeau making convicted terrorist Omar Khadr a millionaire

StaffRebel Columnist

This cartoon couldn't be more spot on.

An illustration by Reddit user and Meta Canada manager Ham_Sandwich77 highlights everything wrong with Justin Trudeau giving Omar Khadr over $10million and an apology while our veterans get left in the dark.

The attention to detail is very high. If you look closely you can even see Justin's "Gay Pride" Islam socks.

Well done, Ham_Sandwich77. Well done. Hopefully the state broadcaster doesn't try to dox you.

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commented 2017-07-07 20:42:10 -0400
Tammie and Krispy..hmm..I’ll leave that alone…Yes, he and his followers are Goofs also..Please keep searching. There is tons of shit on him. I even got threatened on another site(fake news site) from a liberal wing nut of a Law suit because I was repeating what trudeau said??
commented 2017-07-06 14:10:38 -0400
Krispy Larue, I remember when Trudeau made that statement, what a moron!
commented 2017-07-06 03:49:30 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt commented…
“I spoke with a colleague earlier today, she didn’t know anything about this & told me she purposefully doesn’t watch/read news.”

That reminds me of one of my favorite Trudeauisms:

“I don’t read the newspapers, I don’t watch the news. I figure, if something important happens, someone will tell me.” -Justin Trudeau
commented 2017-07-06 03:25:41 -0400
Andy Neimers commented…
“This travesty came up for discussion of The Five on FOX News this afternoon… So now millions of Americans are aware of it and no doubt many are losing any sympathy for anything Canada has to say in upcoming trade and treaty negotiations.”

Correct. So Justin bin Trudeau’s payola won’t cost us $10.5 million… more like $10.5 BILLION.
commented 2017-07-06 02:27:00 -0400
This travesty came up for discussion of The Five on FOX News this afternoon… So now millions of Americans are aware of it and no doubt many are losing any sympathy for anything Canada has to say in upcoming trade and treaty negotiations… Thanks Boy Blunder!.. Just what we needed eh?….
commented 2017-07-05 22:16:34 -0400
If Sheers widow doesn’t receive anything from Omar( If she manages to successfully scoop some of that 10 million(?) I imagine she would donate most of it also to vets ) we should consider a crowd fund for her as well.
It would be a way of saying Canadians do not agree with this travesty, and a token of our regret for the Liberal government’s actions.. I would pay for billboards advertising both crowdfunds. I think Americans should know that most Canadians (literally) are being held hostage by this government and do not agree with Trudeau’s policies.
commented 2017-07-05 22:04:34 -0400
Karan Singh I like that idea. We will never reach the number little Omar will be receiving thanks to Justin robbing us yet again, but at least something good will come of this rotten disgusting payout.
Lets crowd fund for vets to highlight Justin’s absurd insult. The Rebel needs to do it and publicise it otherwise it won’t be noticed.
commented 2017-07-05 20:19:47 -0400
Bravo Zulu..Thanks.. I believe there are a lot of good heart’d People in Canada that don’t know what’s going on beyond their neighborhood..Thanks again Brother/Sister..It don’t matter to me either way…It’s all good.
commented 2017-07-05 19:16:10 -0400
I spoke with a colleague earlier today, she didn’t know anything about this & told me she purposefully doesn’t watch/read news.
Explained Khadr’s millions and the “apology from Canada” Trudeau is only too happy to give. While I was telling her about it, my blood pressure was rising & I felt sick.
I am disgusted beyond words!
commented 2017-07-05 18:20:58 -0400
In respects to Bravo Zulu past comments..Basically Bravo says blame the Canadian People who voted for the liberal Party’s..Past and current. I do agree..It’s the non voting population also who are at blame. Are they aware of what is currently happening around the World? Or Canada? What about the Canadian population that gets their information from the corrupt msm only?

We all knew at this site where this swamp creature Govt. was going. I don’t want to speak anymore. liberal voters are either brain dead or evil doers..what else could they be?
commented 2017-07-05 17:55:08 -0400
correction: all such activities need to be banned
commented 2017-07-05 17:49:00 -0400
More crooked islamic lawyers ripping off our country sharia style where terrorists are praised and rewarded for killing us. The sharia takedown of our country is illegal, treasonous and all such activities banned and the millions this murdering terrorist received has to be taken back and given to Canadians who need and deserve it and Kahdr needs to be deported. The liberals have turned into a sharia/communist style government which is treason and the entire party needs to be scrutinized to see who exactly is responsible for all of this and thrown out. The enemy is running our country from within. They need to be weeded out and imprisoned.
commented 2017-07-05 16:28:36 -0400
Let’s put potatohead turdo, his liberals and vets who supported turdo in his last elections. Crowd
fund at least a million dollars (more the better) and donate it to some credible veterans organisation. I’ve complete faith in fellow canadians, we can do it. I pledge $100 to begin with.
commented 2017-07-05 15:18:23 -0400
The Omar Khadr Case: Pay Up Canada and Apologize! (THE SAAD TRUTH_486)
“This rejection of reason should not be tolerated”
commented 2017-07-05 15:17:34 -0400
HAM _ SANDWICH 77 , you built that sandwich perfectly , all the right ingredients , including mustard and relish , we want you to keep coming back , with more sandwiches

The religion of peace that terrorists fight for in the month of June arranged 172 attacks , which resulted in 1476 killings , and many more injuries

The federal government of Canada has just awarded one such terrorist , 10, 000,000 dollars for past deeds
commented 2017-07-05 15:01:08 -0400
I’m just waiting to see Trudeau give Khadr a big hug like he hugged the puppet and then asked it if it could breathe. Then I’m going to throw up.
commented 2017-07-05 14:41:57 -0400
If Trudeau is not stopped, Canada and ‘We’ will be. He is becoming more like his Father every day. Fidel would be proud of him.
commented 2017-07-05 14:33:08 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,636 Attacks, 216,960 Killed, 298,379 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-07-05 13:16:52 -0400
It saddens me that our gov’t would reward a known terrorist from a known active family for his terrorism and leave our VETS struggling to put shattered lives together after fighting the good fight and being our homegrown heroes. If anybody thinks that is a good direction for our country, I guess the present libs are your ticket. My belly heaves with disgust for the libs.