October 31, 2015

This ONE PHOTO sums up the decline of Alberta under Notley's NDP

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Look at this picture, sent to me by a viewer. It’s the flight between Houston, Texas and Calgary, Alberta, the two oil capitals.

Houston is booming thanks to fracking, even though oil prices are very low.

But not Calgary.

It’s reeling — massive lay offs. Same international price of oil — though Alberta gets less because of a bottleneck of pipelines.

But the Alberta NDP’s war on oil companies has made all the difference.

So look at this flight.

A year ago, it would be jammed full, my viewer says.

The world still invests hundreds of billions of dollars a year in oil. It’s just not doing so in Alberta, where the NDP wreckers are still in their first year of sabotage, and Justin Trudeau is getting ready to join them.


The NDP budget is a disaster. 50,000 are out of work. Investment is fleeing the province.
SIGN THE PETITION to tell Rachel Notley stop her war on oil and gas jobs in Alberta.

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commented 2015-11-02 03:09:21 -0500
Manu go cry since we pointed out flaws in your logic. I guess real debate is beyond you. YOu do realize we have more than oil in Alberta eh? We have lots of gas as well.
commented 2015-11-02 02:59:26 -0500
Manu, so how come companies are packing up and going to other countries? It’s not oil prices but restrictions this government is imposing that’s sending them away
commented 2015-11-02 02:29:35 -0500
Yvette…I don’t give crap about the NDP.

It’s amazing how you people are unable to reconcile the logical assertion that global oil prices are to blame and you can’t be saved til prices go back up.

It’s amusing to stir up partisan Fraser-Institute rhetoric among you folks. Step outside the frame and come up with some independent ideas…if you give a crap about your future. You read from a playbook…repeating unoriginal ideas fed to you by the corps and their political wing, the CPC. It’s going to be a long 3-4 years of whining for your ilk. Hopefully you’re able to find some sense and look at the record for what it is, instead of what you’ve been told it will be.

It’s been fun!
commented 2015-11-02 01:54:34 -0500
NDP’s Notley: anti-oil, anti-prosperity, anti-jobs, anti-workers. What a sickening disgrace. Demand her resignation!
commented 2015-11-01 23:13:48 -0500
Manu: no one has mentioned the NDP were responsible for the low oil prices. The point is that Notley has surrounded herself with out of province people who are all anti oil……her own chief of staff, her ministers & their own chief of staff many of which have been shown in videos which The Rebel posted, ranting about how terrible the oil sands were, chanting in front of the legislature about halting new projects & on & on. Notley herself spoke on TV about Alberta being the embarrassing cousin no one wants to talk about & that Alberta had the worst record re the environment & that was how the world saw Alberta. How can that be a good thing? She bites the very hand that feeds her every chance she gets. Just like the CBC & the taxpayer be they liberal, conservative or NDP who subsidize them, but their bias only serve one part of the population.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Notley & her crew have no interest in the oil industry. So, what the hell does that say to the oil execs? Instead of promoting the industry, she slams it. They may have only been in office for a short time, but Notley has managed to do a lot of stuff including tax increases & billions borrowed. She’s trying to defend her budget by picking #s out of thin air re oil prices in the future which somehow will rectify all that spending. I think her crystal ball may have cracks in it.
Peter & Bravo have debated you & won on every point, yet you keep on defending the NDP.
commented 2015-11-01 21:57:30 -0500
That looks like the plane that Motleys crew flies to Toronto and back every week
commented 2015-11-01 18:02:40 -0500
Manu if we did not have to support other provinces and PET did not rape us for over 100 billion we would have quite a bit more saved up as well.
commented 2015-11-01 17:57:36 -0500
Manu Klein paid off our debt and gave us some of our money back when oil was 80 a barrel , he was the pest premier we ever had. Manu google does not always tell you the truth. And sorry but the saudis are not the reason Alberta will be destroyed , what will your excuse be when the price goes up? And if no pipelines can be built do to green kooks they will not drill for anything or build plants , no matter the price. If it is just the price then why is Sask not losing as many jobs? SORRY TO BRING UP REALITY!
commented 2015-11-01 17:52:57 -0500
Manu he did not say it politically he said it to me when i was speaking with him. And Norway taxes their gas by around 80 cents more a litre than we do and pays far less for health care.
commented 2015-11-01 17:01:48 -0500
Manu said this——————————

“Manu Kinder commented 2 hours ago
Bravo…there’s tons wrong with your post…too much to really go over. It all starts with being a male…not from quebec…and a “ditry finger nailed” tradesperson for 10+ years.”

I call bull shit.

An absolute liar – no doubt enjoying playing playing us.

Bull shit Manu – bull shit.

You are a soft worded “Jimmy” and not much more.

While I agree it takes time – you do not acknowledge the dippers of Alberta exacerbated the problem and really got the free fall going.

Bull shit – what part of hog town or kebec are you truly from and how much are the dippers paying you to try and sound reasonable while you throw soft insults around?

Bull shit is what you are spreading and it might even be what you are under that “soft explanatory” exterior.
commented 2015-11-01 16:12:31 -0500
Hmm. I welcome all conversation…I learned some things during it’s course and I hope you have too.

commented 2015-11-01 16:11:04 -0500
Peter…you have the internet…google it. Nobody has added to the trust fund since 87.
commented 2015-11-01 16:10:13 -0500
Peter…amusing to see you bend over backwards to justify a political term.

The name oil sands came about when Harper said that bitumen extraction doesn’t have an environmental problem, it has a PR problem. I forget the exact quote.

I don’t have an environmental issue. Tar sands is what I called it as a kid and young adult, I’m not going to change the word because of a politician or corporation wants to sanitize their product.
commented 2015-11-01 16:07:04 -0500
Look Manu, this conversation is going no where. I will not convince you of anything. Have a nice weekend for what there is left of it.
commented 2015-11-01 16:05:15 -0500
Manu said, “Peter…Klein didn’t add a penny to the trust fund.”

Wrong. On this you are completely wrong.
commented 2015-11-01 16:04:14 -0500
Manu said, “And this is what I propose Alberta should have done. Build a royalty fund and DON’T SPEND IT. EVER.”

On this we agree, and that was what the Heritage Trust Fund was for, but the PCs after Ralph Klein used it to cover their spending, which is one of the reasons they were voted out of office. Now from what I understand, the Sustainability Fund was meant for an emergency fund, natural disasters and when the oil prices went too low.
commented 2015-11-01 16:03:08 -0500
Peter…Klein didn’t add a penny to the trust fund. Budget surpluses, deficits and debt are deceptive to fiscal health and have nothing to do with it. Klein also had a surplus in his first year. Surpluses don’t appear out of thin air. He was elected during a boom. He wasn’t a genius.
commented 2015-11-01 16:00:42 -0500
Manu, I never said that the term tarsands was not used before. But the proper term is oilsands because there is not tar in the bitumen. It is the proper term because it is the most accurate. The reason for the new more accurate term, oilsands, being used now I do not know nor care and it really does not matter because it is the correct description.
commented 2015-11-01 15:58:09 -0500
Manu said, "I’m not a leftie no am I an apologist….I’m a non-partisan realist. "

That may be what you call yourself, but your comments say otherwise. You leave out critical facts in your “non-partisan realist” comments … not very non-partisan of you.
commented 2015-11-01 15:56:45 -0500
Peter. The tar sands were rebranded recently to oil sands to be more friendly and PC. Many of you would have us believe that it was the opposite. I am using the original phrase, you are using the ‘PC’ version. It doesn’t matter what we call them…it’s not relevant to the conversation. I already started I am pro (economically viable) tar sands.
commented 2015-11-01 15:55:51 -0500
Manu said, "Peter…people love king Ralph because he was around during the height of the boom. He is the one you should blame most…he had the most, he should have saved the most. "

He did.

You forget he took us out of a large debt and gave us a surplus in two accounts. If I remember correctly, the Heritage Trust Fund had over $14 Billion and the Sustainability Fund had over 8 Billion. From a serious debt to a surplus.
commented 2015-11-01 15:53:28 -0500
Drew…they are bound to say such things politically because they have a financial interest in having conservatives in office for very obvious reasons. But at the end of the day if it were economically viable…they would bring projects to Alberta. It’s desperate and worthy of ridicule to suggest that multinational corporations would ignore profit in favour of idealism. It’s a lie to suggest that the economic climate has changed or will changed to affect the bottom line enough to influence the economic viability of the projects.

Oil prices dropped under the magic number WHILE the NDP were in office. You can reduce taxes and royalties to zero and it wouldn’t help. Previous years’ layoffs were in anticipation of this drop. It’s going to get worse, not better, for tar sands and shale gas projects as long as OPEC can afford it.

That’s reality.
commented 2015-11-01 15:52:50 -0500
Manu said, "And no…the name tar sands isn’t derogatory. "

Of course it is. There is no tar in the oilsands!
commented 2015-11-01 15:51:47 -0500

WE KNOW THAT. WE HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED THAT! But is it worse now that it has ever been before, even when the oil prices were lower!
commented 2015-11-01 15:46:36 -0500
Peter…people love king Ralph because he was around during the height of the boom. He is the one you should blame most…he had the most, he should have saved the most.

You seem to misunderstand what’s happening in Norway…they didn’t touch their fund. They are in debt just as everybody in the world is in debt…but they still have their fund. They borrowed (externally) cheaply and kept the royalty fund. If you subtract the debt from the fund they actual have no net debt. And this is what I propose Alberta should have done. Build a royalty fund and DON’T SPEND IT. EVER. Obviously if your economy is based on oil things are going to go off the rails when oil prices drop…but in Norway they have another rail. Alberta has nothing.

I’m curious where you got the $30 number when all my sources say $50+. I’m also curious how, since the price never dropped under $30 when the cons were in office, there were so many layoffs and project cancellations? Also curious why, since the prices is lower now than when the NDP took office that they are expected to do more with less?

I’m not a leftie no am I an apologist….I’m a non-partisan realist. I didn’t blame the cons for the downturn in oil prices, no do I the NDP. I don’t have any environmental beef with the tar sands. I do, however, support local refinement and the serving of domestic needs over pipelines to transport crude.
commented 2015-11-01 15:27:25 -0500
I was recently speaking to SHELL’s regional manager, he confirms that the NDP is why their will be little if any investment and he said not to expect any work for quite some time.
commented 2015-11-01 15:26:07 -0500
Manu some layoffs started , many more happened due to the NDP and it will get worse due to them.
commented 2015-11-01 15:24:42 -0500
Bravo…there’s tons wrong with your post…too much to really go over. It all starts with being a male…not from quebec…and a “ditry finger nailed” tradesperson for 10+ years.

I’m not sure anybody is going to hear this…I’ve already banged my head against the wall loudly in 2 long posts. THE LAYOFFS STARTED LONG BEFORE THE NDP TOOK OVER. They didn’t start 5 months ago. They didn’t even INCREASE 5 months ago…they’ve in fact slowed. But you won’t (and rightly so) give the NDP credit for slowing down the bleeding…because they JUST TOOK OFFICE.

And no…the name tar sands isn’t derogatory. People who buy into the political renaming (rebranding) of the tar sands are sheep. I just call them what they are. There ain’t no oil in those there sands…it’s a tarlike substance that needs to be heavily processed to become oil…and it’s the cost of that processing that makes them non-viable. That said, I’m not even anti tar sands. I’m a realist who blames the woes on global oil prices, not a regional political party. I say extract it all…when the price is right.
commented 2015-11-01 14:55:45 -0500
Bravo, you are correct, Manu is an apologist for the NDP government, so is Andrew. … hmmm… same person different moniker? Just a thought.
commented 2015-11-01 14:47:18 -0500
Manu said, “Alberta was in freefall BEFORE they took over.”

Not any more than that we haven’t been through before, and “freefall” is not accurate since the oil price went down and then has been going up slightly

Manu said, "You people need to hold your political parties to account and stop re-writing recent history instead of instantly gleefully jumping on a rival. This is our lives…it’s not a game. Don’t be so easily manipulated. "

I am not certain what you are saying here. Are you referring to the sudden switch to the NDP from the PCs? If that be the case, then I agree that we need to hold our political parties to account, bothe PC and NDP. The PCs were held to account, that is why they lost, and as for holding the NDP to account, we are doing what we can (protests, petitions, etc). But as for “re-writing recent history instead of instantly gleefully jumping on a rival”, I am not sure what you mean. Can you explain this statement a bit please?

Manu said, “Do you REALLY think that multinational oil companies (that have no interest in your well-being) are so sensitive?”

Well they are not sensitive to the people, but they certainly are sensitive to their profit margin. Did I say that they were sensitive to the well-being of the people? If I did, I did not mean to say or suggest that.

Manu said, “Do you REALLY think that multinational oil companies (that have no interest in your well-being) are so sensitive?”

I see the left wingers always complain about this, and though I think it is a load of horse manure the left political parties are in bed with the unions and socialist governments like China. So let’s call this accusation “tit for tat”, both sides left and right equal in this regards.

Manu, as for “following the Norway model”, Norway is massively in debt even though they have the capitalist revenues from their oil industry. Yes, I said Norway exploits the oil and gas industries for their revenue to fund their socialist programs. And yet they are still in massive debt. Norway in not a model for efficient socialism, it is also a failed model. But you are correct that conservatives do not follow the socialist way, and I am glad for that. Socialism is okay if it is controlled tightly, such as E.I., Workmans Comp, limited welfare, health care.

Manu said, “they spent like drunks and didn’t save a penny”

Since after the Ralph Klein government in Alberta, you are correct, the PCs spent like drunken sailors. That is one of the main reasons they were voted out. They were “Red” conservatives (Liberal on the inside, blue suit on the outside). Ralph Klein brought the province not only into the black, but into a surplus. Two bank accounts, the “Heritage Trust Fund” and the “Sustainability fund”. Both were spent by the PCs after Klein starting with Stelmach.

Manu said, "If you and you people are such economic wizzes…how did you not prepare for this? "

I never said Alberta was “economic wizzes” and you are correct, the PCs after Klein did not prepare for this as they should have carried on Ralph Klein’s pattern of fiscal restraint. That is one reason why they were voted out of office!

Manu said, "At the end of the day you have to believe that the tar sands aren’t economically viable right now. Full stop. "

At $49/barrel, they are viable. The oisands industry needs $30/barrel to break even. Alberta has had companies continue to invest when the price was lower (even accounting for the value of the dollar). At the end of the day, you should (but I know you won’t as an NDP apologist) acknowledge that the NDP policies are affecting investment in Alberta. Full Stop

Look Manu, I know I will never convince you of anything. Have a nice day.