May 16, 2018

This photo of Rob Lowe has leftists freaking out (again)

Amanda HeadRebel Contributor

Actor Rob Lowe isn't afraid of stirring up Hollywood leftists, and criticizing his fellow entertainers when they say something dumb — but now they're mad at him again for the dumbest reason yet...

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commented 2018-05-17 01:40:31 -0400
Keith and Helen Harvey the leftists never seem to get upset about stuff like that for some reason.
commented 2018-05-17 00:36:20 -0400
Amanda, I seem to remember something about Rob involving the videoing of young women without their knowledge after them being drugged. Please correct me if I am wrong.
commented 2018-05-16 23:36:30 -0400
Rob lowe doesn’t take himself too seriously and he is a natural comedian. I’ve noticed comments from him before which are definitely right of centre.
commented 2018-05-16 16:51:29 -0400
Proving once again lefties are the true haters……………