April 21, 2015

This woman was kicked out of a Calgary comic book convention for criticizing feminism: An interview with Alison Tieman

Marissa SemkiwArchive

Women in the "Honey Badger Brigade" were expelled from Canada's largest comic book expo in Calgary last Friday because they dared to disagree with a feminist panel.

Alison Tieman was one of the women kicked out after she explained to the panel why, as a men's rights activist, she doesn't identify as a feminist.

She also talked to me about censorship, and the intersection of politics and pop culture.

After her story hit the news, Tieman, who also describes herself as "progressive-leaning," noted that "conservative media is more open to our opinion."

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commented 2015-04-27 23:36:44 -0400
We still don’t know who spoke from ‘THE OTHER SIDE’…is this not disconcerting to any of you?…yet people keep condemning them. Until we have names we really have nothing.

Who were these ‘FEMINISTS’ (were they even feminists since no one can pinpoint who they were?) and how did they have the AUTHORITY to kick people out of an expo for ARTISTS? It wasn’t an expo for feminists. Again this story makes no sense…unless the people who kicked them out were from the management or the police…in which case they weren’t feminists…who simply wouldn’t have authority to kick another artist out.

No one can kick out a fellow contributor from such a show…you have to have authority to do so…if the management did so, under the conditions that Tieman claims, they will find themselves with no show or contributors at all next year…so I still think there is a lot to this story that is missing…and relevant.

Something about this story just doesn’t make sense…

@ Christopher who said: “The MSM has got to stop equating Boys and Mens Rights Advocates with Misogny – or at least using it as a reason to silence anyone who disagrees with feminist opinion.” I agree and sympathize that no one should have been silenced for expressing their opinion, but this was more than just being silenced, because Tieman’s voice is all over the internet…it was her business at the show that was possibly damaged.(although this publicity may have done her a favour)

BUT it would be nice if the same respect you request, were given feminists, not endlessly equating them with Misandry, and radicalism.
commented 2015-04-25 20:16:09 -0400
Christopher J. you may be interested in Lauren Southern’s piece if you haven’t seen it.
commented 2015-04-25 18:05:34 -0400
Marissa – I REALLY appreciate that you and Rebel.Media have covered on this odd, fringe-culture incident.
It is not just a “free-speech” issue – it goes much deeper than that.
It is a clear case of repressing any viewpoint that challenges Feminism.
If Men (or in this case female MRA’s who self-identify as advocates for Gender Equality) are allowed to voice their opinions – who knows where it will lead? Will disagreement or opposition break the monolithic official feminist narrative?
The MSM has got to stop equating Boys and Mens Rights Advocates with Misogny – or at least using it as a reason to silence anyone who disagrees with feminist opinion.

Again it was greatly appreciated – even with the awkward, raw, un-edited interview sequence.
commented 2015-04-24 13:27:50 -0400
You lost me Joan when you straw manned me, and claimed I am ‘ignorant’ to what Islamism is doing to the movement. I follow Islamism in the news and world events like a bloodhound BTW. I need little help, and that particular video, if you remember was first posted by Terry Bare on SNN, and then shared by me and others way before today. you do NOT have the monopoly on women’s rights and neither do women. It is a joint humanist effort. I also know about the waves. The problem is a lot of feminists hit a wall of logic. Many cannot fathom female sex worker rights are women’s rights, Muslim women’s rights are women’s rights, and so on…

What I found most disgusting was after Porn Star Cytherea was attacked, it was FEMINISTS calling her a human urinal! MEN were the most sympathetic! The movement abandoned her just because she was in porn. Same thing happened to Christy Mack. Many claimed ‘she was asking for it’. Bloody disgusting!

And how we have you, attacking me… What a wonderful movement your ilk have let it turn into… Feminism has lost sight of it’s enemy and now is in danger of becoming redundant. This will cause a regression coupled with creeping jihad and in a few years we will have to repeat the second wave! MARK MY WORDS!

commented 2015-04-23 23:15:30 -0400
Seriously, the stuff you are pasting and commenting on is presented so out of context that it really makes me mad. I don’t believe you are that ignorant.
commented 2015-04-23 22:58:18 -0400
Judy. I’m out. Your comprehension skills are either sorely lacking, or you are purposely twisting and spinning . People should look at that site for themselves. I have stated what I think.
commented 2015-04-23 22:47:03 -0400
Liza I did not say I sensed hostility from Allison Tieman at all because I did not sense hostility from her…just sadness, and undeserved mistreatment.

I said A Voice for Men radiated hostility on that website…a small sample of their list of enemies:
“Most MRA’s agree that feminism is the enemy of decency and justice” but they do not say, SOME feminists are the enemy, but FEMINISM…the whole historical movement, in effect, comprising women from every walk of life, of every political, religious, philosophical and social stripe, is the enemy of decency and JUSTICE….which is neither rational or accurate – refusing feminists individuality while insisting on their own individualism, see below.

further on they attack chivalrous men:
“First, a chivalrist is not an MRA. The guy who thinks his purpose in life is to care for women like they were children (sorry, but THAT is insulting Liza…I know women who care for men and pay their way…out of love…not to suit some MRA guy or feminist movement), … He is just a trained seal balancing a ball on his nose for a piece of fish, and he is a Judas among his brothers (is this not derogatory and hostility, at least?)….in every waking moment he is about and only about giving women whatever they want in exchange for his validation fix.( is this a compliment? ) That validation is his drug and he will walk right over our broken, bleeding bodies to get it.”.(huh?) Talk about bias and bigotry!

They ignore that, in fact, some of those so-called chivalrous men will not PERMIT their wives to work…hardly trained seals…

..then they rail against the Right, another quote:

“The biggest pretender in the Men’s Rights Movement is the neocon. This is the right wing ideologue …this usurper is more dangerous than the left wing ideologue… But that chap from the right, the one who hangs out in the MRA forums and contributes to threads, cheering on the Men’s Rights Movement and weaving in pitches for republican politics as usual is looking only for useful idiots…In reality he is a cancer growing near our vital organs.” (friendly?)…don’t even trust one another?

and so on, ad nauseum…no one is acceptable,…sort of a male “summer of my discontent”…

and note here their view that :“The right must be brought back on track towards small government (I, a feminist, agree), constitutional ideals (agree), and MUST BECOME OPENLY AND ENERGETICALLY COUNTER-FEMINIST to be anything but useless to us.” ( I can’t wait) Interesting point of view for all us conservatives…a direct order to us if we want to be their friend…(hostile? aggressive? bullying? friendly? take your pick) Yes I know some of you are actually salivating to get on board…

and finally they CONCLUDE “We are more a scattering of diverse and independent voices, unified by the quest for justice and an unyielding refusal to be silenced.” WELL WHAT DO THEY THINK FEMINISTS ARE? That sentence defines feminism perfectly… “THE ENEMY OF ALL DECENCY AND JUSTICE” … THEMSELVES

If you don’t find this FRIENDLY or even rational then I suggest it is the opposite; In my view they radiate a similar kind of hostility to that which Tieman experienced from the organizers of the convention. How would they act if they were in charge of an event? I shudder to think
…I believe that she was unfortunate to get between two hostile groups at war with one another…but who THE OTHER is no one seems to know…that is too strange…why are they not identified?

MGTOW is your issue…that certainly is their privilege….why not? I see some reasons for their view…and women who also feel the same way…

I too am baffled as to why Honey Badger was expelled from the conference and would like to really know the truth about it…I heard Tieman is considered a great artist and…she has an army of support and they surely didn’t take her voice OR CENSOR her overall, because you can find a slew of videos of her talking plenty…on the internet INCLUDING HERE…but it seems they tried to stifle her business at the show and that is all very strange and seems wrong as well.

In fact why were feminism and meninism (I just invented the word) the central focus of a comic arts convention in the first place? She really has pull from all the internet activity on her behalf including the Rebel.media…who is she? I never heard of her before this post. And why is a woman who is against feminism and for a Voice for Men getting more coverage than the women who seemingly opposed her? If she is a victim, and I saw her weeping openly online, how come she has such powerful connections?

(a last thought- unless these are the people at this convention who make video games…I recently heard of a version of Grand Theft Auto that had artwork of a woman being raped…perhaps that is why the Calgary Police were present at the convention…I am just guessing…to address this aspect of the ‘art form’ in general…that might not be good for little kids to be playing with…) we will have to see I guess!
………….the plot thickens!!!!!!!!
commented 2015-04-23 16:54:13 -0400
Judy, I just finished listening to the vid again, and read the entire “A Voice for Men Humanist Counter- theory” page you linked. I thought it was very intelligent, and a reasonable response from men who are questioning whether or not they want to stay stuck with an definition pinned onto them by society. From women who see them for what they can do for them/or as rapists, instead of who they are and maybe even as potential helpmates.

I just don’t get the hostility you mention, from either Allison Tieman or the author of the piece you linked, from, A Voice of Men. In fact quite the contrary.

“This is not an attitude of supremacy or contempt, but a rational response to the egregious state of imbalance that already exists. By advocating for men and boys, we pursue parity, not hegemony.”

“Another group of men, part of the social phenomenon we now call MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) are also MRA’s in my opinion. These are men who see through the misandry of modern times and vote with their feet about marriage and about relationships. They won’t trade their dignity for sex, for attention and approval, and certainly not for a pathetic illusion of love.”

This sentiment comes from somewhere, don’t women have to take some responsibility for it? We have all been led to believe in happily ever after, but have found out the truth, which is, that it is a hard thing to come by. I do believe that it might be a good idea if we want an institution like marriage to survive, that we consider the male role in this and try to understand how things are changing for them and why. I don’t blame them for their reticence. I also do not find it divisive. I find it human.

I will await the rest of the story when Marissa continues with this. However, I don’t see why Honey Badger Brigade were expelled.
commented 2015-04-23 15:50:48 -0400
Token Con: I’m not sure what a “hipster” is, exactly, but “j-school” is a reasonably common (and slightly self-mocking) term in the sector. The rest of your comment was the usual, and, of course, avoids the point: the story omitted key information and represented a single point of view, without response or rebuttal. At least Joan has the intellectual honesty to admit that this was a piece of infotainment propaganda – take a tip from her. :)
commented 2015-04-23 06:13:15 -0400
Some of you might find this interesting…

After reading the whole thing…I would like to hear your views…I just wonder who they (A Voice for Men) DO trust for they don’t even seem to trust each other…as I looked down the list of those who are not permitted to be ‘ONE OF THEM’ I tried to figure out who they ARE…I do see radiating from this article the same subtle hostility towards others that Alison Tieman experienced from the feminists at the Calgary Expo and find this even more confusing…because “A Voice for Men” is supposed to be on her side…

What is all this about? Fracturing people and relationships until there is nothing left?

One thing I do see, this group is definitely anti-feminist…so they have in their minds a definite definition of feminism that is locked in stone and disagreeable to them…while on the other hand they refuse to be defined…

They SAY they are very diverse…maintaining that they cannot be defined…they are a nebulous group…but feminists, it seems are not.

One thing is clear…it takes a lot of courage these days to admit you are a feminist…it seems the word has been purchased and franchised…it isn’t allowed to be an adjective anymore if you don’t fit within the confines of certain feminist groups OR the confines feminism as defined by Men’s Rights Advocacy.

Has the beauty of individualism disappeared? How can we define OURSELVES when others have already LABELLED us with their own prejudices…this is what happened to Alison Tieman…but it also happens to feminists who don’t fit her definition of feminism or those who are not defined by secular feminism…the trouble is that today we are all in such a hurry that we don’t take the time to communicate in anything but sound bites and thus we effectively silence others, refusing their complexity, and this is a deadening of what it means to be human.
commented 2015-04-23 03:23:38 -0400
I apologise for my interruption, Marissa.
commented 2015-04-23 02:45:21 -0400
commented 2015-04-22 23:26:06 -0400
The wonderful thing about Marissa is that she listens and she allows people to speak without interruption. One gets more news that way.

BTW, I love Terry’s posts. Just enough rope every time.
commented 2015-04-22 21:44:44 -0400
Maybe the actual journalist should speak up, and smack down Terry, again. Using hipster language (j-school? Really?) doesn’t actually make you an expert of journalism Terry. Your complaint appears to be that Marissa didn’t show us the whole story in this piece. So, I just checked out the CBC website. Top story: Oliver and his grandkids quote. It’s a reaction piece. The original story, the one I read earlier today, didn’t have any of this reaction. The new story does, though. You seem like a smart guy, kinda. Do I really need to spell out the rest of the lesson for you? Do I need to point out what I’ve pointed out to you before, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, regarding the nature of unbiased versus biased media? Are you even capable of learning anything about media and journalism, or do you already know absolutly everything about the subject, always have and always will? Tell you what Terry; I check out the other sites message boards the (very odd) times they are allowed. When I start seeing you making the same snide bullshit comments about bias in journalism there as you do here, we’ll stop ganging up on you and making you look as stupid as you are so successful at doing yourself without any help.
commented 2015-04-22 17:14:11 -0400
Also, Terry Rudden: No one here believes what you’re saying, SJW. Please try spreading your lies and hatred somewhere else.
commented 2015-04-22 15:49:57 -0400
Terry Rudden – Sigh. (-:
commented 2015-04-22 15:49:08 -0400
Dan Mancuso, thanks for the story about your library experience. I can just imagine Lee’s face when you said that. Oh, your eloquent frankness does make me laugh.

And thanks for the link. Make no mistake, I will post it on our library website and FB page. Our library board agreed to ask the head librarian (who isn’t keen) to write a policy specifically to protect library users and volunteers from intimidation and assault for voicing minority opinions. It helped, I suspect, that when I was body checked at the recent open house, I was speaking with a long-time library board member who witnessed me cry out and then rub my arm. Also, there was a library staff witness to the couple that threatened to forcibly sodomize me. That staff witness tried to intervene and threatened to call police but then they turned on her too. I’m sure she’s talked.

I suspect libraries have been intentionally used by terrorist/leftist interests in silencing pro-free speech and, currently, conservative minority views, for exactly the reason you mention, that as purveyors of free information, they are a fundamental cornerstone to democracy. Democracy is under attack.

In August of 2001, I was using the public library in another city to research for a job I’d accepted. The Internet site I was using suddenly crashed, not due to anything I’d done, so I asked the librarian for help. But before she could do anything, two security guards showed up out of the blue and, one holding each of my arms, escorted me out of the library. They told me if I returned, they’d have me charged with trespassing. The librarian followed us to the door and as I left, she crossed her fingers, held them in the air and said, “the library and the city are like this”. That was the City of Hamilton and at that time, some city councillors were doing some pretty awful criminal activity I had criticized in the local press. Coincidentally, Ontario NDP leader, Andrea Horwath, was on that council.

Anyway, I spoke with the dean of the university I’d accepted the job at. He had an office in Stoney Creek where the university had a satellite campus. He told me his contacts in Hamilton Police Service executive told him the library ban was reprisal for my human-rights advocacy and outspokenness in the press. He called those responsible “terrorists”. I thought that was a little over the top, but after 9/11 happened a month later, I was no longer so sure.

I suspect, from how local people acted just prior to and immediately after the 9/11 attacks, that before the attack, a lot of people knew, more or less, that something big was about to happen. And after the attack, from the way some who before the attack had acted cocky in their abuses suddenly became really secretive and paranoid, I suspect that they’d expected the attack to be more successful than it was, to be a real definitive coup that would overthrow our democracy and allow them to openly oppress and abuse their intellectual opponents with impunity.

commented 2015-04-22 15:40:55 -0400
Joan: we can agree that Marissa knows exactly what she’s doing, and that it’s not journalism. The problem is, much of “The Rebel” readership think it is.
commented 2015-04-22 15:16:44 -0400
Liza, also with John Downs, I think that is just his style. His personal twitch, so to speak. He is really very witty and there is no way he hadn’t read the curriculum. He is always well-informed.
commented 2015-04-22 15:15:06 -0400
Liza, glad to hear you agree. But I would not presume you speak for everyone. I’m not sure therebels other viewers agree. Not that I think they don’t. Just that I am not sure they do.
commented 2015-04-22 15:07:57 -0400
Marty Smith, feminism is not an issue. It is a philosophy, a political ideology and a movement with the core value and goal of equal gender social, financial, power, etc. rights for all. If we are to sensibly discuss our differences, we must rely on how feminism defines itself not what it means to you or to me.

There are, to date, three identified mainstream branches of feminism. The first wave you described, the second that grew out of the 1960s social revolution, and what is called third-wave feminism that focuses on equity for women of colour (with men and white women) and for gay women (with straight women and men). I think third-wave feminism is not feminism as it exludes white women.

While feminism tacitly acknowledges and, by its core value, supports men’s right to social equity with women, it is not, by definition, a men’s movement. Men may self-identify as feminist who support gender equity but the focus of feminism is the traditional and ongoing demeaning and often life-threatening dominance of men over women in the world.

A video in recent news underlines the ongoing need for feminism in today’s world. It showed an Ethiopian woman tied and hung upside down from a ceiling while the Saudi family that employ her as a domestic servant flogged her with canes and whips while she screamed and until she was bloody. Maybe you think such abuses never happen here but they do, increasingly.

Mainstream media, contrary to common belief, is not run by some feminist cabal. It is run by an elite, to be sure, but not one dominated by feminist power. Critics of the mainstream media silence about the gang rape of Cytherea blamed feminists they described as the same wealthy white women that so bungled the suffragette movement. That is a position held by third-wave, racist “feminists”, not by feminists defined by its core value of equality for all.

I think mainstream or real feminism lost is voice, in large part, due to terrorist-induced ideological oppression after 9/11. Irshad Manje had to leave Canada after she published her book, the Trouble with Islam, because police advised her the death threats she got were so credible.

But it is not only Muslim women terrorist agents want to silence. Not just Muslim women they believe are responsible for all rapes we experience. Not just Muslim women they want denied education. Not only Muslim women they want stoned for adultery. Not just Muslim women they want courts to disallow equal inheritance and economic equity to. It is all women.

All women, Marty Smith, are at risk of seeing our beloved Constitutional equity quashed not only by threats of shariah but by politically-correct appeasement of our terrorist enemies.

By men (it needs to be said. Sorry).


Equality for all as an ideal that includes women has, tentatively and nominally, come of age in the west. You won’t find any Canadian political party that officially opposes equality for all. It is assumed. It is a Constitutional basic human right protected by law. Our gender equity in Canada isn’t perfect but it’s reached a level of social acceptance that has allowed feminist women to move on to effect change in other fields, including the ones that continue to be primarily male-dominated. Like philosophy of Science, Engineering, policing and Military.

Instead of reviling and defaming the vague group you refer to just as “these feminists” (it sounds so misogynist), can you try to be a little more specific? Can you recognize women who support equal rights for all, that is to say, technical feminists, do speak out against incidents like happened to Cytherea, but that we may not do so under the rubric of feminism but as doctors, lawyers and CEOs? We are still feminists – that is to say, we support equal rights for all – but we self identify as the roles that primarily define us and not as advocates of the Constitution that we rightly assume as a given.

Canadian feminists assume the Constitution. Maybe we should not be so confident in our so-recently acclaimed legal gender equity, given the backlash we now see, not yet 100 years since we became persons under the law, that with considerable mean spirit, blames us for unevidenced male social oppression. But if so, it is not just women who love the Constitution who need to speak out against threats to displace our legally-protected gender equity with tyranny. Men are under threat to. Not from women but from other men advocating against women in power, against freedom, against democracy. Where are the male voices opposing gang rapes like Cytherea’s? Eh?

Instead of criticizing a splinter in the eye of western feminism, maybe men should concentrate on hauling out that huge, rotting log in their own eye that so dangerously blinds the vision of far too many men to the real threat to their social equity.
commented 2015-04-22 15:04:36 -0400
Regarding Judy’s comment below lining to the ComicsAlliance article: That article is an example of the kind of dishonest agenda pushing people like the Honey Badgers and #GamerGate are standing against. Everything about that article is a fabrication. The “infiltration” comment used by the CalgarExpo and articles like the Mary Sue and CA ones, was an entirely IRONIC joke about how that’s how they would be seen…. as outsiders with “wrong opinions”…. at a convention run by non-inclusive far-left social justice progressives… which is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.
commented 2015-04-22 14:53:22 -0400
You bring up an interesting aspect to the radical feminist/cultural Marxist/collectivist mafia mindset and criminality – libraries. I can’t attest to your experience or not, but offer my own in support.
I believe Public Libraries (and later the Internet) represent a very fundamental and important cornerstone to Democracy, because it allows the citizen to access information for free outside the grasp of the MSM, government and school indoctrination and control. You can’t have Democracy without informed consent.
I am a big fan of the Canadian Library Association’s Position Statement on Intellectual Freedom:
I am also aware first hand of the difference in having a conservative, or liberal, or extreme far left liberal as a librarian can have on your library experience, as well as who makes up the board of each library.
In direct contravention of the above statement on intellectual freedom, many library boards have arbitrarily installed filters on the library’s computer’s internet access. The official reason given was, not wanting to have people access porn and especially child porn on the library computers, and why – which I understand and agree with – I’m with Voltaire on Free Speech, and there are exceptions for every rule. But these filters go much further than that! They filter TEXT! Politically incorrect text as programmed into the filters, arbitrarily, by a biased board! A Direct Contravention!
In regard to the single bad experience I’ve ever had in a library, there’s the radical feminist, socialist librarian I complained to about a paperback ‘western’ I was returning because I was offended that it was unrealistically and inappropriately populated by homosexual characters and I figured it should have at least carried a ‘Homosexual’ warning label, while being shelved in the Western section! The Homo-eroticisation of everything else sacred, fine and good was not going to poison the Western genre, movies or literature, if I could help it! Ang Lee is my enemy…
commented 2015-04-22 14:41:39 -0400
Of course there are enough viewers, who do you think the people who come here are. I would welcome hearing from all the people you mentioned and more. Regarding ,John Downes, he just seemed bored and not really into it. It was as though he hadn’t thought any of it through, and it sounded as if he had not read the sex ed curriculum, that was my problem with him. I have no problem with the Furey debates what so ever, and welcome more of them. The more guests the better. I think the majority of readers who come here want more than one side of a story. As you well know, debate is a part of the process involved in honing an opinion.
commented 2015-04-22 14:08:05 -0400
Terry Rudden. Yes, that is exactly what I am suggesting. I think Marissa is sophisticated enough to familiarize herself with any story she covers so she won’t be ambushed mid-interview. I think she intentionally skews her story telling to appeal to the majority and to provoke critical viewers to dissent. I think she and therebel.media know full-well who its audience is and would like to provoke multi-sided or at least two-sided debate.

TheRebel.media is not hard journalism. I’m not sure there is much, if any, hard journalism left in the world. Real-time competition makes all reporting vulnerable to bias-exploitation and error. Having said that, therebel has presented some two-sided debates and John Downs, Anthony Furey and a few others who took the minority opinion took considerable vitriol in the opponent viewer comments. Yet I am absolutely certain the debaters themselves chose to argue this and not that point not because they don’t know the other side and not even because they believe their argument, understanding, as do all mature thinkers, shades of grey, but just for the fun of it, the love of debate. I am quite certain they are both good colleagues and friends.

TheRebel.media is news entertainment that markets to a specific demographic, including critical thinkers. It is still early days and it is still evolving so we’ll see where it goes. I’d like to see more debates like the few therebel.media has sponsored, where both sides of an issue are discussed. I don’t know if there are enough viewers interested in considering contention to make it worth while but I hope so. I guess I hope there are enough Canadians who value free speech enough to understand its value is in both speaking and listening, in the dialectic of freedom the two create.

Also, I’d like to hear more from Jonathan Halevi and to see more interviews with a variety of analysts like Robert Spencer, Tarek Fatah, Raheel Reza, Hirsi Ali (if she’d agree), Irshad Manje (on feminism, perhaps – HA!) as well as pundits like Justin Trottier, the president of the Communist Party of Canada, an NDP federal candidate, Sikh and Hindu opinion on issues of interest, and so on.

But again, this is up to therebel.media. I don’t know if enough viewers are interested.
commented 2015-04-22 12:23:20 -0400
Joan, to me, feminism is a human issue and not exclusive just to women. To me, it was an Industrial Era effort to balance the playing field which continues today, but now the engineer has jumped off the steam engine and the runaway train has gone off the rails. Incidents like this degrade the purity of the movement and alienate it from those it was originally set out to help.

Look up the wonderful things these so called ‘feminists’ were calling retired porn star Cytherea after she was gang-raped in front of her family during a home invasion several months ago. These feminists are absolutely vile and belong nowhere near anything resembling a soap box!
commented 2015-04-22 12:19:21 -0400
Marty: A couple of us are actually having a discussion on Marissa’s apparently deliberate omission of a critical element of this “story” to better reflect the standard “Rebel” narrative. If that topic doesn’t interest you, no problem: disregard those entries. Thanks.
commented 2015-04-22 12:15:36 -0400
Terry Rudden : That would be because, as usual you are off topic. Apparently I wasn’t clear enough earlier. Go get your eyes checked if your reading abilities are beginning to slip. Surely you aren’t omitting what I said earlier or setting me up for a straw man argument because I am certainly debating with a superior here, lol

Get a life…
commented 2015-04-22 12:07:50 -0400
Hi, Marty. You’re not actually addressing any of the points I raised. Thanks, though.
commented 2015-04-22 12:02:47 -0400
Terry Rudden, do some research for yourself on this. You seem to be one of those people with all the knowledge until you are challenged, and then you simply vanish or change the subject. Your reply was off topic and set against the reporter. What is wrong with you? Have a bit of a Marissa crush, do we? Trust me, you are not alone. Now let me steer you back on topic:

I have been gaming for 30 years and never until NOW have I been under the impression there was an increased misogyny problem among gamers. For developers, feminists have some ground. For us users, not a chance!! This is all much ado about nothing and I personally challenged HBB’s accusers on this and was met with the same type of childishness. I can personally corroborate everything HBB is claiming. They are 100% in the right here.

You are going to eat crow on this, Terry when more of it comes out. The other side is dead wrong and trying to silence those who know better, just like you do…