The Rebel is the last independent media company in Canada, and on February 16, 2018, we celebrate our third birthday! 

We really are the only alternative to the government media in this country, or at least we will be if Trudeau's next budget has pay-offs for the rest.

Between Justin Trudeau's sharia-style proposals in M-103, his pressure on Facebook to censor what he calls "Fake News", and the Liberal demonization of media critics as "Nazis", it's clear that Trudeau intends to act on his obsession with silencing his few remaining critics.

They’re trying to kill us, as you can see. But we intend to live. For our third anniversary, please consider giving us a small birthday present to help us. 

I want us to live much longer, and do many more things, and I don’t want to take a dime from Trudeau or any other government. I want to work only for you, our dear viewers.

And I want to be able to criticize Trudeau or Rachel Notley or Kathleen Wynne or the UN or Omar Khadr or whomever I want — I want to be your voice, a voice for the silenced people and the forgotten people.

Let me know if you agree, by making a birthday donation below. 

Thank you.

Ezra Levant