June 06, 2017

TIDES feels the heat! Keep left-wing billionaires out of Canadian elections

Brian LilleyArchive

The Rebel gets results! Our ongoing campaign to get rid of foreign money from Canadian elections is starting to turn up the heat. 

Tides Canada Foundation has issued a statement pushing back on what they claim is a false narrative, but we aren’t focused on Tides Canada, but rather, their American HQ.

Watch as I explain what is going on and what you can do to keep left wing American billionaires from meddling in our elections.

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commented 2017-06-07 07:57:06 -0400
With Soros Butts Robertson in Vancouver what could go wrong????
commented 2017-06-06 16:01:07 -0400
Brian, I always appreciate the updates you provide. Tides Canada is trying to muddy the waters…
Follow the money, and the sad truth is there is foreign influence in our elections. The loopholes and laws need immediate attention, and remediation.
commented 2017-06-06 15:51:40 -0400
Brian, they say that they are working with charities in accordance with the legal req’ts of charities. But wasn’t there an issue with some charities doing political work? I believe so and that should disqualify them to be a charity. In fact, that is why Trudeau has obliged Revenue Canada to not revoke their charity status even if the CRA had already determined that they did not qualify as charity. Maybe in those cases Tides was not involved.
commented 2017-06-06 15:05:45 -0400
Tides has the same attitude as Trudeau/Soros and their ilk: we citizens are stupid and easily manipulated. Unfortunately, a rather large portion of the population is just that.
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