July 13, 2016

Get U.S. Tides Foundation OUT of Canadian politics: JOIN the fight at TidesOut.ca

Rebel Staff

Do you ever wonder who is funding so-called NGOs — non-governmental organizations — that lobby to change our laws? Over 100 NGOs in the last federal election campaigned against Stephen Harper, for example. There is zero interest about this by our Media Party, but there’s enough information out there to see how much is from far-left groups in the U.S.

The Tides Foundation out of San Francisco, in a single year, hands out millions of dollars in grants for anti-Canadian lobbying — by Canadian groups:

EcoJustice. Environmental Defence. The Council of Canadians. Greenpeace.

Idle No More is on there. I bet you thought that was all about Canadian aboriginals. Nope. Funded by leftists out of San Francisco.

Leadnow, the big anti-oilsands group whose former executive director is now the chief of staff to Alberta’s energy minister? Foreign funded.

What should we do about it?

First, you can sign the petition by our B.C. Bureau Chief, Christopher Wilson, to get the American Tides Foundation out of Canadian politics.

VISIT TidesOut.ca to watch his special video report and sign the petition. (And please share it!)

But second:

Did you know that Israel just passed a law requiring all NGOs that receive 50% or more of their funds from foreign entities to prominently disclose that to the public.

Don’t you think we should do that in Canada, too?

Then let's start here, today: Visit TidesOut.ca to sign our petition.

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commented 2016-07-23 10:51:09 -0400
ecofear is a tool to make money and gain geopolitical and economic control. If you can’t produce widgets, you just scare people into buying bullshit.
commented 2016-07-18 06:52:48 -0400
NGOs, Lobbyists, Special Interest Groups, The Muslims, Black Lives Matter, George Soros. It seems like Canada is being run by all foreign interests and certainly not Canadians. Why do we even bother to have elections ? It’s like living in The Matrix, nothing is what it seems or is supposed to be.
commented 2016-07-15 19:43:15 -0400
“Did you know that Israel just passed a law requiring all NGOs that receive 50% or more of their funds from foreign entities to prominently disclose that to the public.”
In the last election in Israel, Obama’s F’book and Twittless brigade attempted to sway the vote away from Bibi who still managed to win.
We in Canada were not so fortunate . . . they spent 9 months here before the October election helping the nutless Trudough to defeat the best Govt Canada has had in 50 years.
commented 2016-07-15 15:57:48 -0400
Stephen Harper ordered an audit on a number of these organizations because they were claiming charitable status and not remaining non-partisan.
commented 2016-07-15 12:19:02 -0400
to clarify, my list is two years old. The list has grown I’m sure.
commented 2016-07-15 12:16:28 -0400
Harper tried to clean it up and was accused of ‘muzzling’

Virtually every organization campaigning against Alberta oil was funded by Tides. (as of two years ago.)

The Pembina Foundation
The Great Bear Initiative Society
The Sierra Club BC
First Nations at Fort Chipewayan
The Dogwood Initiative
Greenpeace Canada
The Living Oceans Society

“These well-funded attacks on the Canadian oil economy have motivated Prime Minister Stephen Harper to direct audits of several groups by his Canada Revenue Agency.”

“Those included for scrutiny are: the David Suzuki Foundation; the Ecology Action Center; Environmental Defense; Equiterre; the Pembina Foundation; Tides Canada; and West Coast Environmental Law”

Justin thinks its mean.
commented 2016-07-14 22:30:21 -0400
So, who funds Tide?
In any event, they should be considered a terrorist organization and outlawed in Canada.
commented 2016-07-14 07:11:06 -0400
It’s not just Tides, there are several others, plus some or all of that money was probably originally laundered through the Oak Foundation in Europe. They have what they call special projects. Nobody knows who contributes to it. The money is target to specific projects like attacking the oil sands directly, or indirectly by attacking pipelines. The money is past from the Oak foundation to the Rockefeller foundation who would then pass it on to the Tides foundation, who then distributes it. So it makes it hard, if not impossible to trace the source. The only possible way to stop the money would be to make the end user account for the source of every dollar they get. Which I told Oliver to do when he was natural resources mister, and which they never did.
commented 2016-07-14 02:23:38 -0400
Kill George Soros and Tides disappears. Until then, get used to Tides and that piece of shit Soros.
commented 2016-07-14 01:38:35 -0400
Enough with the stupid petitions. Every week at the rebel, there is at least one new petition that pops up. Ask yourselves this. When was the last time one of these stupid petitions actually made a difference? Is Alberta going to change their trans washroom proposal in schools? Is the portrait of the queen going to go back up? Are Muslim women going to be forced to show their faces in the citizenship ceremony?

The answer is no to all these questions, and every other petition the rebel has ever asked us to sign. This is because these petitions are not meant to actually affect change. Instead, it is Ezra getting us to pass around the petition to give the rebel some free advertising.

It’s incredible how on Chris Wilson’s first day of his first week of work, he asks us to sign a petition. The petitions must be a condition of employment here at the rebel.

The 4 Ps of the rebel. Petitions, polls, paywall, and panhandling for money.
commented 2016-07-13 23:11:43 -0400
We’ll we rare on this subject you better believe Trudope , Windbag and Nutley are on the take as well as Suzuki
commented 2016-07-13 22:26:52 -0400
I’ll sign that 100 times. You’re so willing Ezra, to produce common sense.How can our leaders be so willfully blind?
commented 2016-07-13 19:39:47 -0400
I wonder how much “crooked fingers” Suzuki gets from Tides. He probably double bills the cbc and tides for work he does.
commented 2016-07-13 19:02:38 -0400
I could blather on this topic excessively, but as a quick summary… Unfortunately it’s like rabbits in Australia.. too many Canadians do not have any immunity or natural defenses against foreign meddling in our affairs…. and (obviously), it’s the left who are infected first.. With regards to the bill that recently passed in the Israeli Knesset, it was vehemently opposed by the EU and the US.. this is despite the wording mirroring identical and existing US legislation. Their opposition’s main pseudo argument was that it was undemocratic and was an attempt to silence them.
Considering this, it’s a good legislation for Canada to consider and might want to promote it as pro-democracy in the interest of SELF determination and to provide additional facts to consider when making a democratic decision… and to clearly articulate that this doesn’t prevent or curtail NGO’s from carrying on their ‘business’. (NGO’s will go nuts if they believe that their livelihood is being threatened)..
OK, I blathered anyhow.. sorry.
commented 2016-07-13 18:57:51 -0400
Canada is history. The USA is history. Trump will buy us some time. Hillary will accelerate us into global communism. Petitions are nice but mostly ineffective. It is time to get ready for gun fighting in the streets and your driveway. I would love to see Soros put away permanently. Putin has been ringing the alarm bell but nobody is listening.
commented 2016-07-13 18:25:53 -0400
Speaking of Russia reminded of Russia having rules for NGOs and informing “Russian voters about the possible motives of various participants of the political process.”


It’s about time Canada starts protecting itself from foreign funded nefarious NGOs too. Requiring transparency on who is funding them is a start.