Get big money like the Tides Foundation and Dogwood Initiative out of BC politics!

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

In 2006 when Stephen Harper came to office, he implemented strict donation limits on individuals of only $1500 per year. In 2007 all corporate and union donations were banned at the federal level. And many provinces followed suit including Ontario. 

But BC is still the wild wild west when it comes to massive influence from corporations and unions on both the provincial and municipal scene.

The Dogwood Initiative -- one of the largest and outspoken environmental groups in BC -- has begun a campaign to get the big money out of BC politics. The BC Liberals benefit from massive corporate donations from large firms who see the Liberals in power as their key to getting things done.

For once I found myself being quite sympathetic to the Dogwood cause! I thought here is an issue that British Columbians from all sides of the spectrum can get behind.

But there’s a catch.

“Big Green” in Canada is funded by their own big money foreign donors, the exact kind of donors Dogwood are campaigning against. In fact, there is plenty of proof that the Dogwood Initiative has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from big American groups like the TIDES Foundation USA and the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, co-funders of the Rockefeller campaign against Canadian energy exports.

US tax filings indicate that since 2008 TIDES has paid the Dogwood Initiative $1.2 million.

Even more problematic, the mayor of Vancouver Gregor Robertson is not only the former director of TIDES Canada but also of the Dogwood Initiative.

So here we have one virtue signalling environmental group claiming they are nobly leading the charge against so called “corrupt” politicians like Premier Clark, all the while taking questionable funds from TIDES.

TIDES has a policy of taking donations from anyone, anywhere in the world, no questions asked. So it's not inconceivable for foreign countries to be funding this campaign against our very own Canadian energy industry.

I want to lead a true campaign to actually ban big money from BC politics including 3rd party groups like TIDES, Dogwood and many others.

If you agree, please sign the petition below to get big money out of BC politics.

Sign the petition!

British Columbia should follow the federal government and the provinces like Ontario in banning corporate and union donations, and bring in election laws to prohibit third party spending from groups accepting large foreign donations from groups like the TIDES foundation. 

Will you sign?