July 26, 2016

From police shootings to social media censorship: How to fix our divided society

Tiffany GabbayRebel Staff

Tonight, we’ll take a look at how societies in the West are increasingly divided – and how lawmakers, activists, celebrities and social media all play a role.

With the targeting of police officers in attacks like we saw in Dallas (the result of years of racial division at the hands of President Obama) leftists are still doubling down on their support of Black Lives Matter.

Joining us to discuss is former NYPD officer and radio show host John Cardillo.

Another part of the problem is that politicians, aided by mainstream media and activists, divide our nations, and their message is amplified via social media.

We’ve all seen some horrific posts on Twitter and Facebook. Ironically, the two outlets censor conservatives yet will allow incitement to flourish on their pages: everything from anti-Semitism to calls to murder police officers to terrorist propaganda.

Joining us to discuss this cultural shift is Mark Tapson, editor of TruthRevolt, and a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Horowitz Freedom Center.

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commented 2016-09-03 00:34:16 -0400
The posturing I see coming from the left is no different than that of a cult leader trying to shame into silence anyone who dares challenge their narrative.
commented 2016-09-03 00:12:22 -0400
Jay Kelly. The left only because they own the unions who have sold their souls and society so they can retain what they feel is rightfully theirs. I think a large portion of the public would find Ezra’s points of view very rational on many issues which is why so many lefties like to point to some of the more extreme comments posted by commenters to try to dismiss his message in it’s entirety . The grown ups I respect are those who want to hear both sides of the argument and decide for themselves if it is worthy of their attention. It is children who need to be spoofed.
commented 2016-07-31 09:25:18 -0400
This was a great show Tiffany. So much truth and sense. My favourite by far…
commented 2016-07-30 17:30:12 -0400
Tiffany I love your shows, wish you were every week. Keep up the accurate reporting of the truth. VERY GOOD GUEST TONIGHT!
commented 2016-07-28 03:54:32 -0400
How is this place classy? You have Ezra telling the Turkey dictator to eff off. Faith did a story on beastiality. Menzoid wore that stupid tent to go and vote. The rebel is down right low brow, and that’s how I like it.
commented 2016-07-27 19:17:12 -0400
The divide is huge. It is like 2 people living in 2 alternate universes at the same time. The minds of the post modernist left are in a totally different place than ours. There is almost no point trying to reason with them as they start off with assumptions totally foreign to reason and common sense.
commented 2016-07-27 13:13:03 -0400
Jay Kelly commented – “Grown ups try not to scratch the bite”

Heh, Anyone get the irony oa seeing a child telling Grown up what to think? Kelly’ has consistantly displayed a incipient, naïve child-like world view – almost unsocialized in tone.

Jay, sweetie, all “grown ups” want is to be left alone, don’t pester us for being adult and we’ll get along with anyone.
commented 2016-07-27 09:26:59 -0400
@ Pierre Chagnon

If you mean Tiffany Gabbay, Faith Goldy, Sheila Gunn Reid, Lauren Southern, Holly Nicholas, Candice Malcolm and the women that are on as guests occasionally, then I could not agree with you more. They are all very elegant, beautiful, smart ,intelligent and classy!
commented 2016-07-27 09:17:29 -0400
Steve Hicken proclaimed, ““A house divided against itself cannot stand” is a quote from Abe Lincoln not Jesus.”

Abe Lincoln may very well have said it, but then Abe Lincoln was quoting the Bible.

The passage from the Bible is found in three of the four gospels; Matthew 12:24-26, Mark 3:24-26, and Luke 11:16-18.

Steve, before you might want to check your facts first.
commented 2016-07-27 08:10:31 -0400
JAY KELLY Seems to me you only exist to divide and conquer ,yapping away on here .
Go to infowars you will love that one, that will really give you something to yap
commented 2016-07-27 07:52:35 -0400
elegant, beautiful, smart ,intelligent and classy, our conservative women reporters have it.
commented 2016-07-27 07:50:48 -0400
“Grown ups try not to scratch the bite. "

Around here, JAY KELLY, grown ups kill mosquitoes before they have a chance to bite.
commented 2016-07-27 07:25:08 -0400
The great problem to fix is cowardice. Over the past ten or twenty years, good people in the West have refused to get up off their arses and shout out against the many things that are rotting their societies right in front of their eyes.
commented 2016-07-27 02:45:21 -0400
The word "truthfully " coming from Jay Kelly? Too funny, that would be like a Clinton trying to utter the same drivel.
commented 2016-07-27 02:35:16 -0400
The best way to fix things is to vote for Donald Trump. This will occupy the leftists for the next four to eight years, to the point where they have no more time for anything else.
commented 2016-07-27 02:19:43 -0400
commented 2016-07-27 01:59:29 -0400
Truthfully, The Rebel only exists with a “divided society”. The Rebel needs to find and then enlarge every difference of culture and language and ethnicity.

“Divide and conquer” seems like such a clever phrase.

For The Rebel it means to exacerbate differences as a way to make itself somehow legitimate. It is like scratching a mosquito bite. It feels good, and you cannot be blamed for doing it.

Grown ups try not to scratch the bite.
commented 2016-07-27 01:17:21 -0400
Saw a few minutes of Bill Clinton’s speech at the DNC tonight, all politics aside, he looked sickly. Not sure if it is just due to getting older or maybe recent weight loss maybe, but he just had that look in his face.
commented 2016-07-27 01:15:11 -0400
Bill Elder great comment, marxism is not compatible with a constitution , it is not even compatible with the charter the left claims to cherish but ignore whenever they choose.
commented 2016-07-27 00:23:37 -0400
Great insights. Thanks Tiffany. Lets find a way to get together in social media conservatives. I’m not going to reduce myself to hashtags and bumperstickers but maybe its time to have a pretty, selfie loving primadona for conservative leader?
commented 2016-07-26 23:51:52 -0400
If BLM were truly concerned about black lives, they would be opposing and trying to shut down Planned Parenthood.
Planned Parenthood has abortion clinics throughout the black neighbourhoods in the US, reportedly within walking distance of each other.
If black lives matter, then BLM had best start saving their babies’ lives. Without babies, there is no future.

(FYI: Charges against David Dalaiden (videos on Planned Parenthood selling body parts) were dismissed. Finally, when good overcomes evil. It does happen – with enough prayers.)
commented 2016-07-26 23:16:34 -0400
Steve Hicken, Abe Lincoln was quoting Jesus. Mark 3:25 “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” Look it up.
commented 2016-07-26 22:53:32 -0400
“A house united with itself cannot stand, so let us divide up our unity with diversity” you made this up
commented 2016-07-26 22:51:51 -0400
“A house divided against itself cannot stand” is a quote from Abe Lincoln not Jesus.
commented 2016-07-26 22:37:24 -0400
Jesus says “A house divided against itself cannot stand”

Trudeau say “A house united with itself cannot stand, so let us divide up our unity with diversity”

Who are you going to believe? Jesus or Justin?
commented 2016-07-26 22:34:44 -0400
How to fix our divided society?

Why do that?

Trudeau says that division (aka “diversity”) is our greatest strength!

DIVIDE is the “root word” for “diversity”, so in Trudeau’s world, “Divided we stand, united we fall”
commented 2016-07-26 22:17:48 -0400
- BLM could not care less about the lives of blacks. They don’t care about blacks killing blacks. They don’t care about the over 16 million black babies aborted due to planned parenthood. They don’t care about any of it.

- Love the TruthRevolt videos.
commented 2016-07-26 22:04:09 -0400
Racism is a growth industry. It must be supported, perpetuated and financed. The last thing the left wants is for all races to live in peace and harmony, all as God’s children, and equal as brothers and sisters under the sun. If there are no racial tensions to exploit, they must be manufactured. First of all, they are needed as a distraction, to shift the focus away from Obama’s failed economic and foreign policies. They are needed for MSM spin…. to give them something else to blame the Conservatives and the Republicans for. And most of all, they are need so that people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton can keep those high-paying jobs. After all they have families, and people on their payroll to support. Don’t you support jobs? What’s the matter with you?
commented 2016-07-26 21:34:16 -0400
We outlawed fascism , we need to outlaw Marxism in all its forms. If you are a cultural marxist (AKA globalist) you can’t be a Canadian or a citizen of any other Nation with a nationalist social contract called a constitution.